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Second-hand Weighing Device Repair Requirements

Apartment/Loft Guidelines Order No. 45 and Hotel Guidelines Order No. 43

Chapter 30 - Volatile Organic Compounds in Carpets and Carpet Cushions

Intercity Bus Permit System Rules

Amendment relating to revocable consents

Designation of Rigid Plastics as Recyclable Material

Pedicab Rates and Timers

Retaining Wall Inspections, Penalties and Waivers

Article 175 - Radiation Control

Article 3 - General Provisions

Article 5 - General Permit Provisions

Amendment to Recreation Center Fees

Limitations on Applications

Inspection of Potentially Structurally Compromised Buildings

Brooklyn Truck Routes

Course Requirements for Construction Trades

Amendment relating to confirmation numbers for street opening permits on protected streets

Amendment relating to the commercial bicyclist safety poster

Proposed Changes to CFB's rules related to contributions, loans, and expenditures, and the Voter Guide

Expressive Matter Vending on Parks Property

Trade Waste Brokers and Sales fees

Home Improvement Contractor and Salesperson License Expiration Date

Home Improvement Salesperson License Expiration Date

ECB's Department of Transportation Penalty Schedule

Adopt-a-Greenway Program Rules

Amendment relating to snow and garbage removal

Violation classification (Illegal hotels)

Approval or Denial of Street Fair Applications (Calendar Year)

Amendment of Façade Rules

ECB's Buildings Penalty Schedule

Amendments of Brownfield Cleanup Program Rules

Taxicab Technology Enhancement Providers

Administrative Prosecution of certain of the Board's Substantiated Cases, and other matters.

Implementation of MOU regarding Prosecution of Substantiated Civilian Complaints

License examination and investigation fees

Adopt-a-Highway Program Rules

ECB's Rules of Procedure

Upper West Side Special Enhanced Commercial District Certification Rules

Amendment of Rules Governing Filing Representatives

Owner must drive and enforcement cleanup

Amendment relating to pedestrian traffic managers

Taxi of Tomorrow with lease caps

ECB's Fire Penalty Schedule

ECB's Sanitation Penalty Schedule

For-Hire Vehicle Inspections

Interim Rent Guidelines & Rent Adjustments

Article 5-General Permit Provisions

Article 11-Reportable Diseases

Article 81 - Food Preparation and Food Service Establishments

Article 181-Consent for Non-Medical Circumcision

Amendments to 3 RCNY 4601-01, entitled "New and Amended Fees"

Occupant Qualified for Article 7-C protection

Deletion of Outdated Rules

Amendment to Rules for Credit and Debit Card Fees

ECB's Health Code and Miscellaneous Food Vendor Violations Penalty Schedule

Street Hail Livery Drivers

Resource Assessment for Returning Single Adult Clients

HASA Associated Case member work requirement

ECB's Food Vendor Administrative Code and General Vendor Penalty Schedules

Article 165 - Bathing Establishments

Article 175 - Radiation Control

Registration Fees for Certain Energy Auditors

(Inclusionary Housing) definition of Public Funding

Amendments to Rules pertaining to fees for administration of loan programs and certain other municipally-aided projects

Amendments to Rules relating to the Alternative Enforcement Program

Proposed Rules for Issuance of Orders for Repair of Underlying Conditions

Reportable Diseases and Conditions (Article 11)

Grants for Accessible Street Hail Liveries

Street Hail Livery Color and Paratransit Base Licensing

Amendments to Rules governing tax exemptions under 421-a of the New York State Real Property Tax Law

Proposed Amendments to the Rules for the Intercity Bus Permit System

Proposed Partial Tax Abatement for Residential Real Property Held in the Cooperative or Condominium Form of Ownership

Proposed Chapter 19 Rules, Rebate for Owners of Certain Real Property Seriously Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Increase in the Rate Cap for trade waste haulers

Amendment to the rules relating to bus lanes

Petroleum Price Signage Requirements

Best Value in Recommendation for Award

Sole Source Procurement Threshold

Display of License and Complaint Sign

Pre Application Review Process Rules

ECB's Department of Transportation Penalty Schedule

Proposed Amendments to Rules Governing Tax Exemptions Under RPTL Section 489 (J-51)

Radiation Control (Article 175) - Protective garments

Proposed Rules Governing Tax Exemption under section 421-a of the Real Property Tax Law

School-Based Programs for Children Ages Three Through Five and Day Care (Articles 43 and 47)

