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Repeal of Rules Related to Sidewalk Cafes (No Public Hearing – See Notice for Commenting Options)

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Rule status: Proposed

Agency: DCWP

Comment by date: March 15, 2024

Rule Full Text

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection is proposing to repeal rules related to sidewalk cafes in order to implement Local Law 121 of 2023, which repealed subchapter 6 of chapter 2 of title 20 of the NYC Administrative Code relating to sidewalk cafes.

There is no public hearing for this proposed rule as it would serve no public purpose. Please ignore the accommodations text below as that is automatically generated at this time for every proposed rule posting. See the proposed rule notice for more details.

Attendees who need reasonable accommodation for a disability such as a sign language translation should contact the agency by calling or emailing by July 25, 2024

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