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Update to Firearm Licensing Standards

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Rule status: Adopted

Agency: NYPD

Effective date: December 16, 2022

Proposed Rule Full Text

Adopted Rule Full Text

Adopted rule summary:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORITY VESTED IN the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department by Sections 435 and 1043 of the New York City Charter, and in accordance with the requirements of Section 1043 of the New York City Charter, that the NYPD hereby amends sections 3-02, 3-03, 3-05, 3-15, and 3-16 of Chapter 3 of the Title 38; section 4-03 of Chapter 4 of Title 38; and sections 5-01, 5-02, 5-03, 5-05, 5-05.1, 5-06, 5-07, 5-09, 5-10, 5-11, 5-12, 5-22, 5-23, 5-24, 5-25, 5-26, 5-27, 5-28, 5-29, 5-30, 5-31, 5-32, 5-33, and 5-34 of Chapter 5 of Title 38 of the Rules of the City of New York, amending the standards and conditions for issuing a handgun license and rifle/shotgun permit; and repeals related emergency rules.

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  • CP

    By and large, with the evaluation of “good moral character” this again attaches a level of subjectivity that the Supreme Court expressly ruled against in Bruen. Applicants previously had to demonstrate “proper cause”, which was evaluated by LD representatives and a determination was made.

    A cursory review of public appeal decisions from previous Business Carry determinations shows that “good moral character” was often evaluated against arrests, regardless if charges were dropped. The proposed rules state under “Grounds for Denial of Handgun License”:

    “The applicant has been arrested, indicted or convicted for a crime or violation except minor traffic violations, in any federal, state or local jurisdiction.”

    I would recommend changing “arrested, indicted or convicted” to “arrested, indicted *AND* convicted”. Someone who has been arrested but with charges dropped, or found not guilty, should not have their 2nd Amendment rights denied, and will very likely succeed in appeal. It is my estimation that this will once again be challenged in court, countless taxpayer dollars will be spent fighting it, only for it to be overturned.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 1:30pm
  • Michael Edelson

    I don’t know if you are willfully ignoring the Supreme Court or you just don’t get it yet, but your days of infringing on the 2nd amendment rights of New Yorkers are coming to an end. Instead of doubling down, maybe smell the roses and start actually upholding the oath all of you took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as interpreted by the Supreme Court. You have no right to deny carry permits to people with traffic convictions, parking tickets or whatever other nonsense you are disqualifying people for. Keeping and bearing arms is not a privilege people have to earn by being perfect angels. It is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and you should start treating it as such before the courts force you to do so anyway. At least you’ll show some dignity.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 1:36pm
  • Jacob Rieper

    The proposed rule changes amount to nothing more than an attempt to get around the Bruen decision by SCOTUS.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 2:57pm
  • Joseph Feldman

    I’ve had a NYC pistol license for over 30 years. For about 20 years it was a target permit which was actually a carry permit. Then it was changed to a premise permit. Why should I have to do anything additional to get it changed to a carry permit.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 3:16pm
  • Tom Foster

    How many cases of gun violence in nyc are perpetrated by liscensed gun owners? Show the datum that indicates gun violence is the result of legal gun ownership. If your hatred against constitutional rights is well deserved, than surely this conclusion must have viable evidence that proves legal gun owners are the problem. Misguided policies are causing democrats, as a whole, to lose voter support on a daily basis. Demonizing the growing population of voting gun owners will indeed have an effect at the ballot box. Nys claims to lead the nation, yet oppress gun ownership more than almost every state in the country. The remedy for nys failures is political change. Without this change, billions of tax payer dollars will be spent litigating the unconstitutional laws nys continues to pass.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 4:01pm
  • Dave

    This is basically the NYPD license division and city council sticking their heads in the sand like a bunch of whiney babies. The NYSRPA vs. Bruen decision set a new standard for all gun laws. Text, history and tradition. If an analogous gun law didn’t exist in the late 1700s or early 1800s, it is unconditional to enact today. The NYSRPA decision was clear that carry license should be MUCH easier to obtain for the everyday law abiding person. Your license “investigations” do nothing a simple NICS check wouldn’t do. But you wouldn’t get hundreds of dollars for your NYPD pension fund if that was all the investigation consisted of right? Also this law clearly impacts low income and people of color disproportionately. How can poor people afford to pay all these fees and jump through all these hoops by taking days off work? All to exercise a constitutional right. How is this not all akin to a poll tax? Carry permits should now be EASIER to get. Not harder.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 4:03pm
  • Ron Pesta

    Since I’m not a NYC resident, I don’t have a dog in this fight but I exercise my 1st Amendment right to free speech…
    ” follow the Constitution.”

    Comment added October 19, 2022 4:46pm
  • Steven Murphy RN

    NYC=NYS…My “Permit”, while in itself, unconstitutional, is valid there as well as here. If my permit is not valid there…then your votes should not affect my life, wealth and freedoms “here”.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 5:39pm
  • Chuck H.

    The permitting processes are highly infringing/unconstitutional of law abiding peoples 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. If law abiding people want to carry, let them.

    I really wish the amount of time that Hochul is putting into gun restrictions, was put into actually keeping bad people in jail doing hard time, we would be in a better situation.

    I’ve been a law abiding gun owner for many, many years, known many law abiding gun owners, and we are that minority that has the cleanest record of not doing anything wrong. Cleaner than most police officers! Again, why are we being penalized?

    Comment added October 19, 2022 6:24pm
  • Armin

    The 16 hour training seems to be unreasonable and excessive. I personally took the NRA basic pistol course which has a live fire portion at the end with an instructor. I believe this should fulfill training requirements.

    If NY would like additional details, they should include a downloadable form to take to the NRA class to have filled out by the instructor saying that the attendee demonstrated proficiency in firearms handling.

    16 hours plus two hours of live fire seem extremely excessive. Most full time citizens are unable to make the time or money for this unreasonable commitment.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 6:32pm
  • Jr

    nypd is wasting nyc tax resources proposing a bill that will again be challenged in court instead of trying to adapt as best as possible. I am unsure why you believe licensed weapon owners are a danger. licenses have been exceedingly difficult to obtain for the last 100 years but homicides still occur at record levels. I am unsure why government and police believe they have the authority to overrule the constitution as they feel.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 6:46pm
  • Timothy Key

    I am a resident of Nassau County but will say with absolute conviction that all gun laws in New York State should follow the Constitution to the letter. Any infringement on the Second Amendment is unconstitutional period.

    Comment added October 19, 2022 11:22pm
  • Donald Sage

    Concealed Carry Improvement Act; S51001/A41001.
    The Concealed Carry Law violates all law-abiding firearm owner’s 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 14th Amendments of our constitution. It invades the privacy and freedom of law-abiding citizens and Americans. The law is an attempt to overthrow our constitution and country, destroy our democratic republic. This law must be overturned, cancelled, removed, eliminated, or amended as stated below.
    The Concealed Carry Improvement Act is Hereby Amended to include:
    1. All persons who possess a hunting, fishing, trapping, sportsman or similar license shall be EXEMPT from all background checks and other restrictions relating to or limiting the possessing, carrying, transporting, using of any firearm or ammunition anywhere in New York State.
    2. All persons who are members of a Fish and Game Club, Rod and Gun Club, Sportsman Club, 4-H Shooting Sports, Olympic Shooting Sports, National Rifle Association, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, New York State Conservation Council, SCOPE, NSSF, GOA, NAGR, School Shooting Sports, Youth Shooting Clubs, and all Scout Organizations shall be EXEMPT from all background checks and other restrictions relating to or limiting the possessing, carrying, transporting of any firearm or ammunition anywhere in New York State.
    3. All current Military and all Honorable Discharged members of the Military shall be EXEMPT from all background checks and other restrictions relating to or limiting the possessing, carrying, transporting, or use of any firearm or ammunition anywhere in New York State.
    4. No record shall be compiled, maintained by any firearm dealer, or transaction for more than one (1) year. All current firearm licenses, permits shall be immediately classified as Concealed Carry and shall be valid for the lifetime of the holder.
    5. The Required 16 Hours of training shall be conducted on Ranges on State Property, on State Run, Constructed, Operated, Manned by NRA Certified Instructors and other State Employees, on 24/7/365 Day schedule every year and open to all persons aged 12 and older. Training shall be offered, available for rifle, shotgun, skeet, trap, revolver, and pistol with gun maintenance, care, repair, service, plus live firing. All training shall be “Free of Charge” and “Free, No Charge” Ammunition must be provided by the State in all calibers. 75 Percent of the Attorney General’s Budget shall be dedicated Annually, every year, to develop, construct, operate, man, staff a minimum of Two (2) Ranges in each county of New York State. No records of serial numbers, caliber, type of firearm (including non- serial number guns) or other information shall be recorded or kept, only the number of hours a person has completed. All services shall be Free of Charge to all participants. All Military and Honorable Discharged Military members shall be EXEMPT from this training requirement.
    6. All Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Pistols in Calibers 20 through 60 shall be EXEMPT from all State Requirements, licenses, permits. There shall be NO Restrictions on the 2nd Amendment Right to possess, carry, transport, use any firearm on all government, public property, transportation, waters, etc. There shall be NO Restrictions on Ammunition, Magazines, Clips, or other features of personal choice.
    7. All Schools receiving Taxpayer Funds must offer firearm and related courses to all students aged 12 and older. Schools must have rifle, shotgun, pistol teams and teach the Olympic Shooting Sports, also courses in gunsmithing. All such programs shall follow and meet the NRA standards.
    8. All those Not Excluded or Not EXEMPT in the above categories shall have all background and other checks performed at the County Level and by County Sheriff. NO State Agency, Department involvement.
    9. Storage of Firearms in a person’s home shall be NO-ONES business or concern Except that of the people who live there. NO State or Government official shall enter, search, confiscate any firearm or property without Court approved, Legal documents.
    10. All State Owned, Leased, Easement lands belong to all New York State Citizens. NO citizen shall be denied their right to carry a firearm of their choice on any state lands, property.
    11. All antique, reenactment, black powder firearms and all ammunition, supplies shall be EXEMPT from all this law and all other laws restricting, limiting our 2nd Amendment Rights.
    12. NO record, data base, or other documentation shall be maintained on any new firearm or ammunition for more than one year. No record of sale, transfer, gifting, or other change shall be kept, documented on any firearm over one year old.

    Donald Sage, President, ECLF&GC
    Donald Sage
    P.O. Box 123
    Paradox, NY 12858
    [email protected]

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    Comment added October 19, 2022 11:53pm
  • Azi

    I attended 1 day training in FL ,did a fingerprints and 1 month later got my CCW license ( i am NYC resident). Why cant NYPD do the same process here, why cant we protect ourselves ? You cant carry pistol, taser , knife . How are you going to protect yourself?

    Comment added October 20, 2022 12:02am
  • BJS

    clarify precisely how “social media accounts” may be used by NYPD to determine the applicants eligibility.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 12:26am
  • Aleksey Matiychenko

    1. Requiring four references and list of social media accounts. The current rules for premise license require two references. That should already be sufficient. No change is warranted.
    Requiring a list of social media accounts is a direct violation of Supreme Court decision in Bruen case. It creates a danger that a person who examines these accounts may deny someone license based on political views of the applicants or any other subjective criteria. Such subjective criteria was deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.
    2. Requiring an interview before getting a license. This again is a violation of the Supreme Court decision. An interview is by definition subjective. Personal feelings of the interviewing officer cannot be used to deny someone license.
    3. A 16 hour training course requirement is too burdensome. Most other states require 3-4 hour training course. A 16 hour course is likely to be too expensive and will prevent many lower income people from obtaining the license. This will particularly affect people in the most dangerous neighborhoods that need the conceal carry license the most for protection. The requirement is descriminatory.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 12:58am
  • Bill Gregorio

    NYC is NYS. My vote from Westchester counts to get rid of a corrupt and self centered Governor and other Democrats that hate the Constitution that LE is sworn to uphold. Why is my carry permit not valid in NYC? My NYS drivers license will surely get flagged if I commit a traffic violation in NYS but my carry license is not ? Having a carry license should not make me a felon by walking into a private business. Hochul must go. Mayor Adams supporting her as she infringes upon citizens rights and pushes through the clearly illegal CCIA, wasting taxpayer money to show the sheep that blindly follow her that she’s doing something, should be ashamed. Most law abiding pistol permit owners are in favor of gun control that makes sense and would actually make a difference in gun violence because we are the only ones that follow the law. The CCIA does nothing to address the actual cause of gun violence, that is to go after illegal guns and the criminals using them. If anyone in this state actually cared about New Yorker’s safety, they would work with the other side and pass laws that make sense and that would make a difference, without infringing on the people’s Constitutional rights.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 6:56am
  • Mark Levant

    The proposed rule changes amount to nothing more than an attempt to get around the Bruen decision by SCOTUS.