Amendments to City Brownfield Cleanup Program Rules

Proposed Amendments to Rules Governing City-Aided Limited-Profit Housing Companies

Boiler Inspections Rule Amendment

Amendments to the Rules Governing the Impound of Motor Vehicles by DSNY

Participation by M/WBEs and EBEs in City Procurement

Violation Classifications Relating to Construction Signage

Amendment of Rules Regulating Construction Signs

Tanning Facilities (new Article 177)

Amendment relating to Queens truck routes

ECB's Rules of Procedure

ECB's Food Vendor Administrative Code and Health Code and Miscellaneous Food Vendor Violations Penalty Schedules

City Environmental Quality Review Type II Actions

ECB's Department of Transportation Penalty Schedule

Proposed Amendment to Rules Relating to Photo Speed Violation Monitoring Systems in School Zones

OATH Taxi and Limousine Tribunal Rules

Amendment of DSNY Penalty Schedule (Scavenging and Theft of Recycling)

Amendment of Fines for Violations of the Building Code Regulating Construction Signs at Construction and Demolition Sites

Engineering Criteria for Fossil Fuel Burning Boilers & Water Heaters

A Rule Governing and Restricting the Use and Supply of Water

Civil Penalties for Certain Violations

Amendment of Hudson River Park Penalty Schedule

Rule Defining Reasonable Attempt at Service

Partition Crash Testing and Air Conditioning Rules

Proposed Rule Amendments for the Parking Violations Fleet Program

Adjustment of Dollar Amount in Definition of "Ownership Interest"

Trade Waste Investigation Fees and Employee Disclosure

Radiation Control (Article 175) - Quality Assurance

Proposed Rule on the Recovery of Refrigerants

DOT Signage Requirements for Permittees

Amendments to Rules Requiring Installation of Smoke Alarms

Temporary Posting of Emergency Information

Fire Code Conforming Amendments

Proposed amendments to the New York City Brownfield Incentive Grant Program rules

Filing of Elevator Inspection Reports and Certificates of Correction

Disclosure by Pregnancy Services Centers

Amendment of License Renewal Fees for Oil-Burning Equipment Installers

Health Code Penalty Schedule (Carpet Emissions)

Amendment of Sanitation Penalty Schedule (Redemption of Recyclables)

Reportable Diseases, Conditions, and Laboratories (Articles 11 and 13)

Drinking Water (Article 141) - water tank inspection reports

Driver Education Rules

Credit Card Processing Surcharge Rule

Cure Period for Signage Violations

Cigarette and Tobacco Product Sales (new Chapter 13)

Health Academy Courses and Fees (Chapter 21)

Food Service Establishment Sanitary Inspection Procedures and Letter Grading (Chapter 23) - Fixed penalties

ECB Proposed Rule concerning Cure Period for Certain Violations

Green Roof Rule Amendment

Recordkeeping for Pawnbrokers and Certain Second-Hand Dealers

Regulation of Amusement Devices

DOT Intercity Bus Permits

Sidewalk Cafe Proposed Rule

Amendment of Sanitation Penalty Schedule (Organic Waste Recycling)

Amendment of Licensing Rules

Proposed Amendments to Tax Lien Sale Installment Agreements

Responsibilities of Pipe Welder Qualification Agencies

Special Inspectors and Special Inspection Agencies

Voluntary Master Environmental Hazard Remediation Technician Registration Program.

Amendment of Violation Classifications

Amendments to Rules Governing the Alternative Enforcement Program

Third Party Transfer Program Rule Amendments

Rent Limitation for Clients of the HIV/AIDS Services Administration

Repeal of Rule Governing Emergency Power Systems

Filing of RPIE Statements by Owners of Income-Producing Property

Amendment of Reference Standard Numbers

Amendments to Rules Governing Implementation of the Campaign Finance Act

Amendment of Site Safety Manager and Site Safety Coordinator Qualifications

Proposed Amendment to the Rules for RPIE Non-Filers

Amendment of Reference Standards Governing Fire Protection Systems

Amendment of Insurance Requirements for Permitees

Amendment to Rules Regarding Renewal Courses for Electrician, HMO and Rigger Licenses and HMO Certification Requirements

Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Pre-Existing Facilities and Conditions

Amendments to Rules Relating to Successor Tenants in City-owned Buildings

Amendment of Asbestos and Air Code Penalty Schedules

Smoking and the use of Electronic Cigarettes under the New York City Smoke-Free Air Act (Chapter 10)

