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Procedures Governing Supervisory Licenses and Amendment of Waiting List Rules for Mobile Food Vending Permits

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Rule status: Adopted

Agency: DOHMH

Effective date: November 11, 2022

Proposed Rule Full Text

Adopted Rule Full Text

Adopted rule summary:

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene adopts procedures to govern supervisory licenses and associated mobile food vending permits and amendments to the waiting list rules for mobile food vending permits.

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Online comments: 19

  • Jahangir A Bhuiya

    My name is Jahangir A Bhuiya and I have been a NYC Licensed Food Vendor since January 2010. Vending is my only profession to survive and maintain my four family members. I don’t have any other choice besides vending. During this pandemic crisis situation, I need to continue my business to support my family. I am seriously in need of a food vending permit.
    Could you please be so kind as to consider my problem and necessity to provide me with a food vending permit. Thank you.

    Comment added June 10, 2022 11:05pm

    Hello. My name is MD M RASHID and I have a nyc Licensed food vendor 2009.vending is my only profession to survive and my family member four . I don’t have any other choice besides vending.during this pandemic crisis.I need to continue my business to support my family. I’m seriously in need of a food vending permit please.

    Comment added June 11, 2022 11:10pm
  • anonymous

    What is the probability of more borough-specific permits? Or separate waiting lists for operating areas(boroughs). Allows vendors in underserved communities to continue serving while more easily abiding to regulations. Boroughs with more operating units can issue fewer permits while companies intending to provide new options in areas with low concentrations can do so more freely.

    Comment added June 18, 2022 6:13pm
  • Miguel Disla

    My name is Miguel Disla and I’m in waiting list for my permit business and I’m into all requirement by the law but I would like to hear from you to receive my permit to open my small business .Thank you ,it is my Gmail address do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

    Comment added June 20, 2022 2:13pm
  • Ashime K. Shome

    In my opinion, implementing the Local Law of 2021 is a smart idea. Only a few thousands of people work on their own because they don’t have a permit. This permit will help people get involved and give them chances to work on their own business. If I had my own permit I would work on my own buisness.

    Thank you for letting me comment.

    Comment added June 21, 2022 5:49pm
  • andrew

    I dont know what changes you are going to make , but I have been on the waiting list for over 15 years . I am now 66 years old , I am sure you really need to look closely on what changes need to be made

    Comment added June 21, 2022 6:45pm
  • Gianna Mohamed

    If I am reading correctly it seems like things will become more difficult with the creation of supervisory licensing. I have had a mobile food vending license for 10 years and have been on a permit waitlist just the same. I also have a temporary food establishment permit but that apparently isn’t good enough for street vending. With the documentation I have I still get kicked out of every place I try vending and told to leave. I am a lady with a family to provide for and vending is my only option. What I need is a permit, not more hoops to jump through.

    Comment added June 22, 2022 3:49pm
  • Epifanio Martinez

    Hello my name is Epifanio, this is a great moment for us vendors to claim our issues. I think we should have our personal permit because the money is coming out of our packets to have the permit. it is not fair that people get kicked out of a place also the establishment permit is not a enough why make us spend more money out of our pockets for license id we pay a high amount for those temporary permit I imagine how things are gonna be. during the pandemic some of us weren’t working and now things are very slow as a vendor I am obligated to raise prices. everything is expensive,we just need our personal permit like I said Thank you!

    Comment added June 23, 2022 9:40pm
  • Mhudien Dorrani

    Hello my name is Mhudien. I have been operating as a vendor for a couple decades now, and have been on the waitlist for a permit for years. I believe independence is good for vendors to work sufficiently and effectively. I would very much appreciate the consideration and distribution of a permit, so I am able to continue working to support my family. This rule should be implemented as soon as possible to help the many vendors with permits. Independency is needed and should be achieved! The cost of temporary permits and licenses are very financially tolling, so I am in agreement of this new policy. Please implement it soon!!

    Comment added June 24, 2022 6:24pm
  • Mouchrik

    Greeting :
    Hypocrisy is something that has been driver in the politics in this sector at least in last 14 years since I was licensed .
    You apply for permit while 55 years old and you may get it ten years later when become 65 years. barely can work or even walk .
    Since when peoples has to wait for 10/years to get average job that required minimum skills and knowledge and even basic communication .
    Even become doctors is required only 8 years.
    You did promise over ten years ago 2500 vendors for permits and majority have never heard back and still.holding their lottery tickets as the ink start vanishing due to aging.
    And now promising another 4500 in next ten years,

    Solution is simple :

    Strictly required worker compensation for anyone hiring someone else to work in their behalf and using their permit or are renting it.