    The residence permits should be converted to unrestricted carry permits because by their own definition they are restricted and according to SCOTUS that’s not allowed. The 2 gun limitation on the carry permit essentially means that people who have more than 2 firearms have to get a separate license which is an additional $350 dollars so that the other firearms can be attached to it. This makes no sense!

    Social media requirements are outrageous and an invasion of privacy and should be nixed.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 12:00pm
  • Mark Levant

    It’s outrageous that private businesses have to opt in. No one will do this! They should be opting out as is done everywhere else.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 12:40pm
  • Brian

    I am a resident of new. York quenc but will say with absolute conviction that all gun laws in New York State should follow the Constitution to the letter. Any infringement on the Second Amendment is unconstitutional period.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 1:59pm
  • Michael Jezycki

    There are many valid comments already stated here, not to repeat them, I would just add that the process while tedious, expensive and difficult also takes too long. I assume this will be getting much longer with the new rules and regulations. What was a year long wait will probably be much longer now. With the vast resources of the NYPD, a lawful citizen would expect the process to be completed in a reasonable time frame. Now add social media checks, character references, interviews and mayor Adams stated” we will walk your street to interview neighbors “ the investigators will be overwhelmed. As a law abiding citizen I have no problem being subject to background checks but I’m hoping the process will be expedited.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 4:38pm
  • Jamie J

    These restrictive permitting schemes make it harder for law abiding citizens to legally carry firearms. However, it does not make it harder for criminals to win and carry guns. The criminals are the ones we need to worry about. These new rules for obtaining a permit do no apply to criminals because it never has before. These new rules punish citizens, not criminals.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 7:27pm
  • Randy

    I believe firearm licensing standards is unreasonably strict for law abiding citizens. A background check to see if the law abiding citizen has any history of violence and perhaps some training requirements are appropriate in my opinion.

    However, the 16+2 hour course is absolutely excessive and unreasonable to most full time working citizens.

    The NRA basic pistol class is more than enough. Live fire and gun safety are included in those classes so I believe those two things are enough to grant a law abiding citizen their rights.

    Criminals don’t go through the permit process anyway, they usually buy guns illegally. That just means no matter how strict the licensing standards are, criminals will still obtain firearms the same way they always have.

    The war is not on law abiding citizens and how hard it is to obtain a firearm for self defense. The war should be on getting criminals off the streets and allowing the city to protect itself against them.

    Help us who are good, sane, moral and prudent citizens access our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 8:00pm
  • Frank

    Why are so much focused on law abiding citizens who have been thoroughly vetted, and not the criminals who will never obey these gun free zones ? How about focus on the criminals. There are so many other states that don’t have any of these crazy restrictions, and the crime is much lower. Criminals don’t follow restrictions. Stop treating law abiding citizens like criminals. We love you NYPD, but you have to stand with us law abiding citizens, not against us.

    Comment added October 20, 2022 10:29pm
  • Thomas Sheppard

    There are many well made points here, but the bottom line is that our Founding Father’s saw this as one of our given rights as a just and free people. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the only written Documents to still be holding truths after two hundred forty- six years. Lets keep it that way. PERIOD

    Comment added October 21, 2022 9:06am
  • Marilyn

    I believe most of this new unconstitutional law will be knocked down in the courts. The training requirement is excessive, racist, and can only be afforded by the rich which makes it discriminatory.

    The sensitive places ban makes New York far more dangerous. Because only the criminals will be armed in those places. Citizens with CCW licenses should have the right to sue the state if injured or killed by a criminal in these areas since it was a state who took away their lawful right to defend themselves.

    Since both the state and the City have the same licensing requirements why is my New York state license not valid in New York City? If we are one state how is this legal? And New York City licenses should also be valid throughout New York State.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 9:52am
  • Sam

    I strongly believe that America is built on the Constitution, and we should abide by the constitution. It is our 2nd amendment right to bear arms as set forth in the Constitution. Rarely, there are any gun violence cases in NYC where the perpetrator is a licensed gun owner. Gun violence is a result of illegal gun ownership. Individuals with licensed guns will be easier to track down. It is about time the government stops dragging their feet and abide by the 2nd amendment like they do for every other right.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 10:45am
  • Lt. Colonel (retired) Joseph Porrovecchio

    I repeat Donald Sage comment:
    Concealed Carry Improvement Act; S51001/A41001.
    The Concealed Carry Law violates all law-abiding firearm owner’s 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 14th Amendments of our constitution. It invades the privacy and freedom of law-abiding citizens and Americans. The law is an attempt to overthrow our constitution and country, destroy our democratic republic. This law must be overturned, cancelled, removed, eliminated, or amended as stated below.
    The Concealed Carry Improvement Act is Hereby Amended to include:
    1. All persons who possess a hunting, fishing, trapping, sportsman or similar license shall be EXEMPT from all background checks and other restrictions relating to or limiting the possessing, carrying, transporting, using of any firearm or ammunition anywhere in New York State.
    2. All persons who are members of a Fish and Game Club, Rod and Gun Club, Sportsman Club, 4-H Shooting Sports, Olympic Shooting Sports, National Rifle Association, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, New York State Conservation Council, SCOPE, NSSF, GOA, NAGR, School Shooting Sports, Youth Shooting Clubs, and all Scout Organizations shall be EXEMPT from all background checks and other restrictions relating to or limiting the possessing, carrying, transporting of any firearm or ammunition anywhere in New York State.
    3. All current Military and all Honorable Discharged members of the Military shall be EXEMPT from all background checks and other restrictions relating to or limiting the possessing, carrying, transporting, or use of any firearm or ammunition anywhere in New York State.
    4. No record shall be compiled, maintained by any firearm dealer, or transaction for more than one (1) year. All current firearm licenses, permits shall be immediately classified as Concealed Carry and shall be valid for the lifetime of the holder.
    5. The Required 16 Hours of training shall be conducted on Ranges on State Property, on State Run, Constructed, Operated, Manned by NRA Certified Instructors and other State Employees, on 24/7/365 Day schedule every year and open to all persons aged 12 and older. Training shall be offered, available for rifle, shotgun, skeet, trap, revolver, and pistol with gun maintenance, care, repair, service, plus live firing. All training shall be “Free of Charge” and “Free, No Charge” Ammunition must be provided by the State in all calibers. 75 Percent of the Attorney General’s Budget shall be dedicated Annually, every year, to develop, construct, operate, man, staff a minimum of Two (2) Ranges in each county of New York State. No records of serial numbers, caliber, type of firearm (including non- serial number guns) or other information shall be recorded or kept, only the number of hours a person has completed. All services shall be Free of Charge to all participants. All Military and Honorable Discharged Military members shall be EXEMPT from this training requirement.
    6. All Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Pistols in Calibers 20 through 60 shall be EXEMPT from all State Requirements, licenses, permits. There shall be NO Restrictions on the 2nd Amendment Right to possess, carry, transport, use any firearm on all government, public property, transportation, waters, etc. There shall be NO Restrictions on Ammunition, Magazines, Clips, or other features of personal choice.
    7. All Schools receiving Taxpayer Funds must offer firearm and related courses to all students aged 12 and older. Schools must have rifle, shotgun, pistol teams and teach the Olympic Shooting Sports, also courses in gunsmithing. All such programs shall follow and meet the NRA standards.
    8. All those Not Excluded or Not EXEMPT in the above categories shall have all background and other checks performed at the County Level and by County Sheriff. NO State Agency, Department involvement.
    9. Storage of Firearms in a person’s home shall be NO-ONES business or concern Except that of the people who live there. NO State or Government official shall enter, search, confiscate any firearm or property without Court approved, Legal documents.
    10. All State Owned, Leased, Easement lands belong to all New York State Citizens. NO citizen shall be denied their right to carry a firearm of their choice on any state lands, property.
    11. All antique, reenactment, black powder firearms and all ammunition, supplies shall be EXEMPT from all this law and all other laws restricting, limiting our 2nd Amendment Rights.
    12. NO record, data base, or other documentation shall be maintained on any new firearm or ammunition for more than one year. No record of sale, transfer, gifting, or other change shall be kept, documented on any firearm over one year old.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 11:36am
  • Regie

    I absolutely do not agree with how the good moral character subdivision is used now and I do not agree with adding additional reasons to deny a carry permit.
    I am a veteran and was offered a job by Homeland Security in 2017 and assigned a weapon after passing all the background checks. I was supposed to start in 2018. NYPD used biased good moral character language to prohibit me from taking the job after Homeland Security cleared me.

    The reasoning was my sealed arrest record for a 2007 “dime bag” of marijuana, a $1.50 fare beating arrest from 2000 although I paid my fare and my nephew doubled up behind me as a joke, as well as an arrest after I was attacked by a friend’s dog in 2002. Every arrest was dismissed yet NYPD attempted to paint me as a menace to society. I have no criminal record. NYPD also raised my suspended license from years ago (including an issue with someone else using my license that I had to hire a lawyer to clear up in NJ). I have a CDL license and drive for a living. The hypocritical part of that entire ordeal, which cost me and my wife $18,286.75 for a legal challenge, was NYPD lawyers filed a motion to submit their brief under seal so I would not be subjected to the stigma of an arrest record being filed publicly, the same arrest record NYPD used to deny my carry permit and cost me a job with Homeland Security.

    “We looked at who was getting arrested for [marijuana] possession in Brooklyn. It was 93% people of color.” Brooklyn District Attorney Gonzalez Studies show white people use marijuana at the same rate as other groups but in NYC people of color are arrested for it while white people are not. The 2007 dime bag arrest by two white male undercover officers was on my wedding anniversary. A former neighbor handed the marijuana to me as a gift. I don’t even smoke. Although I was arrested at 8:40 am right after walking away from my old neighbor’s stoop and on the way to the gym, NYPD held me all day on purpose. They laughed when he mentioned it was my wedding anniversary during the arrest. Officer Velez, who signed the arrest report but was not there at all when I was arrested, said she didn’t understand why the Sergeant didn’t just give me a summons since it was a dime bag. The arrest record reads quantity unknown although everyone involved knew it was a dime bag.

    NYPD arrests people of color for fare beating disproportionately. Neither of us had a criminal record but we are Black men so were both arrested and processed over a $1.50 fare although I paid my fare. 92% of those arrested for jumping turnstiles in 2015 were people of color “Only recidivists, including chronic fare evaders, wind up arrested.” Except that is a lie since NYPD does arrest Black people who are not chronic fare evaders.

    The 2002 arrest was after I defended myself during a Rottweiler attack. I guess NYPD prefers I let a dog maim or kill me. The judge dismissed that case after my (former) friend admitted that his dog attacked me in his home after he started raising his voice during an argument.

    These changes to the firearms licensing standards will no doubt be used against Black and brown people to deny permits since everyone knows that Black and brown people are subjected to stop and frisk and also targeted by NYPD for arrest.
    NYPD officers admit that they were told by commanding officers to leave white and Asian people alone and to instead target Black and Hispanic people.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 12:27pm
  • Alex

    I have a NYC premisses pistol license. Why should I have to do anything additional to get it changed to a carry permit.Should be an option to change and If there are some additional documents or requests than it can be submitted by license holder.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 1:03pm

    New York State spends too much time and money on restricting our rights to legally get a gun permit. Gun violence in the United States and in New York is mostly carried out with non licensed guns. People that are licensed are responsible and careful and will not commit crimes unless the licensing authorities are not careful in screening the deranged people that buy guns to commit mass shootings. I blame those cases on the State employees and police personnel for allowing them to get a license. We need licensed guns in the hand of responsible people in Synagogues and Churches so we can protect our parishoners from attacks by people with unlicensed guns( without having to spend $250,000 a year to have armed guards). Don’t make the conditions so impossible that we can’t keep or maintain our licenses, but screen the people that are obviously trying to commit crimes. Also be more vigilant to get illegal guns off the street and known criminals.
    I completely disagree with the proposed restrictions and regulations that you are trying to impose.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 3:22pm
  • Chris

    I hold a nyc premise. When I was getting an inspection done I was then told by 1pp officers to fill out a carry business application in order to get the carry license.
    So upon them saying so I did, spent another another $340 in order to submit. So what happens to that money. I also hold a Nra basic pistol cert. These laws are absurd, the people who play by the rules are being denied their rights. The higher courts have ruled that these laws are unjust.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 3:47pm
  • frank