Cure Period for Certain Air and Noise Code Violations

Municipal ID Card Program

Amendment of OATH Health Tribunal Rules

Amendment to the NYC Brownfield Incentive Grant Program

Amendment of Routes for Operation of Large Trailers

Taxi-SHL Improvement Surcharge Collection-Remittance Rules

Amendment of Engineering Standards for Fossil Fuel Boilers and Water Heaters

Deaths and General Vital Statistics Provisions (Articles 205 and 207) - Records of Death Information

General Vital Statistics Provisions (Article 207, Section 207.05) regarding Transgender Birth Certificates

Living in Communities (LINC) Rental Assistance Programs

Regulation of Text Message Contributions

Housing Information Guide for Tenants and Owners

DOT Amendment of Traffic Rules Governing Speed LImit

Amendment to Impose a One-Year Moratorium on New Events

Reduced Recreation Center Membership and Tennis Permit Fees for Adults with Municipal ID Card

Amendment of Rules Governing Correctional Facilities

Rules pertaining to Relocation Services

Time for Placing Solid Waste for Collection

Amendment of Transportation Penalty Schedule (Confirmation Numbers)

Amendment of DOB penalty schedule (implementation of LL 141)

PVB Fleet and Car Rental Program First Penalty Amendment

Amendment of Transportation Penalty Schedule Failure to Yield and Leaving Scene of Accident

Amendment of Rules Governing Rigging Operations

Façade Site Safety Requirements

Suspended Scaffold Training Requirements

Pregnancy Services Center Disclosures

Child Care Services (Article 47) - Improving supervision of children

Food Preparation and Food Establishments (Article 81) - Operation of restaurants and other food service establishments

Animals (Article 161) and Reportable Diseases and Conditions (Article 11)

Reporting of Deaths and Vital Statistics (Articles 205 and 207)

Publicly Accessible Collection Bins

Energy Code Implementation

Amendment of DOT Penalty Schedule Failure to Provide Adequate Protection at Worksites

Water Tank Inspections (new Chapter 31)

Proposed Amendments to Rules Governing the Recovery of Refrigerants

Amendment of Driver and Vehicle Owner Rules

Living in Communities Rental Assistance Programs for Single Adults and Adult Families (LINC IV and V)

Amendment of Sanitation Penalty Schedule Collection of Recyclable Materials

Amendment of Violation Classifications for Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution

Fees for Monitoring Compliance with Employment and Wage Requirements

Amendments to Inclusionary Housing Guidelines

Use of Body Boards on Public Beaches

Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule Local Law 141 Implementation

Amendment of Sanitation Penalty Schedule Electronic Waste and Collection Bins on Public Property

Amendments of Fire Department Rules Regarding Continuing Education for Certificate Renewal

Coke-Fueled Salamanders

Fee for Hazardous Waste Program Fee Exemption

Home Improvement Business Trust Fund Rule

Establishment of Trials Division and Hearings Division

Unlawful Tax Collection Rule

Used Car Buyer's Guide Rule

Ocean Breeze Track Facility Fees

Implementation of Lobbying Law Amendments

Waiver of Polystyrene Prohibition

Living in Communities Rental Assistance Programs: LINC VI and Amendments to LINC III

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2015

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2015

Rules Relating to Recurring Complaint-Based Inspections

Amendment Relating to Market Value of Alterations in Special Flood Hazard Areas

Service of Decisions and Orders

Amendment of Sanitation Penalty Schedule Recovery of Refrigerants

Unlicensed Activity Rule

Amendments to Microtrenching and Public Pay Telephone Rules

Extension of Rule Governing the Transportation of Bulk Milk

Amendment of eligibility requirements and disclosure statement rules

The City Family Eviction Prevention Supplement Program and the City Family Exit Plan Supplement Program (“CITYFEPS Programs”)

Occupant Evacuation Operation of Elevators

Taxicab Fare and Lease Cap Rule Updates

DEP Rule to Establish Standards and Requirements Concerning Asbestos Handler Supervisor Certificates

PVB Representative/Broker Rules of Conduct at Hearings

Food Preparation and Food Establishments (Article 81) - Repeal and Reenact Section 81.50

Food Preparation and Food Establishments (Article 81, Section 49) - Sodium Warning

Protection of Public Health Generally (Article 181, Section 21)

In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems

Prroposed Amendments to Rules pertaining to Tax Exemptions under Real Property Tax Law Section 420-c

