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Weigh-in-Motion Pilot Program

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Rule status: Adopted

Agency: DOF

Effective date: August 27, 2022

Adopted Rule Full Text

Adopted rule summary:

The adopted rule establishes a demonstration program on that portion of the BQE from the vicinity of Atlantic Avenue to the vicinity of Sands Street in Brooklyn to enforce vehicle weight restrictions imposed by VTL section 385 on that roadway by means of mobile or stationary weigh-in-motion systems. The Department of Transportation will implement the demonstration program in accordance with VTL section 385-a and, as such, DOT will maintain the weigh-inmotion systems, send notices of liability to motorists, and transmit information relating to these violations to the Department of Finance. The amendments establish the fine and penalty for such violations, state requirements for the notice of liability, and specify that the Parking Violations Bureau will adjudicate allegations of liability in a new section 39-22.

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