    For 100 years NYS has retained the Sullivan law, despite knowing it was a clear violation of the US Constitution, and the politician it is named for, the man who pushed it, one Mr. Sullivan , was one of the most corrupt persons to ever serve in the NYS legislature. The purpose of the Sullivan act was simply to deny political opponents their rights. It served that purpose well, as well as serving the purpose of elitists to deny as many ordinary citizens the right to own or carry a firearm. In NYC the police department was was used to carry this out to the extreme.
    The idea that the Supreme Court finally recognized these anti – Second Amendment laws were violating our rights, has driven the far left in this state crazy. The proposed , or enacted laws we see recently is nothing more than an outright attempt to violate the decision reached , and the clear writing in the Second Amendment. The so -called progressives do to like anyone but the police they control to be armed. Police that are not allowed to do their jobs anymore. Courts are not allowed to restrain violent felons any more. Yet the honest citizen is prevented from exercising the natural right of all creatures on Earth, self – defense. Despite the lies told by the left, no criminal has purchased a firearm in a legitimate gun store, No criminal wants a firearm that can be traced, or is registered to his name. No criminal wants his one,m on a list of permit holders. These laws only penalize the honest citizen.
    Let’s be clear on several points;
    1. no provision in our Constitution says one needs any license or permit to exercise any right clearly written in the Bill Of Rights. No provision gives any government official the authority to decide who gets to have a right, and who does not.
    2. if one commits a crime ., then one can be arrested & punished for it. The government does not have the right to prohibit anyone from owning any arm, because some official has a political agenda, or thinks he can see into the future to predict some future act.
    3. the ONLY requirement for a permit, ignoring the fact permits violate the Constitution, would be to check if the person has been convicted of a felony. if you have a clean record there is no reason to deny a permit.
    4. the idea you have to submit to an “interview” by a member of the police force, based upon his preconceptions of you, or whether permits are even a “good idea” in general, is ludicrous. As is the idea the government should study “social media” to see what one’s political beliefs may be. Both of these ideas are simply the state’s attempt to introduce another form of arbitrary decision making . The very thing declared unconstitutional. No one is fooled by these idiotic theories at all.
    5. the concept that you are holding “public hearings” is another thing that is a scam on the citizens of this city & state. Anyone with a brain kn own there is absolutely no law that says you have to abide by the majority opinions expressed through these hearings. Like a lot of things in NYS, these hearings’ sole purpose is to give the citizens the false impression their opinion count. You will do whatever you want, no matter how many speak against it, the same as usual. Anyone responding should be aware of this simple fact , if they do not already know it.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 6:13pm
  • Duane T.

    I understand the need for regulations. However, I find it unfair that someone like me who has gone through the process and forced to wait months for a response is held to a different standard of firearm ownership than someone that lives outside of the five boroughs of New York. I live within 1 mile of the Westchester County border, but my address limits what firearms I am allowed to purchase. If I am willing to go through the process of obtaining a legal permit & license, why am I not afforded the same rights as residents of NY State?

    Thank you for your time.

    Comment added October 21, 2022 11:04pm
  • Brad M

    Many people here have vented their anger and frustrations either toward the NYPD and/or various others… and I understand it. But I feel that a good faith discussion that evaluates what works best to protect the residents of NYC – while also supporting the good people of the city who want to defend themselves – will be most constructive.

    In my opinion, there are 3 objectives the NYPD should be striving for in creating their new Firearm Licensing Standards:

    1. Protecting NYC residents from dangerous individuals by stopping them from legally purchasing firearms.
    2. Minimize NYPD budget expenditures.
    3. Providing ample resources for legal firearm owners to promote firearm safety and efficacy.

    OBJECTIVE 1: Protecting NYC Residents. This means keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. The process for this should ultimately come down to evaluating an individual’s words and actions. According to the Supreme Court, such a test has to be evaluated objectively (not subjectively) in order not to be struck down as unconstitutional. Therefore, such a test should consist of:

    Actions: Has the applicant been convicted of any violent crimes? Has the applicant been affected by a mental illness? To test this, the applicant receives a NICS background check, FBI fingerprint check, as well as a health history check. Pass? Good to go.

    Words: Has X individual made any violent threats, or exuded any threatening, strange or bizarre behavior? To check this, the applicant must supply 4 notarized character references testifying in writing that they have not known the applicant to have ever done any of these things. (References should know the applicant a minimum of 3 years and two of them should be non-blood related.) References must *never* be called because courts will find it subjective and therefore unconstitutional; but references should be criminally liable for false testimony.

    OBJECTIVE 2: Minimizing NYPD budget expenditures. By utilizing technology and streamlining the process, funds can be saved. Currently, the application process using the online portal is okay, but it’s tedious and confusing. It can be so much better.

    The Licensing Standard Process:

    The application page should be one long document (including all the necessary forms) where the applicant can enter, upload and save their information until its fully completed and submitted with the payment. The applicant should then print a copy of the application form and go to 1 Police Plaza to get pictures taken, fingerprinted, IDs & original documents scanned, provide the 4 character reference papers, and, most importantly, sign all the relevant parts of the online application in front of a licensing officer. The investigation should then take a maximum of 2-3 months and conclude by sending the firearm license directly through the mail if approved.

    OBJECTIVE 3: Education. Law abiding NYC residents will inevitably acquire firearms If they choose. It’s therefore incumbent on the licensing agency to educate firearm owners. For example, here are some things that should be fully explained to new firearm owners:
    How to secure a firearm. Where to store it. How to educate kids on the dangers of firearms. How to carry safely. How to transport safely. How to interact with a police officer while carrying. How to avoid confrontations and de-escalate dangerous situations. When to fire in self defense. What to look out for. How to be cognizant of your surroundings. Dangers of crowded places. How to contact 911. What to do when police arrive to an active shooting scene. How to learn more about firearms. Where to get training. Etc, etc.

    Gun ownership in New York City is inevitable, but we can create the safest and most responsible gun owners in the state and probably the country at large by championing a culture of gun safety and firearm education instead of making law abiding gun owners pariahs for simply choosing to defend themselves.

    I believe this this is the way forward and keeping NYC safe.


    Comment added October 22, 2022 2:19am
  • Elie R

    I have had a carry permit for 45 years. Why am I suddenly not permitted to carry in Times Square, the subway or other locations when conducting business?
    Criminals wont adhere to your laws.
    NYPD should require training and target practice.
    Require a test in marksmanship.
    Dont punish lawful citizens. Lock up the criminals.
    Lawful licensed citizens are not the problem.
    The problem is criminals are not jailed – no consequences for crimes.
    No bail for violent offenders, isnt working out.
    Fix the legal system, and dont deprive lawful citizens of their rights.

    Comment added October 22, 2022 10:22am
  • Frederica Sagiani

    I am sad that this latest ruling happened. Our City is not the wild-wild West. It is a metropolis with lots of illegal guns, unfortunately.
    So kudos to our Governor for signing new controls. So should the police dep. of our city. My husband is a hunter, but he does not need a war weapon! We must insist on keeping our city safe, for otherwise the flight to the suburbs will drain our resources. We must work to stop the flow of illegal guns. We must also work with our youth to seek better choices. They now have plenty of role models and opportunities around them.
    Thank you.

    Comment added October 22, 2022 12:28pm
  • peter

    i have a nyc pistol license for 29 years , it started out as a target then they switched it over to a residence premise. what i want to know is it going to be a problem for me to upgrade this premise to a carry ?

    Comment added October 22, 2022 4:48pm
  • Giuseppe Falco

    I think it would be best if the requirements were simple, common sense AND followed the Constitution. In my humble opinion a hand gun should only be denied if the applicant was arrested, indicted and convicted of a felony. The length of the ban should be consistent to the law that was broken, for example 1st degree murder should mean a life time ban and anything below that should be less. As for carrying, a citizen should be able to carry anywhere unless a premise specifically posts that they do not want fire arms and any federal or state or municipal building that has passed a law or ordinance to that affect. Regarding age, I believe if the person is allowed to vote and be drafted, they should be allowed to acquire a permit. I absolutely agree with a fire arms safety and competency course. Maybe a 2 hour safety course and then a 15 hour competency course. I don’t believe an interview should be required but a back ground check that doesn’t put the work on the shoulders of the applicant should be a requirement as long as that background check does not last more than 10 working days. Then an additional 24 hour cool off phase. Subways should definitely be allowed since that’s where most of the crime happens.

    Comment added October 22, 2022 9:17pm
  • Dmitriy V.

    I’d put it simple:
    1. Keeping and bearing arms is not a privilege people have to earn or justify. It is a right guaranteed by the Constitution so bureaucrats and politicians should start treating it as such.
    2. Police and Sheriff departments should simplify licensing process because Delayed privilege is Denied privilege. These days, people wait for premise license for about two years and this is ridiculous (I’m talking about people who already have rifle and shotgun lics so PD has all info already and such delays look like pure bureaucracy if not sabotage)…

    Comment added October 23, 2022 11:34am
  • Marius B.

    I have a rifle and shotgun license but was denied a handgun premise license in the past because of the more stringent test using the “good moral character”.
    I applaud NYPD for taking these steps to remove the good moral character test using cell phone moving violation tickets and other non-sense excuses for a denial. I look forward to reapplying for a handgun premise license.
    Keep up the good work !
    Thank you !

    Comment added October 24, 2022 12:03pm

    I am educating the public on the fact that the new rules and how they are being applied without coordination by the state and the city are blocking applicants for armed guard licenses.
    Charles Clark

    19th of October 2022

    The Honorable Kathy Hochul
    Governor of New York State
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224

    Honorable Letitia James
    Attorney General,
    State of New York
    The Capitol, Albany NY 12224-0341
    Honorable Eric Adams
    Mayor, City of New York
    City Hall
    New York NY 10007

    Dear Governor Hochul and Attorney General James and Mayor Eric Adams;

    I am writing because I and many others in my profession need clarification and an explanation regarding an issue that is arising between different agencies of the State and the police, regarding the 47 hour class for armed guards and the prerequisites for the class.

    I look forward to obtaining clarification on this issue and a legal opinion on how governmental agencies should proceed with this issue.

    With the enactment of S.51001/A.4100, which is legislation relating to licensing of firearms an unintended consequence has arisen that will make it nearly impossible for lower income workers who live in New York City to progress and advance their careers in the security industry.

    The way the law has been implemented has the effect of being discriminatory. The language of the new law has created confusion among security schools, state agencies and police departments regarding the initial training of licensed armed guards. Let me Explain:

    As of today the Department of State, Licensing Services states the following on their web page:
    47 Hour Firearms Training – You must possess a valid NYS Pistol Permit and security guard registration to enroll in this course. Upon successful completion of this course, submit a copy of the certificate with your application for an armed guard registration upgrade.,an%20armed%20guard%20registration%20upgrade.

    But….the Police Department City of New York, NYPD states you must complete the 47 hour class BEFORE they issue a Carry Guard pistol permit. AND the NYPD no longer issues a Pre-License exemption that allowed a person to train at a pistol range before their license became finally approved.

    NYPD states the new legislation amended NYS Penal Law as follows: Subdivision a of section 265.20 of the penal law is amended by adding a new paragraph 3-a to read as follows: 3-a. Possession of a pistol or revolver by a person undergoing live-fire range training pursuant to section 400.00 of this chapter while such person is undergoing such training and is supervised by a duly authorized instructor. Page 10 and 11 of S.51001
    NYPD states that based on this law they no longer have to issue the Pre-License Exemption.
    (The irony is that for the new concealed carry permits you can take the 16 hour required training before obtaining the pistol permit)

    How is a security guard who is a New York City resident, who does not have a pistol permit going to become an armed guard? With the current policies in effect with the NYPD and NYS Department of State Licensing Services, Security guards and security companies and security schools are at an impasse over the requirements of the 47 hour class.

    This is affecting how people can advance in their careers as security guards.

    If you can afford the $340 to personally apply for another type of permit such as Residence Premise or other Carry Permit and you wait the nearly 1 year for the investigation and processing and NYPD issues you a personal pistol permit you could then take the 47 hour class.
    But many unarmed security guards cannot afford the $340 for the personal pistol permit and another $340 for the carry guard permit.

    In New York City, Prior to September 1, 2022 a security company with an unarmed guard who was being considered for armed guard could have that security guard apply for a Carry Guard license with the NYPD License Division.
    The unarmed security guard would complete a Request for Pre-license Exemption form and submit it to NYPD with the Carry Guard application.
    The NYPD, after an investigation could then issue a Pre-License Exemption which would allow the security guard to take the 47 hour armed guard class and participate in the live fire part of the class at a pistol range.
    Once the security guard successfully completes the 47 hour armed guard class they submitted the certificate to the Department of State Licensing Services with the appropriate fee and the security guard unarmed would be changed to security guard armed in the NYS Security Guard Registry.
    The security guard would still have to wait for NYPD to issue a Carry Guard pistol permit before they could carry a firearm at work.
    The process involved quite a bit of paperwork but the process worked.