Sidewalk Cafe Insurance Rule

Parking Permits for People with Disabilities

Amendments to Rules Governing the Alternative Enforcement Program

Repeal and Amendment of Certain Fire Protection Requirements

Mark Out of Excavation Areas

Reference Standard for Multicompartment Elevators

Rules for SCRIE-DRIE Application Late Filing

Amendments to Small Purchase and Other Procurements

Definition of Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise

Miscellaneous Amendments Relating to the LINC and CITYFEPS Programs

Source Separation and Handling Requirements for Commercial Organic Waste

Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule Cooling Towers Registration

Recycling Requirements for Entities that Receive Private Carter Collection

National Fire Protection Association Referenced Standards

Grants to Companies that Provide School Bus Transportation

Mass Transit Benefits Rules

Amendment of Inspection Requirement for High Pressure Boilers

Amendment of Certain Minimum Standards for City Correctional Facilities

Secondhand Automobile Price Display

Amendments of the sections 201.07, 203.07, 205.07, 207.01 and 207.13 of the Articles of the New York City Health Code regarding Vital Statistics

Rules Relating to Cranes and Derricks

HRA HOME Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program

General Vendor License Transfer

Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule Reflecting Recent Construction Code Amendments

Accessible Bathroom Prototypes

Amendments to OER Program Rule and Brownfield Incentive Grant Rule

Sight-Seeing Bus Stop Lottery

Special Exit and Prevention Supplement (SEPS) Program

Posting Regulations for Vendors of Alcoholic Beverages (Chapter 1) - Requirement of the Breath-Holding Warning Signage at swimming pools

Amendment to Impose One-Year Moratorium on New Events, Restrict Activities in Area of Times Sq. and Change Deadline for Special Event Applications

Amendment of LINC VI Program

Cooling Tower Violation Classification

Cooling Towers - New Chapter 8 in Title 24 of the Rules of the City of New York to establish rules for maintenance of cooling towers

Amendment of Obligations of Special Inspectors and Technical Amendments

Requesting U Visa Certification

Amendment of Earned Sick Time Rules

Disclosure by Pregnancy Services Centers

Dogs in Outdoor Dining Areas - New Chapter 32 in Title 24 of the Rules of the City of New York

Amendment of Revocable Consent Rules

Amendments to IDNYC Rules

Sight-Seeing Bus Stop Lottery

Rule to Establish Fees Under the Air Pollution Control Code

Rules Regarding the Fair Chance Act

BIC Amendment of Maximum Rates for Trade Waste Removal

Amendment of Violation Classifications Relating to Safety of Construction Equipment

Amendment of Recreation Center Membership Rules

Regulation of Construction Superintendents

Correction of Assessment Errors by DOF

Prevailing Wage Proposed Rule

Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule (Operation of Construction Equipment)

421-a Extended Affordability Program Proposed Rules

Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs Apartment, Guest Room and Stairwell Fire Emergency Markings

Elevator Violation Referrals

General Vendor Helper Rule

Additional Rights Appealing a Parking Summons

Penalties for Violation of Requirements Relating to Building Drinking Water Tanks (Chapter 31)

RPTL 421-a Existing Program Distribution Rules


Amendment of Solar Energy Property Tax Abatement Rules

Authorization to Issue Parking Summonses by Homeland Security

Non-clinical Laboratories Rules (Article 13 of the New York City Health Code)

Buildings Generally Rules regarding Perchloroethylene (“PERC”) Vapors from Dry Cleaning Facilities (Article 131 of the NYC Health Code)

Pet Shops Rules - Article 161(Animals) and Article 5 (Permits) of the NYC Health Code

Proposed Rule for Public Communication Structures

Amendment of Highway Rules

DEP Amendments to the Existing Engineering Criteria for Boilers and Water Heaters

General vendor waiting list

Amendment of 48 RCNY 3-100 of ECB Rules of Procedure and Repeal of ECB Air Code Penalty Schedule

OATH Proposed Model Rules

DOT Proposed Pedestrian Plaza Rules

CCRB Proposed Rule Amendments

Commercial Recycling and Collection of Organic Waste

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2016

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2016

Proposed Rules Relating to the Registration of Recycling Processing Facilities

Removal of Lubricating Oil from Ammonia Refrigerating Systems

Protection of Displaced Grocery Workers

DEP Proposed Rule Concerning Emission Control Devices on Certain Commercial Char broilers

Reimbursement of Nonpublic Schools for the Cost of Certain Security Services

Amendment of Mass Transit Benefit Rules

Neighborhood 360 Grant Program

Deactivation of Buildings Trade Licenses

School-Based Programs for Children Ages Three through Five (Article 43 of the NYC Health Code)

Child Care Services (Article 47 of the NYC Health Code)

Repeal of sections 139.05, 139.07, 153.01, and 181.03 of the NYC Health Code

Animals - To Clarify Applicability of Section 161.03 of the NYC Health Code

Recordkeeping for Pawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers and Related Inspections

Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution Determinations and Appeals Fees

Information Required to be Provided by Fuel Oil Dealers

Implementation of Prison Rape Elimination Act

City Council FHV Bills Rule Package

WRP Consistency Review Procedures

DEP is promulgating rules that would amend the existing fee rule for the Air Pollution Control Code.

