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Agency Regulatory Agendas for the Coming Fiscal Year

Under the City Administrative Procedure Act, agencies must publish annual regulatory agendas indicating what rules they plan to issue in the upcoming fiscal year. Regulatory agendas include:

  • A description of the subject areas in which new rules are anticipated and a justification for why they are under consideration.
  • A summary of each anticipated rule, its objectives, and legal basis.
  • A description of the individuals and organizations that will likely be subject to the rule.

Not every agency publishes rules each year, and therefore not every agency has a regulatory agenda. In addition, sometimes agencies need to publish rules even though they did not anticipate doing so in their agenda. In those instances, the agency will explain the reason the rule was not anticipated as part of the proposed rule.

Rules adopted by agencies in the prior Fiscal Year are included in the “Additional Tables” of the Mayor’s Management Report.