    With the process in effect now I don’t see a way forward for many unarmed security guards to advance to armed security guards. The more than 2,000 Licensed and trained armed guards are key to protecting the critical infrastructure in our city.

    Please investigate the above matter. Governmental agencies should work harmoniously and in synchronization with each other. Please issue the direction needed to resolve and clarify this issue for all involved.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


    Charles Clark

    Comment attachment
    Comment added October 24, 2022 5:52pm
  • Lula Estrellas

    I would like to know if social media accounts and how many references are required for criminals to provide before they are released without bail?

    Comment added October 24, 2022 6:21pm
  • Ayton Eller

    The residence permits should be converted to unrestricted carry permits because by their own definition they are restricted and according to SCOTUS that’s not allowed. The 2 gun limitation on the carry permit essentially means that people who have more than 2 firearms have to get a separate license which is an additional $350 dollars . The current nyc Premise license says “restricted carry “ this is unconstitutional, a law abiding person who has a legal firearm is allowed to carry outside the home which was ruled by the US Supreme Court in the Bruen case.

    Comment added October 24, 2022 8:19pm
  • Justin S

    I have lived in NY state for 30 years and in NYC for 12. I fully support these common sense rules. Too many lives have been taken by gun violence. The people rejecting this rule and refusing to submit to basic gun safety and training represent a danger to the community. If you can’t be bothered to take a basic safety course and to secure your firearm; one really should question your motivations to possess a deadly weapon.

    Comment added October 24, 2022 9:23pm
  • John Aradi

    As a retired NYC Police Officer, I find it hard to comprehend the reason for the 16 hr Firearms Safety Course requirement. I was subjected to firearm safety through the academy and every year after, for qualifications.
    Going through 16 hrs class and 2 hr range is excessive and redundant .
    And costly, for that matter.

    Comment added October 24, 2022 9:36pm
  • Matthew D

    Premise license holders in good standing should automatically be upgraded to concealed carry, pending a 2 hour live fire safety course to teach them how to keep the weapon on their person and draw it safely. The rest is political nonsense and a waste of time as it will all eventually be challenged and struck down in a court.

    Comment added October 24, 2022 9:44pm
  • Will-e Dee

    I’m curious as to why is Governor Hochul countering the Supreme Court decision on this ruling to end these senseless gun laws??? Also too how are you supposed to protect yourself from criminals if they are allowed to do things to people and get away with it with these bail reform laws and yet you defend yourself then you’re the bad guy? I am registered in the system already with NYPD as a city worker to carry a firearm on duty for my job, so why should I go through Hell just to get a personal carry to protect myself and my family if I’m already in the system??? Cops aren’t always going to be at the subway stations. You can’t always depend on them to protect people, after all their jobs is really to enforce the law and not protect people. But Hochul and Adams fail to realize that and installing cameras isn’t going to stop crime. Because if that was the case then all of this crime would have been solved already. The 1911 Sullivan Act law was racist and controversial to begin with and yet Hochul and Adams don’t see this. It’s time this ends and also what’s with the interviews and access to social media accounts to legally own a firearm? Is that not constitutional?? I agree a background check is a definite, but all that other stuff is not even necessary and just morally wrong! a background check and clean record is the way to go. Not this deep stuff as if I’m going to work for the FBI or CIA just to exercise my 2nd amendment rights for protection against the bad criminals! This 1911 outdated law needs to end and it’s time for hard working honest citizens with clean backgrounds to have the right to protect themselves and their loved ones against criminals. And the excuse of NYC being a “dense” population is foolish. There are numerous cities and states with a dense population and yet are just find with rights to bear arms and the NYC subways is where you need a firearm the most. So, let’s fix this and let New York finally be an “open carry” state once and for all and for Governor Hochul to respect and abide by the smart decision of the Supreme Court and this way New York can finally be a safe, Independent, self-sufficient and more productive city against the bad people out there. plain and simple!

    Comment added October 24, 2022 10:54pm
  • EP


    1) The City seems to be concerned about a “Wild Wild West” type of environment because of population density. Has anyone spoken to city reps from Philadelphian to see if this is the case. This is a very dense city as well so it would seemingly be a good comparison.

    2) Who came up with the 16 hr. requirement? Please note that I took the course and 16 hrs. of classroom time is arduous. I would suggest 4 hrs. of legal and 4 hrs. of shooting for a combined 8 hrs. or 2 hrs. of legal and 6 hrs. of shooting. Incidentally, while burdensome, it may be reasonable to do updated shooting quals on renewal every 3 years. I would indicate shooting under pressure as the primary method with reloads.

    3) Please advise as to how someone can defend themselves with from an imminent threat of knife or firearm. Imagine a smaller person of 100 lbs vs a 200 lb criminal with a deadly weapon. The only chance someone has is to beg for their life. If criminals knew even a small portion of the population of NYC was armed they may be less motivated or more cautious about picking victims. The City is actually savings lives by offering people the opportunity to defend themselves and their families.


    1) Please consider an “express lane” for licensing. If one has been previously licensed and they present the 16hr training the upgraded license should be automatically granted. Former law enforcement and military should be waived from the legal aspect and should only have to shoot. Former military infantry (not retired law enforcement) should be waived from shooting and only have to complete legal. This would have a max 30 day turn time.

    2) NY State License should be valid everywhere. The requirements should be the same, This would decrease pressure on NYC for additional certification. A reasonable compromise would be an additional layer of background and training for those in NY state who plan to come to NYC. I would suggest additional shooting and training for a NYC endorsement.

    3) A ticket should be issued in lieu of misdemeanors or felonies for those in position of a firearm. The ticket should be minimum of $2500 for first violation and then it converts to misdemeanor if individual does not obtain license or is caught with firearm and not licensed. The idea is for fewer arrests but high fine to ensure compliance.

    4) NY State should accept licenses for those states that have similar training requirements and background search. This would be for people visiting only.

    5) Firearms should NEVER be left in a car. Every Government facility should have a method to check firearms. Criminals will begin to break into cars just for the weapons. A firearm should be in the possession of the individual 100% of the time unless they are in a government building.

    6) Expanded NYC Firearm license. They would included annual shooting certs on moving objects, pressure while shooting and de-escalation techniques. In exchange for this type of license the person would NOT have to check weapon anywhere and they would have to submit to a deeper background certification. Reduction of fees for license may be another motivating factor.

    7) All kids 14-18 must pass firearm training safety course. Shooting would not be required. Use of dummy firearms only with dry firing.

    8) Teachers who choose to get certified should have fees waived and be subject to additional training. These people would be flagged in schools and the NYPD would know who to contact at teach school if there is an active shooting situation. This may help neutralize a threat more quickly than a police response may be possible. Fees would be waived and minimum or 5 teachers or para professionals would be required to be carry in each school. Additional pay to be considered for a teacher also.

    Why isn’t the meeting on WebEx or TEAMS? This would get max participation for parties on both sides of this issue.

    Comment added October 25, 2022 1:20pm
  • Leonid M

    I am lawful citizen, but I don’t want that my friends or other peoples will know that I have a gun on me. So why do I need to bring 4 references , if someone from my friends will agree to take responsibility, that I’m a good guy and to make my self a target whether criminals can get you 40 references. This references must be reduced to one or two.

    Comment added October 25, 2022 1:32pm
  • Marc Cohen

    Has anyone taken into account the recent decision and TRO issued by U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby to block enforcement of parts of NY gun law. Some of those provisions are STILL in the NYC proposed rules:

    Comment attachment
    Comment added October 25, 2022 3:49pm
  • Abid Mohammad R

    The premises Carry must be Converted in to unrestricted carry permits
    the Current Status of Licenses is a Barrier on the Second Amendment right
    to bear arms for self defence A good moral character and law abiding individual , who has a legal firearms must allowed to carry outside the premises. Accordance to todays law and order situation THIS IS A NEED OF TIME Thx

    Comment added October 25, 2022 7:05pm
  • greg m

    Dear Lauren,
    As a lifetime sportsman, hunter and NRA Instructor i would like NYC to consider the overall state requirements as a common denominator. It is wrong that after the SOTUS decision NYC would seek to impose additional hurdles to what has been decided as a right. Currently all new and renewal licensees in our state must be certified via NICS as well as references and other testimonial documentation. There should be no other requirements. The city resides within the state.
    The notion of legal and illegal guns are conflated.
    Recognizing our distinct set of requirements for ownership in the state the two need to be dealt with in separate ways. I do not believe having additional restrictions or requirements does anything for illegal firearm ownership and the overwhelming and resulting crime.
    Thank you

    Comment added October 26, 2022 7:43am
  • Vyacheslav Goltser

    If you have a carry license and must unload your firearm before transiting through Times Square, then it’s not really a carry license. NYPD regularly has an ESU squad in full body armor and even a dog. I doubt that lawful licensed gun carriers would be an issue.

    It also is not clear what is meant by “social media”. Is a random interest based forum considered social media? BBS? Usenet? In addition, what information has to be provided?

    Public thoroughfares cannot be a sensitive area, especially considering NYPD’s misuse of deadly force in such areas, resulting in injuries to innocent bystanders.

    I also take issue with the idea of having to report to NYPD about something that NYPD may issue a report on. NYPD should not be relying on ordinary citizens to report to them results of an NYPD interaction. This process must be changed so that an internal report/check is generated instead. This should be applied for all reporting. If someone is summonsed for a summary offense (like sleeping on the subway), they are no more dangerous to the public than someone who has not been cited.

    These rules do not have any public safety concern in mind. If they did, they would emphasize knowledge of applicable laws and relevant firearm handling processes. These rules are only concerned with keeping ordinary citizens from exercising their rights, be it carrying a firearm or simply keeping one at home.

    Comment added October 26, 2022 10:33am
  • David Hornedo

    Law abiding citizens should have the right to carry concealed firearms. I don’t understand why law abiding citizens who respect the law and law enforcement officers are not permitted to carry a concealed weapon, while dose who are carrying firearms illegally are committing crimes and once they get arrested are slapped on the wrist and are let go without much consequence for their actions. In many cases dose individuals go back out and get caught with another illegal weapon. The second amendment allows for law abiding citizens to bear arms there should be no roadblocks by politicians to try to stop law abiding citizens from being able to carry firearms.

    Comment added October 26, 2022 10:35am
  • Stefano

    Personally no matter what the court says, they always add stipulations that make it hard to get a permit. Any decision made is still going to be against the 2nd amendment. Basically you’ll be allowed to carry just not here or here or here or here. None of it makes any sense.

    Comment added October 26, 2022 11:45am
  • Marcos

    Bearing arms is a right protected by US Constitution – one doesn’t have to prove his/her worthiness to exercise it.
    So any requirements in a way of providing “good character” letters, social media accounts and in person interview with PO are clearly unconstitutional and should be discarded as such.
    Now we all understand that all these requirements, together with “gun free zones” and treating all business establishments as “gun free” by default, were designed to circumvent latest SCOTUS decision.
    It is also clear that City and State administration is also aware of unconstitutional nature of said infringements, however keeps fighting tooth and nail, making it practically impossible to for people in NYC to exercise their 2A Constitutional right.
    If ever in doubt about restrictions in terms of 2A – try to apply the same to 1A and check how it looks and sounds. Simple test will set the account straight.

    Comment added October 26, 2022 2:40pm
  • Tricey

    Are the politicians going to protect us? They have protection details while crime runs rampant in NYC. They blame everyone but themselves. Not a damn thing is being done to protect the citizens of this city. The subways, the streets, businesses closing all because of crimes, that the politicians say is not so bad, and NOBODY goes to jail for committing such crimes anymore, they’re let out in a day….there is no accountability, smash and grabs, shootings, stabbings, car thefts…and the police have their hands tied behind their backs…..cant’ blame them for not showing up and retiring in droves

    Comment added October 27, 2022 11:41am
  • Paul B

    This is completely unacceptable for the courts/politicians to entertain this. As it’s been the “norm” for a over 100 years for Retired Law Enforcement in “good standards” the right to carry a firearm within city limits as we are the most highly trained professionals and are not the ones committing crimes with firearms! Stop the political nonsense imposing training, with a substantial fee as this is a complete insult! This is just another example of a “money grab”.

    Comment added October 27, 2022 11:49am
  • Assame Augustin

    The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. However, this right is not absolute. The Supreme Court has held that the right is subject to regulation in order to promote public safety.

    In New York, a person must have a permit in order to carry a handgun. The process for obtaining a permit is lengthy, expensive, and burdensome. As a result, many people are unable to exercise their right to bear arms.

    This system of permitting is unconstitutional because it violates the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court has held that the right to bear arms is not unlimited. It is subject to reasonable restrictions in order to promote public safety. But the permitting system in New York goes beyond what is reasonable. It makes it virtually impossible for many people to exercise their right to bear arms.

