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Petition an Agency

Anyone can petition an agency to:

  • Add a new rule,
  • Amend an existing rule,
  • Repeal an existing rule.

How to Submit a Rule Petition

When you petition an agency for rulemaking, you must follow the steps as described in the rulemaking agency’s petition provisions.

If an agency currently does not have petition provisions, your petition must include:

  1. The rule to be considered, with proposed language for adoption;
  2. Petitioner’s arguments in support of adoption of the rule;
  3. Petitioner’s proposal for the time period the rule should be in effect, if applicable;
  4. The name, address, telephone number, and email address of the petitioner or his or her authorized representative;
  5. The signature of petitioner or his or her representative.

Send your petition to the agency General Counsel.