OATH ECB Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule

OATH Amendment to Chapter 6 of Title 48 of RCNY.

Change of Criteria for the Removal of Derelict Bicycles from Public Property

RPTL 421-a Building Service Worker Rule Amendments

Measurement of Stack Emissions of Certain Generators

Events Held On Pedestrian Plazas

Adjudicatory Proceedings and Penalties

Authority to Proceed with Agency Rulemaking

Technical Amendments to the Air Pollution Control Code

Amendment of Violation Classifications for Construction Superintendents

Implementation of Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act

OATH ECB Repeal of Certain Provisions of Sanitation Penalty Schedule

Amendments and clarifications of CFB Rules

Fire and Life Safety Director Certificate of Fitness

Revised Proposal Changes for the Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program (ICAP)

Amendment of Street Fair Permit Rules

Amendments to Rules Governing Successor Tenants in City-Owned Housing

Reportable Diseases, Conditions and Laboratories (Article 11 and Article 13 of the New York City Health Code)

Repeal Entire Littering and Disposal of Refuse Rule (Article 153 of the New York City Health Code)

Procedure for Modification of Deed Restrictions

Procedure for Modification of Deed Restrictions

Measurement of Stack Emissions of Certain Generators

Allowance for Essential Storage of Furniture and Personal Belongings

Amendment of Rules Governing Required Filings and Amnesty Applications Under Lobbying Law

Requesting Declarations for T Nonimmigrant Status

Filming and Photography Authorized by DEP

Prohibited Advertising of Certain Dwelling Units

Repeal of Redevelopment Company Rules

Storage and Use of Fuel Oil on Mobile Trailers for Heating and Power Generation

DOT Amendment to Traffic Rules -- Pedestrian Control Signal

Appeal of Abatement Orders

Amendment of Requirements for Hoisting Machine Operator Licenses

Proposed Amendment of Tennis Permit Rules

Amendment of Water Emergency Rules

Amendment of Water Emergency Rules

OATH ECB Proposed Repeal of Parks' Penalty Schedule

OATH ECB Proposed Repeal of the Noise Code Penalty Schedule

Applications for Certain Signs and Related Structural Elements

Schedule of Charges for Fire Department Ambulance Transport Service

Extension of School Bus Drivers Grant Program

Promulgation of Noise Code Penalty Schedule

Rule Delegating Authority To The Chair To Propose Rules

DOT Amendment to Traffic Rules

DOT Rule regarding the Staten Island Ferry boarding requirements

Green Infrastructure Grant Program

Repeal Vault and Coin Operated Rules

Miscellaneous Rule Amendments

Pet Shops Rule ( New Chapter 5)

Sale of Tax Lien - Expand Extenuating Circumstances

Amendment of Rules Governing Reimbursement of Nonpublic Schools for Certain Security Services

Limitation on Size of Solid Waste Receptacles

Amendment of the rules relating to cranes and derricks

Rules Governing Mergers and Apportionments of Real Property Tax Lots

Require Additional Information when Enrolling/Renewing in the Parking Violations Bureau Car Rental Program

Buildings Penalty Schedule

OATH ECB Proposed Repeal of the Buildings Penalty Schedule

Proposed Rule Amendments Governing Rents for RPTL 421-a Affordable Units in Multiple Dwellings Subject to Housing Assistance Payments Contracts

OATH ECB Proposed Repeal of Violations of NYC Administrative Code Section 16-118 from the Sanitation Penalty Schedule

Information Required to be Provided on Petroleum Product Signs

Control Devices for Reducing Emissions from Cook Stoves at Food Service Establishments

DSNY Proposed Rule Relating to Penalties for Littering Offenses

Amendment of Licensing Rules Relating to Riggers, Sign Hangers and Elevator Inspection Agencies