    The Second Amendment does not protect the right of every individual to carry any weapon they choose, at any time, in any place. But the permitting system in New York is so restrictive that it effectively eliminates the right of many people to carry a handgun for self-defense.

    Comment attachment
    Comment added October 27, 2022 12:04pm
  • AJ

    I agree that the “proper cause” requirement for obtaining a concealed carry firearm license was an unconstitutional restriction on an individual’s Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense. It is hypocritical for a state or any other local authority to claim its rights to govern itself are being violated, when they are doing the same to the citizens which make their position of power possible. Not everybody has the luxury of armed security for protection. It is our right, not privilege, to be able to protect ourselves according to the eminent threats that exist in our city and communities.

    It is not gospel that hardworking and law abiding citizens are suppressed into a position of vulnerability by unfair and unjust rules. People that are inclined to commit crimes have no regard for the rules. Almost all gun violence in NYC is done with guns purchased illegally. So the only people who are empowered are criminals and law enforcement. The people who pay the taxes to support our institutions are left defenseless. This is not justice, and this is not constitutional.

    Although, I do agree there needs to be proper screening of individuals seeking gun ownership. Not everybody is fit to own a gun, so I think it is appropriate for a criminal background check (for violent offenses) and even possibly a psyche eval depending on their history. I think the parks and subway part is silly, although I’m not opposed to restrictions on bringing guns into places such as religious settings, schools, nightclubs, theaters, etc… This of course is usually handled by the policy of the ownership of that establishment. NYC is its own bubble for sure.

    Having lived overseas and all over the country, I understand the gun culture experience just as much as I understand the anti-gun culture. Most law abiding gun owners in the U.S.A. have a respect for their guns that even exceeds that of law enforcement. Everybody should take gun ownership seriously. A gun is not a toy! I think it is important for individuals to undergo a certain level of education and training as a stipulation for ownership, just like they do before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Outside of these parameters we should be able own a gun, as long as everybody else has one.

    These are just a few of my thoughts.

    Comment added October 27, 2022 4:17pm
  • William Young

    I have permits in 3 states (TX, FL, NV) with each being a fairly simple process to obtain for a law abiding citizen with no mental issues. I’m finding it very difficult to understand why the process in NYC requires all these hoops to jump through. Crime in NYC is INSANE right now, I should need no other reason than THAT to obtain a permit for a firearm. Why are you making it more difficult for the law abiding citizen to obtain a firearm than you are a criminal? Cause they all seem to have one with no problem. Who is going to protect me better than ME? Last I checked no officer has the powers of the Flash.

    You want to make sure everyone has training, fine. But lets be reasonable here, 16 hours for something you can learn in 2 is just ridiculous. Just apply the same testing rules Texas has and that should suffice. You want no gun zones, fine. But again lets be reasonable here, you cant have no gun zones where the most crimes are occurring (i.e Subways, Times Square.) People are being robbed at gun point while eating outdoors at restaurants but I’m not allowed to have my firearm in this no gun zone yet the criminal is….. lets think about that. You want businesses to put “Guns Allowed” signs for law abiding citizens to be able to carry their legal firearms inside? Seriously? It seems like NY wants to arrest law abiding citizens for breaking the gun rules while carrying their legal firearms more than they want to arrest criminals with their illegal firearms.

    Just let me protect and defend myself legally and fairly. Does the Supreme Court ruling mean ANYTHING???

    Comment added October 27, 2022 6:10pm
  • Chris

    Why is there going to be 3 different licenses for premise/target handgun, concealed carry handgun, and Rifle/shotgun. There should be 1 universal license that you can own anything and conceal carry a Handgun if you want to. The background checks are all the same fingerprints are all the same. There should be no restrictions where you carry concealed. Criminals do not listen to restrictions. Nobody would be safe because they would commit there crimes where they know nobody can protect themselves.

    Comment added October 27, 2022 10:55pm
  • Richard Garey

    The comments below pertain to the existing issues surrounding firearms ownership in NYC and/or the proposed changes.

    (1) Fundamentally, I believe that firearms law should be handled at the federal level. Having ever changing federal, state and local regulations creates opportunities for confusion for both law enforcement and the general public.
    (2) If the State & City are going to continue to get involved in the regulation of firearms, they should not revise those regulations more than once per year. All changes should go into effect the 1st of the year.
    Firearms owners should be provided a new rulebook once per year with all changes from previous year highlighted. Generally, the text needs to be simplified such that it can be easily comprehended by both law enforcement and the average citizen.
    (3) If a firearms training is required, it should be standard NRA courses.
    If it is an NY/NYC specific course, those courses should be free of charge and regularly available in every borough. NYC / NYPD should provide a minimum of one indoor and one outdoor gun range per borough for the general public to maintain firearms proficiency.
    (4) In the Summer of 2020, the Borough of the Bronx experienced a temporary state of anarchy. No law-abiding U.S. citizen who resides/works in the Bronx should ever have to justify why they would require a premises, business and/or carry permit after the events that transpired during the Summer of 2020.
    (5) The cumulative fees for firearms permitting should not exceed $100. The NYPD needs to clarify why tax returns are requested. Firearms ownership should not be limited to just the affluent.
    (6) Handgun owners should be permitted to register their firearms at their local police precinct or at least within their home borough 24/7. Having to travel to Manhattan on a weekday is a significant infringement on working New Yorkers.
    (7) If a firearm, magazine and/or accessory is legal in the U.S., it should be legal in New York State and NYC. New York State and NYC residents are consistently price gouged on firearms purchases and transfers due to the regulations imposed at the state & local level.

    Comment added October 28, 2022 7:26am
  • Michael Kozhar

    Please explain how NYPD is planning to rectify recently approved, pre-Bruen, premise business licenses that were approved for privately owned healthcare offices and are now subject to either restrictions or forfeiture because of the “Sensitive Locations Rules”. How did amendments to a carry license end up affecting premise licenses? What is the rationale behind restricting premise licenses when they were not a case/subject in the Bruen trial?

    Comment added October 28, 2022 11:08am
  • Jacinto Millan Jr

    Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams, I believe you guys are criminals, I strongly believe you guys are breaking the law by trying to take away people’s 2nd Amendment constitutional rights. GUNS don’t kill people ok, People kill people. You don’t protect people by taking their rights to protect themselves. Eric Adam you are a hypocrite, you don’t want law-abiding citizen to carry firearms, but you carry one yourself, what makes you better than us!? The the fact that you were NYPD terrorist, I word it like this because NYPD is known as New York’s very own terrorist group. Understand there is no trust between the public and NYPD, things has gotten worse than ever before. All this gun law is not helping out at all, criminals do not comply to the rules and regulation you guys are setting, so the only people you are hurting are the law-abiding citizens. What are you afraid of!? Is it the fact that New Yorkers can fend for them self and no longer will need NYPD thus loosing gov’t funding! Is that it. You are a disgrace to state ” You don’t want NY to become like the wild west” You just insulted every New Yorker and called us stupid to handle a firearm responsibly. Chicago is a perfect example: A state with one of the strictest gun laws and yet is a HELL HOLE, law-abiding citizens get mug, jumped, killed every day because they can’t defend themself because of people like Yourself and Kathy Hochul. “An armed Society is a Polite Society” let that sync in, because when I criminal has to think about it 3x’s with his life to rob, rape or kill someone knowing that, that person is likely armed he will most likely turn around the other way. The DOJ made a decision if you truly care about the people and respect the U.S constitution you shouldn’t look for ways to dismantle the DOJ decision! Oh, and one more thing Requesting for people to give up their social media is an invasion of privacy, social media is not going to help you in truly knowing a person and it should NOT be a reason why someone can or can’t get a license for a firearm.

    Comment added October 29, 2022 12:59pm
  • Paul

    The process to legally obtain a NYC pistol permit is already very restricting–and has done NOTHING to prevent the rising rate of crime and violence in our streets!

    Comment added October 29, 2022 5:58pm
  • Christopher Giacoppo

    These rules are an effort to circumvent the recent Supreme Court Bruen decision. The right to bear arms is exactly that … a right, not a privilege granted by government. It is guaranteed and protected by the United States Constitution. The “good morale character” requirement is intentionally vague so that the state can deny a license whenever it wishes. Further, the state has no right to sift through a citizen’s social media accounts, effectively treating a law-abiding applicant like a criminal suspect. This law, if passed, will not pass constitutional muster and will again be challenged and struck down. Please stop wasting taxpayer money, stop antagonizing your citizens, and just accept the Supreme Court’s ruling gracefully.

    Comment added October 29, 2022 9:27pm
  • Idris Folami

    In addition to people’s comments and my little opinion. They should have a strict background check and no prior felony or serious offense convictions. they should be tracking what the individual is doing with carrying a firearm.

    Comment added October 30, 2022 7:50am
  • Jim Tortora

    Albert James Tortora
    61 Orange Avenue
    Staten Island, New York 10302
    PH 718-981-8348 Cell 347-235-5508 FAX 347-825-3198
    [email protected]

    October 28, 2022
    [email protected]
    Dear Lauren,
    I’ve held NYPD licenses over half a century , & multiple non resident CCWs. I’m a decorated combat veteran. Before going through the proposed changes I have some statements to make, & questions to ask.
    Tim Sullivan who passed the * proper cause, or show need * that was overturned by SCOTUS 111 years later was also widely known by his thinly veiled connections to the mob. It was widely felt that this was passed to help solidify his control in mob endeavors, along with his control of the populace. I feel what the current administrations are asking for are no more than knee jerk retaliation that will do nothing to hinder crime, & just deliberately place more delaying tactics in front of citizens wishing to exercise their God given rights. In short they are aggravated that they lost control. They have forgotten they were put in place to represent us, not rule us.
    I’m wondering why this is being called a public hearing, when the email I received tends to make it look like invitation only. I’ve seen no public notice on this. I also wonder why we’re being asked our opinion? A lot of what’s being asked for has already been declared unconstitutional by the court , is being appealed by the city. If only the city worked as hard as putting criminals away as they do at trying to circumvent the law. To enforce my knee jerk reaction claim, I have to ask, with all these changes asked for many of them redundant is the city saying that the system that the system that’s been in place for years is a failure. I’m not a lawyer, or some highly educated professional. I’m just a guy who’s been jumping over the fences, & working my way through the obstacles New York administrations have thrown in front of me for years . Quite frankly I, & with the belief that many others are just tired of the cities Bull Turds. You sent us a 47 page document. I believe if you asked the applicants if they were for, or against these proposed changes you’ll get a resounding against.
    1- You want to raise the minimum age to 21 for a rifle shot gun permit. Yet it’s ok for someone younger than that to join the military, & qualify with true weapons of war???
    2- After all these decades now you want to codify??
    3- I have no problem reading, & signing for updated laws.
    4- The eliminating of Proper Cause, & Show Need from the present requirements. Absolutely no problem! About time!
    5- You ask for electronic filing of documents which will make it easy for you, yet we as citizens must make trips to the city along with the costly burdens of travel , & time to sign in person for things such as purchase orders. Yet we sign electronically many papers on applications, & renewals. Until we as citizens have some unnecessary hurdles removed I’m against this.
    6- You don’t say what additional documents are requested? Will the politicians who are requesting information on social media accounts produce theirs? They are public servants. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I feel this is overreaching, & unconstitutional. I feel this will be decided in the courts also. Definitely disagree!
    7- Requesting a personal interview. I’ll just disagree to this right away! Who will be doing the interview? Will his medical qualifications be made available? I mean really! As applicants we have already given information to our well being Have you ever seen a compensation doctor that works for the insurance company that’s paying you?? That’s not mumbo jumbo, that’s life experience . The person designated for these interviews, how much time is he allotted per interview, how many interviews per day vs how many applicants. This is going to be a basis for a denial, or an approval ! No way! Definitely Disagree!!
    8- I have no problem with training those that have never been licensed. Those holding licenses have already proven familiarity, & I find it unnecessary. Just another hurdle looking to be imposed.
    9- Think about this. Your looking to just place a hurdle in front of all your certified state safety instructors who have been donating hours upon hours of their lives promoting not only firearm safety but safety afield. Disagree!
    10- Disagree! The Times Square ruling has been declared unconstitutional by one court so naturally in the normal knee jerk reaction it is going before the appeals court. Another delaying tactic. How much do think this enhances the chance of an accidental discharge. When you get out of the so called safe zone where do you load, & unload??
    11- Recertification training. I am against this, but not for the reasons you may think. As a member of ranges that are very safety oriented I myself have no problem doing this requirement. What I have is a problem with the city using it to their delaying advantage. Example, only city authorized ranges ( where are they? ) Extremely high cost per session. Only city authorized instructors at out of the way places.
    12- I can only think you never had your NYPD firearm instructors look at this first. Think of this. Everyone traveling in a vehicle that wishes to enter a * prohibited * area must unholster, unload, & secure items in different areas according to your proposal. When leaving the area the person will most likely reverse the process. Do have any Idea of how much this rule will increase the chances of accidental discharge??
    You gave us 47 pages to read through. Everything you wish us to comply to. Of course like the Mayor Adams says all done in the interests of safety. I’ve got some requests I’d like to make all in the interest of public service to our citizens.
    1- How about we stop placing hurdles in front of citizens, & spend more time focusing on criminals?
    2- How about the city starts processing our applications in a timely manor. Especially those applications where you’ve had the information needed at your disposal for decades?
    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this meeting to speak. I would really love to. I will be visiting family in what is said to be the safest state in the nation with Constitutional Carry no permits, no license, nothing. I appreciate your notification of this meeting but still have mixed feelings on its purpose. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to review my response. Have a wonderful day, & God bless.
    Sincerely yours,

    Albert James Tortora
    Congressman Zeldin Governor Hochul
    Congresswoman Malliotakis Mayor Adams
    Borough President Vito J. Fossella
    Councilwoman Kamillah Hanks

    Comment added October 30, 2022 12:42pm
  • dave

    If we were approved for a residence license, we should not have to pay again for a carry! We all wanted a carry when we got residence but we know we wont be approved. Once is enough.

