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Rules Regarding Commercial Waste Zones and Trade Waste Rate Cap

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Rule status: Adopted

Agency: BIC

Effective date: August 30, 2024

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Adopted Rule Full Text

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Adopted rule summary:

BIC Rules Related to Commercial Waste Zones and the Rate Cap

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  • Evette Zayas

    I am the owner of CakeBurgers a Mom & Pop shop in East Harlem. We are a 1950’s retro bakery diner specializing in gourmet burgers cake sculptures and desserts. Our spot is mostly take out. We participate in a composting program with NYCHA so all of our organics plus napkins and paper products are taken once or twice a week to be composted. In our bathroom we have a hand dryer so no paper towel trash. When we go shopping we leave our boxes and put our inventory in insulated bags. We recycle our cans and bottles. Our bread boxes we save and give them to people who use it to move. When people eat at the store we use regular plates cups and cutlery. The plastic jugs that the oil comes in we use to put the oil back and give it to the company that collects the oil. So the trash we generate is about maybe two bags a week if that maybe one. which of the companies that have been awarded a contract will pick up one to two bags a week?
    Mean while the residential building above my store put their garbage in front of my store after sanitation passes and the city is worried and crying about restaurant garbage what about residential garbage? Their garbage is out in black bags and we are mandated to use rat proof garbage bins. Can I use the same garbage bags like the residential buildings? Seems to me they are using the good garbage bags.

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    Comment added June 22, 2024 9:46pm