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Implementation of Charter Changes and Other Amendments

Rule status: Proposed

Agency: CCRB

Comment by date: July 11, 2022

Rule Full Text

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is revising multiple sections of its agency rules in order to implement new policies and procedures related to changes to Chapter 18-A §440 and §441 of the New York City Charter and recent court decisions, simplify the language related to dispositions, and make the investigative process more transparent.

Attendees who need reasonable accommodation for a disablity such as a sign language translation should contact the agency by calling 1 (212) 912-2092 or emailing by July 6, 2022

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Public Hearings


July 13, 2022
4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT


Connect Virtually
When joining the meeting, choose either “Use computer for audio,” or “Call in,” for the audio portion of the public hearing. If you choose the “Call in” option, the information needed to connect (phone number, Access Code and Attendee ID) will automatically be presented to you immediately after you join the Webex meeting.

To join the meeting only by phone, use the following information to connect:
Phone: +1-408-418-9388
Access code: 2330 805 5072
Password (if requested): n/a

Disability Accommodation

Online comments: 2

  • Will

    I am concerned that CCRB reports are not being shared by Assistant District Attorneys in the discovery process in criminal court. Although the specific work of CCRB is extremely important, real police accountability will not occur if criminal courts continue to thwart defendants’ efforts to reveal misconduct. Why does this break down occur? Is CCRB not sharing the material with the DA? Is the DA misrepresenting CCRB’s willingness to share reports?

    Comment added June 22, 2022 10:51am
  • avner haleah

    Put me and my baby girl 4 in dangerous situation

    I had airbnb guest to studios in Astoria queens
    Name Theodore June 15-22 security cameras show him enter the apartment few moment he turn off the camera,
    I had text chat with him and I go the next day to check on him with my 4 year old baby girl I was in shock was no main door no sink no toilet
    No security cameras ring and cement all over
    I immediately call 911 to report it and not sure who did it the landlord Fabio d’elia
    47-17 30 ave astoria ny 11103
    or the airbnb guest
    911 operations say on way for 6 hours I made 7 phone call they never show up for me even I told them I’m in dangerous situation with the landlord or the super that they Mayby will come to attack me , around 4 pm the super come with the broom stick I ask him why you did it he say let’s call landlord i grub the phone from him to talk landlord what he did than the phone fall on the floor , 5 minutes later 4 police car show up 8 cops and they arrest me the parent instead the landlord and the real criminal here they had no arrests warren
    For trow super phone grand larceny felony
    This was set up abuse of power using cops to illegal eviction tents I have video and pic all what happened contact me for it you more than welcome go see the damage place
    It’s not the first time he harassment intentionally cutting utilities damage door locks
    Follow chase me in the street deli etc
    Please help I’m the victim here …
    I live there for 20 years pay rent on time
    He’s not going to see a dime ever now
    Thank you Avi and Eli 646-240-9945

    Thank you

    Comment added June 23, 2022 4:08am

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