    Comment added October 30, 2022 7:59pm
  • mario andreani

    we the people respectfully ask that our 2nd amendment rights be respected , We understand being cautious and careful as to whom may get a license but our right to protect ourselves is not a lot to ask. The city is getting worse by the day and every one should have a right to feel safe

    Comment added October 31, 2022 5:17am
  • AJT

    As a further note addressing what I feel are harassing delaying tactics of the current system. I’m currently scheduled to come in to sign for a purchase order. It used to be that you could work out your schedule, & pick them up from 09:00-12:00 Monday through Thursday. Now you are given an appointment that’s it. I have to have my wife walk along with me as I’m awaiting on a time for shoulder surgery , & at times it’s painful maneuvering for me. I was informed that we must come in because the Purchase order must be signed for. How much do we sign for electronically already Is it not true that the FFL dealer must match your authorized ID, to your license, & purchase order before physically turning over the firearm to you?? What does it accomplish??
    To add icing to the cake once said firearm is picked up I have 72 hours to contact the purchase order division so they can schedule me an appointment. We used to have four days, & time periods where we could come in. A little more icing. We must also send in ANOTHER a copy of front, & back of our license, & government ID which was JUST GIVEN to the purchase order division when the PO was applied for. Plus we have to bring the originals with us. Sounds like hoops, & hurdles. Id like to see the statistics of all the criminals doing this. One more item. After jumping these fences, & leaping over these hurdles now you tell me I have to wait three months to see if I really want to purchase another pistol. I mentioned before about having shoulder surgery. For those enthusiasts that know what I’m talking about, I’m having a 3K custom pistol built with an ambidextrous magazine, & slide release to make it easier for weak hand practice. Do you really think I’m not going to write , & ask for an early purchase order once this pistol is built. Criminals don’t wait, why should someone who’s trying to do everything right?

    Comment added October 31, 2022 1:47pm
  • EA

    As a NYC resident, a First responder and a member of US Army National Guard with over a decade in service, I support the right of law abiding citizens have a constitutional right to carry arms. NYC makes the process of getting even a simple residence permit unnecessary long and expensive to obtain, making gun ownership almost a privilege of rich elites. Not to mention a complex process of securing a carry permit. With our police forces defunded and understaffed, and local politicians are soft on career criminals, New Yorkers need to protect themselves now more than ever! If you are a lawful citizen, there should be no probable cause for an official to deny you your constitutional right to protect yourself and your family!

    Comment added October 31, 2022 3:42pm
  • Lois Lynn

    I oppose these proposed amendments and oppose NYC’s strict carry permit restrictions in general.
    Anyone who lives in NYC and is a licensed premise holder understands that these restrictions are par for the course for wanting or needing to live in NYC even though they are restrictive and unconstitutional.

    As current premise holders, we have had to submit to many of the same conditions being placed on the carry permit, such as letters of reference, in-person interviews with PD, background checks, and fingerprinting. So why not allow exceptions for current premise holders, and work out a way to convert it to a carry license with additional training?

    Lastly, and if I am reading the proposal correctly, in “section 17. Subdivisions (a) and (b) of section 5-24 of Title 38 of the Rules of the City of New York is amended to read as follows: (a) Gun Custodian- Each designee shall submit through the License Division’s online application portal an additional handgun license application for gun custodian”. Does this mean that the person I choose to be my gun custodian MUST get a handgun license AND purchase a gun even if they do not want to? Or am I the designee and I will need to get an additional license? This language is ambiguous at best and unconstitutional at worst. Do better.

    Comment added October 31, 2022 5:02pm
  • fabio salazar

    not a good writer but .i was dined for my pistol license back in somewhere in 2000 i think
    and owe my business carry a lot of money as i was in the garbage business
    and was dined for moving violation or speeding ticket etc… witches make no sense.
    so, you would have to be a perfect human being to get a licensee .it stupid
    but i do believe who has a criminal record should be run and interview before giving a license ….

    Comment added November 1, 2022 10:56am
  • Carlos Collado

    “NYS enacted new statewide licensing standards removing the “proper cause” standard and including additional criteria, effective September 1, 2022, for carry license applicants.”

    These additional criteria are nothing more than a backdoor way for the state and licensing agencies to violate the ‘shall issue’ SCOTUS ruling. Does this licensing agency really believe that if I provide 4 references instead of 2, it makes me more of a law abiding citizen? Does this agency truly believe that expending hours scouring through social media, at tax payer’s expense, is not a ‘may issue’ tactic of adding hurdles in violation of the 2nd amendment? In reality those recourses should be employed to locate individuals that do pose a danger to public safety. Ironically, every time there is a dangerous unstable individual causing havoc with guns, they most often have been identified by law enforcement….so focus on those individuals instead of mass violation of the 1st amendment of law abiding citizens to then justify violation of the 2nd amendment. If I wished to post some political opinion that might be in opposition to the views of the individual’s’ reviewing my application, it is my right and is precisely what conserves our democracy. Having said that, I consider myself rational and hence let’s encourage coming up with reasonable rules and regulations, not ones that clearly show a vengeance against the SCOTUS ruling which continue to provoke more legal challenges, costing yet more tax dollars. Training for new licensees is in many ways a good idea but going to 16 hours (and the cost associated) might make it prohibitive for some law abiding citizens. I have had my license for nearly 3 decades and I was originally required to take a 8 hour course.

    Let’s be logical instead of emotional about these rules. The constant push to make it difficult for law abiding citizens isn’t helping anyone, instead the focus should be on preventing illegal guns from ending up on our streets which would make more of an impact on public safety since those are the guns that no matter what hurdles your agency continues to infringe on us, won’t be affected.

    Comment added November 1, 2022 5:16pm
  • Joseph Soto

    I am a NYC Firefighter for 9 years and served in the Marine Corps for 15 years, I don’t understand How NYPD believes that I am the danger to society and continues to infringe on the 2nd amendment. How many gun crimes in NYC have been done by legal gun owners? does the chief of the license dept or the Mayor or Governor know? well I do, the number ZERO. Crime is an all time high in this city, you guys continue to let criminals go after committing crimes in an attempt to change statistics and show that crime is dropping when it’s actually rising. Yet you deny my God given right to carry a gun to defend myself and family. You guys think i’m the bad guy and make it nearly impossible to buy a legal firearm and renew a license every single time. And even after the supreme court has told you that it in unconstitutional to deny a right to legally carry, you continue to deny or buy time and establish rules to prevent gun owners from doing just that. I hope you guys come to your senses and I hope someone has the guts to take NYPD to court for denying good citizens their right to carry. Once again, it is not the legal gun owners that are committing crime. Its the criminals you guys have no control over with ghost guns. You guys can’t stop crime, so allow us to protect ourselves if our lives are in imminent danger.

    Comment added November 1, 2022 6:00pm
  • Marcus

    I don’t have a comment but more of a question. There are many amendments to the rules for concealed carry. My fear is innocent people’s rights will be violated as a result, so my question is what training is NYPD officers going to have to take so random stops or searches or even police shootings don’t unnecessarily occur as a result because innocent law abiding citizens choose to conceal carry. My second question is if I have a premise permit will I be vetted the same way to upgrade my license to conceal carry? What is the process for premise license holders to upgrade their license to concealed carry?

    Comment added November 1, 2022 9:49pm
  • Mike

    In my opinion, the safety conditions in New York (specifically NYC) present a reasonable cause of concern regarding the loosening of laws to own and carry firearms within the city. While I believe that NYC Police Officers are professionals and would do their very best to protect NYers from harm, in most cases Police Officers would not able to be on the scene until after an incident has occurred and has been reported.
    The ability to protect oneself should not be limited to business owners, security officers and current or former law enforcement officers. I hope that when considering any amendments to the concealed carry law that you don’t make it impossible for honest, law abiding citizens that have demonstrated reasonable and responsible life decisions to conceal carry a firearm.

    Comment added November 2, 2022 4:03pm
  • Basil Alleyne

    Why NYC is Making it so hard TO GET A Gun LICENSE Most of the Crimes in NYC is COMMITTED by Criminals, Not Honest Law Abiding Citizen.

    Comment added November 2, 2022 7:56pm
  • Ben Roberts

    The idea that government, who are employees of the people, can dictate to their employers whether they can arm themselves is ludicrous in addition to being unconstitutional. In spite of the corrupt Sullivan Act, the whole idea of a constitutional right is that a majority of your neighbors cannot not vote it away.

    Eligibility to carry a firearm should be no more difficult than getting a driver’s license for a car, which kills more people than do guns. A violent felony criminal record and mental health check is more than adequate in determining whether a citizen is moral and healthy enough to carry a gun. The interview, 4 personal references, and search through an applicant’s social media, or any other request for documentation is an unnecessary invasion of privacy and needs to be removed. 2 hours of safety training is more than adequate in learning how to handle a gun.

    The real reason why the government doesn’t want its citizens to be armed is the same reason why every dictator removes weapons from its citizenry. Tyranny doesn’t like resistance.

    Comment added November 2, 2022 9:09pm
  • Millie C. Porter

    I think everyone should have a background check, no matter how long it takes. I have been a residence license gun owner since 1983.

    Comment added November 2, 2022 10:16pm
  • Stu B

    1. It should be automatic for a premises permit to be converted to a carry. Perhaps an interview would be necessary to determine if we are still sane.
    2. The training requirement should be eliminated for these applicants, or at least reduced to one hour. Same for live fire practice.
    3. If one is rejected, the burden of proof for rejecting should lie with the NYPD and not the applicant. Is it?
    4. It is clear that the intent of The City to restrict carrying at places of worship. Really bad idea. Bad guys don’t pay attention to rules. When I worship, I would like to have the ability to protect myself as well as other congregants (my friends) from some maniac whose intent is to kill us. I am Jewish, and as you know, it is open season on us (as well as it is on the Police). We support you, your turn to support us.

    1. If approved, can I have my current handgun on a premises permit, and a new (smaller) one on a carry permit?

    Comment added November 3, 2022 4:00pm
  • AJT

    Another delaying tactic? Having applied for my CCW upon the SCOTUS ruling which the Mayor conveniently found an excuse to delay while appealing his unconstitutional requirements I was informed I’d be notified by email of an appointment to come in , be fingerprinted ( again ). I can go back to a period when my target license was also a carry license. As someone who holds multiple non resident CCWs, & has been licensed by the NYPD for half a century, I’m pretty sure my fingerprints are on file. I can think of only two reasons for this:
    1- you want to put another delay in place.
    2- your looking to place a burden on the citizens wallet charging him for something you already have from anyone who holds a NYPD license.
    It is my feeling that anyone who has gone through the arduous process of attaining any pistol license should automatically be granted the right to have a CCW if he or she applies for it. That person has already met all the requirements. I truly think charging another $346.00 to print a piece of plastic is way out of line with actual cost to something that should be free in the first place. Anyone who reads the papers can see clearly your crime policies are a failure. Politicians are spreading mis information, & *miss speaking* using this issue to do no more than garner votes while failing to correct the policies they put in place. I also feel NYC is part of NYS. I think it’s absolutely ludicrous that there are two sets of rules. I’m truly hoping the Appeals Justices that hear this case just say enough, & throw it out. I also think that the legal department of the NYPD should feel ashamed that our state has administrations working to circumvent the Constitution.

