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Fair Workweek Law

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Rule status: Adopted

Agency: DCWP

Effective date: June 23, 2022

Proposed Rule Full Text

Adopted Rule Full Text

Adopted rule summary:

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection has adopted amendments to implement Local Laws 1 and 2 of 2021 and Local Law 77 of 2021 related to the Fair Workweek Law for fast food workers.

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  • Heather Harris

    Am I understanding correctly that retail employers will no longer be required to post a physical copy of the schedule? Petco only gives us our individual schedules electronically. We never know who else is scheduled for any given week.

    Comment added January 5, 2022 2:48pm
  • Heather Harris

    Can you please stop calling it the fair Workweek law for fast food workers? It is not just for fast food workers.

    Comment added January 5, 2022 2:50pm
  • Mariana Liou

    When FAQs are written to accompany the final rule, for each FAQ please include and cite the section(s) from the NYC Administrative Code and/or Rules of the City of NY as per their subchapters, chapters, and/or titles. This traceability is critical to ensure the integrity of the FAQs.

    Comment added January 30, 2022 3:52pm
  • vasil shalamberidze

    I think, it isn”t only for fast food workers, i mean Fair Workweek Low

    Comment added February 1, 2022 11:53am
  • Angelo Amador

    See attachment for comments from the New York State Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association.

    Comment attachment
    Comment added February 3, 2022 2:39pm