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DSNY Proposed Rule Relating to Commercial Waste Zone Records and Reporting Requirements

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Rule status: Proposed

Agency: DSNY

Comment by date: June 10, 2024

Rule Full Text

In 2019, New York City enacted Local Law 199 requiring the establishment of a new program for the collection of commercial waste. The program, known as the commercial waste zones program, is a collection system designed to provide high-quality, low-cost service to New York City businesses while advancing the City’s zero waste and sustainability goals by limiting the number of private carters that can operate in each zone. Its implementation is currently underway. Under Local Law 199, codified in Title 16-B of the New York City Administrative Code, the Sanitation Commissioner has divided the geographic area of New York City into 20 “commercial waste zones.” Pursuant to a request for proposals, three private carters have been selected by the Department to serve businesses within each commercial waste zone and five carters have been selected to provide containerized commercial waste collection services citywide. The selected carters will be referred to as “Awardees.”

The request for proposals process identified the carters that can provide high quality service at competitive prices. The resulting contracts with the Awardees include standards for pricing, customer service, safety, environmental health, and requirements to promote the City’s commitment to recycling and sustainability.

Local Law 199 contains certain records and reporting requirements, but it also authorizes records and reporting requirements to be set forth in the Department’s contracts with the Awardees. Additionally, it requires Awardees to comply with any rules promulgated by the Department pertaining to the reporting of information about the collection of commercial waste. These requirements will ensure that Awardees provide the information that the Department deems necessary to further the goals of the law.

Examples of new reporting requirements include reports on:
• Waste generation estimates;
• Rates charged to customers;
• Warnings or violations issued;
• Workplace injuries and accidents; and
• Training records.

DSNY’s authority for these rules is found in Section 753 and Section 1043(g) of the New York City Charter and Title 16-B of the New York City Administrative Code.

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