    Comment added November 4, 2022 11:18am
  • John Gulizia

    Rule #11 is particularly invasive. Having people get 2 hours of training at the range every time you have to review the permit is ridiculous. It’s just a way to try to deter people who are busy from renewing and out extra stress and pressure on them. Also, why do we all have to go to Manhattan every time we get a new firearm ? Why can’t we go to a local precinct ? These rules are insane and are just a way to deter people from legally owning a firearm.

    Comment added November 4, 2022 6:09pm
  • John Gulizia

    Does anybody remember when the NYPD was caught taking bribes to give out hand gun licenses ? Now these same people want to check our social media to make sure we have good moral character ! Ha ! They probably just want more bribes.

    Comment added November 4, 2022 6:18pm
  • Quanyue Li

    I strongly support the new common sense rules because there are many lives have been taken by gun violence. I believe the strong background check is necessary to prevent the potential harm.

    Comment added November 6, 2022 12:55pm
  • Reenie

    Law abiding citizens should be most concerned with NYSs flagrant and blatant disregard of the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down NYS restrictions on our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to bear arms, which shall not be infringed. NYC has the chance to correct this unconstitutional and illegal action by the state. Most disturbing is that a citizen’s 2nd amendment right is contingent on their 1st Amendment right. (The part of the law that allows a governmental agency to invade a private citizen’s right to free speech by looking on all past and present social media accounts) This is illegal on so many levels and violates the Bill of Rights and Constitution. This is a governmental clamp down on our exercise of freedoms allowed by God. This should send up alarm bells to all citizens of the United States. Another aspect of this law requires a person to take gun safety classes and a 2 hour live fire session. As it stands now, those seeking a rifle/shotgun and or Pistol license is required to jump through hoops of fire to obtain said licenses by providing letters attesting to good character and be subjected to interviews at PD headquarters. This process is also repeated when the renewal is due. Last but not least, the requirement to attend a gun safety class and 2 hour live-fire session is cost prohibitive. In case no one has noticed, ammunition is very expensive, if you can get it. These additional requirements will add even more time to an already lengthy process. Another infringement. If the State of NY wished to prevent an exercise of our 2A rights, they did a bang up job. Pun intended. This disregard of citizen’s rights is illegal and more importantly unconstitutional.

    Comment added November 6, 2022 11:33pm
  • Joseph William Schenone

    I read through about 75% of the comments and saw only 1 person in support of the status quo. That should tell you something about the way New Yorkers feel about having their rights trampled on. Most of the comments are very precise so I won’t reiterate them but I will add:

    1. We need to remember the second amendment protects the right to bear ARMS, not just guns. I find it very ironic that if you are lucky enough to actually get a concealed carry permit for a pistol in NYC, it would still be illegal for you to carry around a 5 inch long blade. NYC has made carrying any weapon for self defense a crime, and they brag about doing it. Meanwhile, a person who actually wants to hurt you is willing to take the risk of going to jail for assault or worse. What makes anyone think they would care about getting a violation for not having proper documentation?

    2. Licensing is supposed to be a BASIC level of scrutiny to weed out people we as a society deem to be unfit to carry a firearm. While I believe this on it’s face is unconstitutional, it is being abused by government to weed out almost everyone.

    3. It is very ironic that the very “progressive” city which touts “equity” and “inclusion” has a licensing scheme that favors the rich and famous. If you are an average person simply wanting to exercise your rights, you will be denied for one reason or another, meanwhile, the licensing documents have explicit carve-outs that make it easier for “high profile” people to get their license. And if you have enough money, you can just pay for armed security, or have tax payers pay for it if you’re a politician. But when your armed guard is off duty, it’s illegal for him to carry because he can’t get a license. It’s only acceptable to carry if you’re protecting a rich person.

    4. Some basic questions that need to be answered by the city:

    -How do gun free zones work to prevent gun violence exactly?
    -What is the goal of preventing law abiding citizens from carrying weapons?
    -How do you justify requiring over a year waiting period to access your second amendment right where it’s illegal to carry during that period? That in itself is infringement.
    -How many rounds are in the magazines of the mayor’s security detail? What type of deer are they hunting? I was told the second amendment was for hunting deer with muskets. Why does the government get to protect itself with whatever they want while the citizens have to jump through hoops just to get denied? Surely the very progressive city of New York doesn’t value some lives more than others, right?

    Comment added November 7, 2022 11:53am
  • Roger Slattery

    All retired Peace Officers who maintain a full carry permit should be exempt from exclusion zone mandates.. They have been the recipient of numerous hours of training and qualification during their service to NYC. Also those that hold a NYS armed guard license are required to attend annual training and live fire qualification. It is ridiculous to limit said individuals access to all areas of NYC and the transit system.

    Comment added November 7, 2022 8:23pm
  • Basit Khan

    As an Army Reserve Service member I feel Betrayed to go through similar vetting process to obtain a limited carry permit. This is clearly an infringement of our right to defend ourselves. 2nd Amendment is our right.

    Comment added November 8, 2022 11:36am
  • YL

    The evaluation of “good moral character” is too subjective and is what the Supreme Court expressly ruled against in Bruen. The reference letters requirement equates to seeking permission from others for self-defense. No other right or amendment guaranteed by the constitution require other’s permission. Additionally, providing social media accounts is a violation of privacy and first amendment right to free speech

    Instead of following the constitution and The Supreme Court’s decision in NYSRPA v Bruen, NY and the NYPD is willfully ignoring the court and doubling down on violating law abiding citizen’s rights. Only two days ago U.S. District Judge Glenn T. Suddaby issued an injunction on the CCIA for being unconstitutional. NYC and the NYPD should stop wasting our tax dollars in political non-sense and litigating an unconstitutional law and lost cause

    No politician nor law agency has proven law abiding gun owners are the problem to gun violence. This is nothing more than an attempt to further infringe on our constitutional rights and criminalize law abiding gun owners and to rob us of our right to self defense

    Comment added November 9, 2022 10:45am
  • AP

    Hello, My name is Anthony, and I am a Ph.D. candidate whose dissertation is on firearms. I am a gun owner in the great city of NY. The amendments that are proposed in these rules are unconstitutional. Guns in America are as old as the country itself (Kennett & Anderson, 1976). A standard narrative places firearms in the context of early American history, specifically the American Revolutionary War, during which peasant farmers armed with long guns successfully repelled British imperial forces, securing American independence (Johnson, 2017). This narrative would likely discuss the origins of the American government, specifically the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which was ratified in 1789 and guarantees the right of state militias to bear arms. Almost 225 years after its ratification, the Second Amendment has acquired significant symbolic significance, and its mention is commonplace in the politics of the early 21st century (Johnson, 2017). By referencing this context, one could argue that firearms represent the early American struggle for independence. When the British tried to take the colonists’ firearms, America fought back, and the second amendment was born (Halbrook, 2000). “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Bill of Rights 1791) These words have echoed throughout the long history of the United States. According to a McLaughlin and Associate poll, 72% of Americans support the 2nd amendment, which stands for freedom from a tyrannical government. The words in bold it is the only amendment to have shall not be infringed.
    Addendums to the rules with four references, reviewing our social media, and having training certification infringe on our rights. Not only does it put on a Financial burden since New York City is the most expensive in the United States to own and carry a firearm. $340 for a premise permit, $340 for a carry permit, $170 for a rifle shotgun permit, and $350-700 for the training class, not to mention $90 dollars for fingerprints. Which averages out to 1200 dollars or more every three years. This burdens the low-income family to choose to protect themselves or to eat, house, and clothes, which makes the amendment a luxury and not a given right to all Americans. An amendment guaranteed by our foundering leader should not have such a steep cause. As Americans, we should not have to trade our first amendment right of freedom of speech to have our second amendment. The constitution does not state it should be one or the other; the constitution guarantees both. There is no mention of what the NYPD is looking for on social media in their guidelines that would unqualify a person for a gun permit. It would need to be spelled out in detail what that would be.
    I hope the city and NYPD look into our comments and do the right thing. The Luther minister Martin Niemoller said: “First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and no one was left to speak out for me.”
    Nothing is more important than standing up against something we all know isn’t right. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. I am doing my part, and I thank you for your time.

    Comment added November 10, 2022 10:52am

    “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” WHO COMES TO MY family during the crime aginst us till the Police come? What if its to long, they cant find the location, the criminal kills the responding officers?? Who helps us Nobody except ourselfs, LEGAL, regestered, fingerprinted, phottographed, and licensed with a yearly fee. Our lives are given by GOD !! I do not want myself our my family dying at the hands of the DEVIL. The focus SHOULD BE is on preditors who do not submit to the rules of a communitys rules and regulastion. PUNISH the criminal, not those who want to stand up as responsible gun owners.

    Comment added November 10, 2022 5:03pm
  • John Romanowich

    So, it has come true: “When guns are out-lawed, only the outlaws will have guns”, and the police. Same thing, police and outlaws, since the Supreme Court has ruled, the police are now in violation of LAW.

    Comment added November 11, 2022 10:02am
  • AJT

    Just wondering if NYPD is going to update, & clarify. The Justice has ruled saying much of the Mayors proposed rules are unconstitutional. So far from what I’ve read, wouldn’t it be a time, & money saver to simply serve the public, & adhere to the SCOTUS decision. Hers an 💡 idea. Instead of worrying about lawful citizens, how about the same effort is put forth to enforce the laws which aren’t being enforced, & put actual criminals behind bars.

    Comment added November 11, 2022 10:55am
  • Edward Rosado

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
    Thank you to the NYPD and management for facilitating this hearing. I thank Police everywhere for their sacrifice. I fully back the BLUE
    I know and understand that NYPD is bound by politics also input from management has sway on policy. I read many of the comments on here and I agree with an individual’s right to exercise their 2nd amendment right but I understand managements hesitancy on this issue but the fact is we have to reach a consensus. The US Supreme Court is has a conservative majority I know your lawyers are aware of that and they are young so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Now that we know agree of the facts on the ground, where is the middle ground? I believe in handgun safety and that above all should be a something the NYPD should ask anyone getting a permit for a handgun. The point is ASK, you get more with honey than you will with mandates. Because well you know how costly mandates have been to the US in dividing us. NYPD prides itself on establishing community relations with the public, then I definitely think the NYPD should establish relationships with gun owners. Once again thank you for facilitating this discussion, I look forward to appearing on this meeting and I’m aware many will have something to say, I think I’ve pretty much said my peace on this comment section. Once again to the Law enforcement community for their sacrifice. God bless and hope to see you at the hearing.

    Comment added November 11, 2022 12:20pm
  • Neng Ruan

    I agree on a full background check and proper training before approval for a conceal license. The rest of it are nonsense.

    Comment added November 11, 2022 8:27pm
  • NL

    NY is now back to the 90s with all the bad people with guns and, we need some good citizens with guns on the streets to protect while NYPD can’t respond the call’s quick.

    People without gun permits with guns are killing others, all these nonsense needs to eliminate as minimum as possible.

    We need good citizens with basic gun knowledge AKA Veterans of the Arm Forces.

    Comment added November 14, 2022 8:52pm
  • vladimir c.

    I don’t see why there is a limit on the number of firearms one can own with a carry license. If I can have more than two with a premise license, why am I restricted with a carry license? They will still all be kept in my premise. A limit to how many one can carry, maybe, but not how many one can own. It doesn’t make sense.

    There should also be an easy way to change the premise license to a carry license without having to pay the additional $340 for the new license.

    Comment added November 15, 2022 4:51pm
  • Rey

    I don’t understand why additional restrictions are being placed on lawfully carried guns.

    Where is the effort being made to take away guns that are unlawfully possessed? Where is the effort to stop gun violence by criminals?

    Comment added November 16, 2022 9:19am
  • Shawn Eng

    We, the productive tax-paying citizens and voters of New York City, can no longer abide by this century-long infringement of our right to self-defense. Our political project has reached the highest court and yet our elected leaders still engage in petty acts of lawfare to delay the inevitable. The proposed rules on character references, social media history, interviews, etc. will just be struck down again.

    Comment added November 16, 2022 9:56am
  • Tonya L

    I strongly oppose the strong-arm tactics identified in this proposal. I don’t like it but support background checks and minimal training. Criminals are not required to do any of these things and yet they carry guns and I do not.
    Why is NYC not abiding by the Supreme Court ruling? If NYC does not abide then nobody should. Law-abiding citizens are now placed in a position to become criminals simply by invoking their 2nd amendment rights. This new proposal does nothing to prevent the wild wild west that is already occurring on NYC streets. CCW will not make it worse, but provide the ability for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from very bad people. Bad people that NYC cannot control, manage or remove. I refuse to be a victim. Why should I worry about carrying and getting caught if the status quo is that I will be let go anyways? In NYC crime does pay. Those who abide by the laws are doomed to die by those same laws put in place by people who work for us. At the end of the day, this hearing is just for show, and no matter the many voices that scream out into the abyss, no changes will be made. Unfortunately, NYC is now managed by those who claim to protect us through tyranny. Again, I refuse to be a victim.