    Open permits to everyone , or nyc lease permits to anyone through simple application or null all permits and just ban anyone from.selling food mobile units .

    Lottery to create job is morraly wrong .and doesn’t create equal opportunity to everyone looking to make living as food vendor.

    Comment added June 26, 2022 11:15pm
  • Michele Sa

    I am waiting to get a vending permit to pay my bills and support the community. This is my only way to live somewhat above Proverty.

    Comment added June 27, 2022 8:38pm
  • Mohammed Shahjahan

    First I am feeling good to get a chance to express my opinion.I am a mobile food vendor of NYC a long period & waiting for a full time period permit long time.I did not know how I was not in the waiting list before.When I saw some of my friends in the waiting list and some gotten full time permit .So many still waiting for.
    Secondly you guys started again seasonal permit waiting list.In my side it is not a better step.As there are so many waiting for full time permit No need seasonal permit No one like it.Because the process and other related materials buy a cart ,maintain a garage payment are same as both.
    Thirdly the seasonal permit is for 5/6 month periods after then the person going to unemployment which is terrible.To keep the cart rest of the period in garage ,he/she need to spend money for garage rent with out work.Also there is no permanent spot for seasonal permit where he/she put cart kicked out .It is too burdened for her/him . I think it should be full time permit instead of seasonal.
    Fourthly now started supervisory permit I have no idea differences between two & I don’t know who will be the lucky person for that.Any how it is good step though if it creates equal opportunity.
    Fifthly Full time permit should be one for one person only Not 2/3 for same person

    Comment added June 29, 2022 9:25am
  • Desma Ross

    My comment is attached

    Comment attachment
    Comment added June 30, 2022 9:26am
  • Mojumder

    Hi DOHMH Agency,

    This is a great platform to allow us to provide comments on the current hearing and implementation of the process. I am a holder of mobile food vending license since 2012. Please increase the number of permits for qualified license holders as it is creating the new permits would bring down the lease price for a citywide permit to ensure the survival of the current market. I am in favor of eliminating the caps on permits, Doing so would dissolve the value of a permit and the current stranglehold on the industry by the NYC food vending market.

    Comment added June 30, 2022 10:19am
  • Florence F Smith

    I am in favor of a general rule for permit that benefits permit holders who prefer to work in a different borough than the permit borough lives in.

    Comment added June 30, 2022 11:02am
  • Florence F Smith

    I am in favor of a general rule for Department of Health permit that benefits permit holders who prefer to work in a different borough than the permit borough lives in.

    Comment added June 30, 2022 11:24am
  • Amina A.

    pease be with you. my name is Amina l hold vendor license for 2009 I was working with other vendors I would like to have my own permit to work for myself and family.thanks for listenig

    Comment added June 30, 2022 11:53am
  • Abdelwahed Elhaouss

    I have been a NYC Licensed Food Vendor since December 2015. This job is my family’s only source of income and needed to put my kids through college. Receiving this food vending permit would be a huge help and can help my family with our financial struggles especially after the pandemic where many of us weren’t able to work and struggled with paying our bills. The food vending permit would tremendously help my family since I would be able to keep my business profit and would be just enough to catch up on all of my monthly bills. Thank you for listening to us as a community.

    Comment added June 30, 2022 12:20pm
  • Ana F Morales

    Hi My name is Ana Morales (40888784) I have been renewing my Full Term License for more than 12 yrs. Im still waiting to be one of the lucky ones. I just found out that I am not on any list after all these years. The dept never notify me that they took me out of the list of the year I submitted my application or the reasons . I feel like a fool paying the renewal every year thinking that eventually I was going to be given the permit for my processing cart. I am 72 yrs old please put me back on any list. Instead of opening new permits with other names why you honors us the old timers that had been waiting on lists .so long with a full year permit. I also have another idea, for the people that have the 6 month permit longer than 5 or 7 years change their permits to the 2 years permanent permits and reissue the vacant seasonal permits to the new comers. As we get older we dont want to stop working every 6 months and start again every year. thats really cruel because during the off months vendors can take spot we worked so hard to establish, And last but not least, Why do you give 2 or more permits to a corporation or the same person? It should be 1 person 1 permit 1 cart. Im tired of seeing carts with names like Blah, Blah #2, or3 .Their stickers look legit. You should put the owners photo on the stickers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas.

    Comment added June 30, 2022 2:30pm