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Process for Participation in the Citywide Participatory Budget Program

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Rule status: Proposed

Agency: CEC

Comment by date: June 5, 2023

Rule Full Text

The Civic Engagement Commission is proposing rules setting forth the governing framework for participation in the citywide participatory budget program.

Attendees who need reasonable accommodation for a disablity such as a sign language translation should contact the agency by calling 1 (646) 769-6020 or emailing by May 30, 2023

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  • Mail: NYC Civic Engagement Commission, 22 Reade Street Room/Floor: 4th Floor ; New York, New York 10007

Public Hearings


June 6, 2023
11:00am - 12:00pm EDT


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Phone. For access, dial +1-408-418-9388.
When prompted, use the Meeting ID 2633 273 5675 and the password mBdWuUka588.

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  • JML

    In section 2-05, the parameters of the borough committee should be fleshed out more. While section 3202 sets forth the kinds of people who should be considered for the committee, it would be more fair and transparent to establish in the rule how those members will be chosen, how many there will be (for example, at least five members), how long a member’s term on the committee will be, etc., similar to the language in section 3201 for the Commission membership.

    In addition, that section says the Commission will conduct outreach to the public, but doesn’t say how it will conduct outreach. The ways in which the Commission will conduct outreach should be set forth in the rule.

    Section 2-08 says the Commission retains the final authority to select the local projects. There should be a legal standard in the rule for determining the local projects so that decisions are not arbitrary and capricious and subject to political whims given that members of the Commission are appointed by politicians, thereby undercutting the whole point of participatory budgeting. For example, the rule could say that the Commission must select the local project or projects that it has determined are in the best interest of the people of the borough after considering the number of votes and the factors in 2-06.

    Comment added June 2, 2023 10:52pm