    Comment added November 17, 2022 10:54am
  • Cleveland Dennison


    Gun ownership is serious business. The extensive background check for criminal history is understandable.
    Gun owners should show stability, and mental soundness. Too have the ability to back away form “Non-life threatening situations”. Even the city has jobs that require their employees to have physical evaluations periodically.
    Yes, the 2nd amendment was put in place as a means of self preservation, but in today’s time we need to be sure law abiding-citizens are of sound mind and body and with that thought, issued the license of choice according to the constitution. .

    Comment added November 17, 2022 1:17pm
  • Law Abiding Citizen

    The ONLY law is GOd’s Law:
    “Every human has imutable right to defend and protect their own life & life of people they love with any and all available means, tools or weapons – anywhere & any time!!!!!”

    Our countrys founding fathers believed it so much they made it 2 Amendmend of our Constitution!

    No other law in the land can override it or infringe on it in any way, shape or form – so says our Supreme Court.
    Any attempt by local or state authorities to override God’s Supreme Law is – Un-Godly, Racist, Immoral, Illigal, Un-Constitutional, Criminal & Un-American!

    Jesus said (paraphrasing for modern times):
    “God saves those who save themself”!!!!!!
    “Give a man policeman – and he is safe for a day 🙁
    BUT Give man gun and teach him to use it – and he will never fear any criminal or need police protection ever again” !!!!! 🙂

    We DO NOT need more police to feel safe in the streets.
    No one who has ever lived in Police run dictatorships ie Nazi run Germany, KGB run Soviet Union, Staci run Eaast Germany, North Korea, Iran, Venezuella etc ever felt safe.
    The only people who are safe in police dictatorships are police themselve :((

    All we need to feel safe in street is ability to defend ourselves with any tool we can get our hands on!
    That is how this great country was build based on self reliance and independence!

    Arm society is = Polite society!
    Disarmed society is = Slavery and Anarchy run by criminals, crazy, mentally ill and corrupt politions :((

    All these “gun control” laws are not designed or meant to protect law abiding citizens you can see it resuls and effects in high crime cities NYC, LA, Detroit etc 🙁

    These laws are there to control, restrict, oppress, abuse, discriminate, dominate and enslave free thinking law abiding citizens by corrupt, evil “democrat – ie leftie socialist/communist/anarchist” polititions using police as their “Enforcers” 🙁

    Think about fact that police is not called Citizen Protection officers instead they are “Law Enforcement” officers.
    They don’t care abou people lives only about enforcing laws, if tommorrow some democrat passes law that slavery is ligal again 🙁 than same police will enforce it because it’s the law on the books 🙁

    New proposed gun restriction laws are only beneficial to criminals and corrupt evil politions!

    Need 4 references? discrimination agains single elderly people!
    Social media post history? discrimination agains oposing political opinions – abused br Red Flag laws!
    New additional background checks with extra fees? discrimination agains low income people – background checks should be done for free!
    Additional training for cocealed carry fees? discrimination agains low income people – as public service should be provided for free by local police station to all legal and licensed gun owners!

    In conclusion if you are free thinking individual Vote NO to all gun restriction laws!!!!!!

    Law Abiding Citizen

    Comment added November 17, 2022 3:48pm
  • Will Horat

    Thank you for this forum.

    My questions related to the Carry License. While it’s easy to be skeptical of the NYPD and it’s intentions, I’m hoping that this is all about making the rules transparent for all since in the past, a person could be denied for ANY reason.


    1) For NYC permitting, can the training certification requirements be completed in any part of NY State? Is there or will there be a list of places where NYPD will not accept as far as training certification?

    2) In Section 5-01 (b), it states “In the event that an applicant is not found by the License Division to be qualified for a Carry License, The License Division, based on it’s investigation of an applicant, may offer Premise License to the applicant”. Assuming an applicant has no arrests or criminal history other than parking tickets, can you give an example of a situation that would call for this?

    3) In Section 5-02 (1) References, is the following statement on paper ok for all 4 references?

    =================Top of Page=================
    Reference name and address

    “I have known “applicant for X years and I can attest to their good moral character and that they have not engaged in any act or made any statement that suggests the applicant is likely to engage in conduct that would result in harm to themself or others.”

    Reference signature
    ===============Bottom of Page===============

    Also, in Section 2(n), you mention the applicant having “a lack of candor towards lawful authorities”. Can the applicant be assured that the interviewer does not have a lack of candor towards law abiding citizens (applying for a carry permit) for any one of a number socioeconomic factors?

    4) Is Fox New or NY Daily News comments section considered to be social media? ‘

    Once again, thank you for the opportunity to ask some questions.

    TO ALL I feel the licensing process and limits in NYC are meant to be discouraging even after the Bruen decision. With this in mind, if you have it, I encourage you all to give some to NYSRPA and / or GOA. They are fighting for us all… regardless of who we are. Because of SCOTUS, now is the time for the court action.

    Comment added November 17, 2022 11:20pm
  • Joseph

    I am willing to take the responsibility of being a responsible gun holder. I care about the lives of others and want to be able to defend them and myself.

    Comment added November 18, 2022 12:00am
  • Hon. JoLinda Ruth Cogen

    The Honorable JoLinda Ruth Cogen, everyday law-abiding New York City, Harlem citizen, property business owner, Evangelical Christian, married community advocate and leader, NYPD, FBI volunteer, daughter of deceased NYPD police officer, relative of law enforcement officers in other jurisdiction, raised in an environment where firearms were respected and used effectively and efficiently lifelong member of NRA and concerned senior citizen who for almost two years fears for the safety of my property, life and lives of my family and neighbors.
    I submit my comments on the Amendment of Rules. It is my humble opinion that is based not on emotion or unreasonable public opinion which fluctuates but on “the truth”, that is, the history of the USA and how and why it was conceived in writing of the Constitution by first freedom of speech and second the right to bare arms; along with the statistical evidence that I have reviewed. It is a necessity, an irrevocable right from God (Triune Creator, The Father, the Son, Jesus, and Holy Ghost) to bare arms without having to jump through unnecessary subjective hoops and no man or state can infringe upon this right.
    Submitting a handgun License application should be the same if not shorter than a driving license because it is a constitutional right to bear arms given by God that the State must respect vs. driving which is a privilege granted by the State not Federal government that can be easily given and revoked. Moreover, if someone has a shotgun/rifle permit the license process and paperwork should be streamlined obtained within 30 days and a nominal additional fee, not cost prohibited as in $500.00 and over a 50-page application. Closer to two-page application and $100.00 fee. I have respectfully submitted a point-by-point comment document with the anointing of Holy Spirit based on the truth, the facts, my experiences, observations and conversations with a cross section of American citizens and NYC residents. I pray in the Matchless Name of Jesus that God’s will which is written in the Constitution be done.

    Comment attachment
    Comment added November 18, 2022 12:45am
  • Michael Steele


    Comment added November 18, 2022 10:10am
  • HK

    I have been a New York City pistol license holder for over 25 years.
    Follow the Constitution…….

    Comment added November 18, 2022 11:13am
  • Aaron

    Over the last two years, countless New York City residence have been beaten, shot and thrown onto subway tracks and left to die.

    In the past two weeks a man hijack an MTA bus that had passengers onboard with a replica gun and a 78 year old man was beaten on a NYC subway.


    As per NYPD statistics, NYC Crime rates from October 2022 v. October 2021:

    Murder: Down 14.8 %
    Rape: Up 11%
    Robbery: Up 34.3%
    Felony Assault: Up 14.5%
    Burglary: Up 30.6%
    Grand Larceny: Up 40.6%
    Grand Larceny Auto: Up 35.7%
    Total: Up 31%

    At the end of the day, the people of New York City do not have the ability to defend themselves against these evil doers due to the New York City’s prohibitive Pistol permitting system.

    The NYPD and the New York City government are not legally (Federally, speaking) obligated to protect individual people—only public safety and you know this. It is not physically possible to protect everyone, unless New York City becomes an even a larger Police State / Police City.

    New York City has:

    ~ 36,000 officers (not factoring those who recently retired and those who quit)
    15,000 surveillance cameras

    I do not feel safe. We do not feel safe.

    No amount of police offers or cameras will make us feel safer.

    If we cannot protect ourselves both inside and outside of our homes, there is no sense to living in New York City, but like many people living here, I cannot just move tomorrow.

    Officers write reports and pack bodies in body bags after incidents. All cameras do is catch people in the act and do not prevent crimes.

    Cameras provide a false sense of security that both the NYPD, City and State legislatures continue to tout, yet no justice is served because criminals wear masks to cover their faces; and when they are caught, they get a slap on the wrist and go back to committing the same violent crimes.

    I am tired of being defenseless in a Police State that I do not feel safe in. It is almost as if all of this is calculated, organized chaos.

    Now you—the NYPD is presenting “Rules” aka more bureaucracy, which is nothing more than fraudulent grammar with little to no legal implications.

    “The City Charter states we can implement rules”… Rules are not laws, and NYPD is not a legislative body. We have separation of powers across all levels of government and this is no exception.

    It seems that the NYPD’s Brass has not learned what happened at the Federal level in our country with regard to rule making. Hint: see the ATF and EPA rulings—they do not have the ability to legislate.

    Not surprising, the NYPD still has the need for proper cause and a letter of necessity written in the current rules, even after this was struck down in the recent Supreme Court NYSRPA vs Bruen ruling.
    If we cannot trust the NYPD and other bureaucrats—whom work to serve the people of New York City—to correct words on a website and a document, how can we trust you to issue you permits?

    We cannot and we do not.

    Ironically, NYPD officers have been involved in more crimes (murder, corruption, etc) when compared to New York City civilians. Data shows that cops are more prone to being commit more crimes than law-abiding gun owners yet we are required to do equal paper equivalent to a City job application to exercise our rights?

    NYPD and its members have been found guilty of showing favoritism and denying people of their constitutional rights multiple times over the past ten years—and we are suppose to trust you?

    Clown world.

    As you can tell by the other comments, we do not trust you—the NYPD, the New York City and New York State legislature—as all you seem to do is violate our civil rights with burdensome fees, burdensome application process, and a drawn out burdensome wait time to defend ourselves. The aforementioned issues have been document in previous court cases prior to the Bruen decision, and they are being challenged in the courts now.

    That said, I understand why these new “Rules” are being proposed.

    It is a last ditch effort to exercise your tyrannical overreach and oppress those who are disenfranchised with more fees, so it turns our natural rights into a privilege.

    In fact, New York City and New York State have defended their racist gun control and prohibitive fees in court to ensure people to do apply for this permit in previous cases, so these new “Rules” are not surprising. See Kwong v. Bloomberg for those reading this comment on the website now.

    But it is all coming to an end.

    The NYPD, New York City and New York State bureaucrats/legislators have two options:

    1) Just stop. Stop this racist, classist gun control nonsense. It is illegal, unconstitutional and you know it will not stand in court. You are just trying to buy more time.

    Stop violating our civil rights.

    These “Rules” replicate the new CCIA laws, most of which have been thrown out and the rest will be thrown out in the near future.

    You can stop this and save your pension. See, the more we go to court, the more money is wasted, thereby printed which adds to inflation. More inflation means your pension will be rendered useless in the coming years.

    2) You can push these “Rules” through and we will fight them in court.

    Eventually we will win.

    The bad thing about this option is that it wastes money on both sides, eventually leading New York City/ New York State to beg the Federal government to print more money, which just destroys your pension and your current salary.

    New York City has been broke for a while now—the Mayor’s former aid admitted this on the record (and was later fired for other reasons).

    Closing thoughts:

    Can you go to sleep each night knowing one more person has been killed or hurt because the NYPD and New York City made it difficult for—we the people—to defend ourselves. That you—the NYPD—made these people victims because you have a point to prove?

    We the people will win, the question is—what side of history do you want to be on?

    Comment attachment
    Comment added November 18, 2022 4:21pm
  • P.

    Required character references and disclosure of social media accounts titter towards the grounds of unconstitutionality. If there are no public records that show conviction of a crime or other unlawful behavior, then it is invasion of my civil liberty to be free from “compelled” government intrusion of my rights to privacy and to bear arms. One is not applying to work for the Federal Gov. with classified information—which requires such an invasive background check. I agree with taking a course like a drivers license road test; license to carry is no different than a license to drive, but character references plus social media accounts is local gov. overreach.

    Comment added November 19, 2022 9:19am