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DSNY Initial Zone Rule for Commercial Waste Zones – Amended Notice

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Rule status: Proposed

Agency: DSNY

Comment by date: March 25, 2024

Rule Full Text

In 2019, New York City enacted Local Law 199 requiring the establishment of a new program for the collection of commercial waste. The program, known as the commercial waste zones program, is a safe, efficient, and competitive collection system designed to provide high quality service to New York City businesses while advancing the City’s waste diversion and sustainability goals. Pursuant to Local Law 199, codified in Title 16-B of the New York City Administrative Code, the geographic area of New York City has been divided into 20 “commercial waste zones.”

Pursuant to a request for proposals process, three private carters were selected by the Department to serve businesses within each commercial waste zone and five carters were selected to provide containerized commercial waste collection services citywide. The selected carters are referred to as “awardees.” The resulting contracts with the awardees include standards for pricing, customer service, safety, environmental health, and requirements to promote the City’s commitment to recycling and sustainability.

Local Law 199 requires the Department to promulgate rules setting forth an implementation start date and a final implementation date for each commercial waste zone established pursuant to section 16-1001. Different implementation start dates and implementation end dates may be established for different commercial waste zones. See Ad. Code § 16-1002(e)(3). This rule sets the implementation start date and final implementation date only for the first commercial waste zone to be implemented - Queens Central. Subsequent rules will set the implementation dates for the zones being implemented later.

DSNY’s authority for these rules is found in Section 753 and Section 1043(g) of the New York City Charter and Title 16-B of the New York City Administrative Code.

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10:00am - 11:00am EST



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Online comments: 6

  • Munassar Yafee

    We been in this business since 2007
    And they tell us to leave that is not fair .
    My company name is Middle East management Corp .
    They could at least have us 1 zone instead of giving 1 company more than 14 zones .

    Comment added February 11, 2024 8:59pm
  • Alex Veman

    Hello everyone,
    how possibly Actions Carting to be in all 14 zones to manage over 300,000 customers. That’s health hazard. They have to pay heavy on tolls daily back and forth from Jersey City. How come they have several violations and fatal accidents the other 38 carters are doing properly?

    Comment added February 12, 2024 12:07pm
  • John Dimarco

    This is a disgrace! I strongly suggest you to have five carters in each zone. You can’t put pressure and health hazards on all the drivers and workers.

    There will be more accidents and health problems. More lawsuits to follow. Adam’s administration is not good. I have been in this waste industry for more than 40 years. Its the best to torn out the proposal.

    The proposal has to be terminated. Leave all carters take care of their services.

    Comment added February 12, 2024 12:54pm
  • Ali Mousa

    It’s very disappointing that after a long wait, we are told “your proposal will not be selected for negotiations..” “thank you for your interest.” That’s it. In the initial RFP proposal request it was stated there was more than 90 carters servicing commercial businesses in NY. After the first RFP was submitted, 48 carters were deemed responsive and were allowed to submit a second RFP. How is it that now only 15 companies out of 48 were awarded a zone?! With the highest awarded 14 and 11 zones. In the announcement email it was stated there was a mix of “small, medium, and large carters” to address concerns that this “reform would lead to an industry dominated by a few large companies.” This concern is still true. Many smaller companies, including mine, had very little or no violations at all with the BIC. How is it that these larger companies with many violations can get so many zones and we can’t even get 1 zone, which would anyway be shared by 2 other carters and subcontractors.

    This is also unfair on the worker’s who now have longer routes and a higher workload for over 200,000 commercial businesses. Fewer companies doesn’t mean there will not be the same or an increase in health hazards and accidents.

    Now many of the worker’s and owners of the left out companies have to look elsewhere for jobs after so many years of working in this industry. How does this make sense? This is unbelievable!

    Comment added February 15, 2024 2:34pm
  • Nick Artese

    The DSNY under the Adams Administration is REQUIRED to eminent domain to these non-awardee carters. The state of New York MUST pay “compensation” at the non-awardee carters’ fair market of the private business. Not providing fair compensation to the non-awardee carters is an eminent domain abuser.

    In your current proposal, you are allowed these selected awardees’ carters to take all customers from non-awardee carters in the zone WITHOUT acquisition! The non-awardee carters built their business with marketing for years with all the costs they spent on, then lost everything!

    Comment added February 17, 2024 11:55am
  • Barbara Hertel

    I am concerned about the awards that have been given out. I heard that a few large carters were selected to represent more than their share of the carting. That smaller competitive carters were not awarded. It is not right to have one carter get all the contracts that is not the way this was supposed to happen. Please change your method of awarding contracts to primarily the big carters.

    Thank you

    Comment added February 26, 2024 11:55am