Amendments to the Penalty Schedule for Violations of the Air Code

Omnibus Amendments to City’s Brownfield Program Rules

OATH Proposed Rule - Community Service

Rule Amendments Governing the Schedule of Contribution Amounts to the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Affordable Housing Fund

Proposed Criminal Justice Reform Act Implementation

RPTL Section 421-a Filing Deadline for Final Certificates of Eligibility

Amendments to Rules to Comply with 2016 Legislative Changes

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2017

NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2017

Omnibus Rules Amendments

Adjudication of Summonses for certain tobacco violations and synthetic marijuana violations

TLC Licensing Rules Updates

Implementation of Freelance Isn’t Free Act

3 RCNY Section 3004-01 Use of Carbon Dioxide in Beverage Dispensing Systems

SCRIE and DRIE Participants to be able to Request Additional Time

Amendment of Consumer Affairs Penalty Schedule

Rule Amendments for 421-a(16) Prevailing Wages and Minimum Average Hourly Wages

Affordable New York Housing Program 421-a(16) Proposed Rules

Amendment of Rules Implementing Energy Code

Proposed amendments to the rule governing removal of E-designations and Environmental Restrictive Declarations

Power of Attorney Forms do not Require Notarization

DOT amendment to Traffic Rules to implement a carshare parking pilot program

DOT Penalty Schedule

Amendment to Child Care Services regarding Care for Children in Shelter (Article 47 of the NYC Health Code)

Amendment to Animals (Article 161 of the NYC Health Code) Regarding Service Tags for Animals

Amendment to General Provisions (Article 3 of the NYC Health Code) Regarding Monetary Penalties

Amendment to Clinical Laboratories (Article 13 of the NYC Health Code) Regarding the Performance of Confirmatory Hepatitis C RNA Testing

Amendments to Rules Relating to Relocation Services

Proposed Rule Relating to Procedures for Suspected Gas Leaks and Technical Amendments

Inclusionary Housing-RPTL 421-a Rule Amendments

Implementation of the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act

OATH ECB Proposed Repeal of the Department of Transportation Penalty Schedule

Joint Living-Work Quarters for Artists Rule Amendment

Use of Ballast and Aggregate in Solar Electric Generating Systems

Exemptions of Operators of Mobile Cranes of a Limited Size and Capacity from Licensing Requirements

FHV Wheelchair Accessibility Rules

OATH Proposed Repeal of the FDNY Penalty Schedule

Ammendments to 3RCNY Sections 109-01 &109-02 and New Rule 3RCNY Section109-03

Individual private on-site sewage disposal systems

DOT Amendment to Bicycles in Buildings Rule

Fees for Certain Services

Amendment of Qualifications for Energy Auditors and Retro-commissioning Agents

Notice of Proposed Rule to Amend Rules Implementing the Fair Chance Act.

Requirements for Cableways used in Construction or Demolition

Licensing of Ticket Sellers

Amendment of Rules Governing Urban Park Rangers Programs

Additional Forms of Documentation for Reduced Recreation Center Membership Fees

Amendment of Right to Know Rules

Required Electronic Filing of Staten Island RPTT Returns

Amendment of Filing Requirements for J-51 Tax Benefits

Amendments to Rules Governing Certification of Costs in J-51 Program

Information Required to be Provided by Tax Preparers

DSNY Proposed Rule Relating to the Criteria Used in the Siting of Solid Waste Transfer Stations

Regulation of Discharges into Storm Sewers and Catch Basins

Proposed Amendment to Reportable Deceases and Conditions and Laboratories (Articles 11 and 13 of the NYC Health Code)

Proposed Amendment to General Vital Statistics Provisions (Article 207 of the NYC Health Code) regarding Birth and Death Records

Proposal to repeal Conservation of Water Rule (Chapter 11 to Title 24 of the RCNY)

Proposed Rule Relating to the Expansion of Organic Waste Source Separation Requirements for Various Commercial Entities

Proposed Amendments to the Board’s Rules Regarding Early Public Funds Payments

RPTL 421-a(1)-(15) and Inclusionary Housing Proposed Rule

Continuation of School Bus Grant Program

Hoisting Machine Operator Learners and Supervision of Learners

Implementation of the Fair Workweek Law

Implementation of Pay Deductions Law

Rating for Class B Hoisting Machine Operators

West Chelsea Affordable Housing Fund Contribution Rate

Registration of Certain Mobile Food Vending Unit Engines

Limitation of Airborne Particulates in Spraying of Insulating Material

DOT Staten Island Container Truck Rule

Pet Shops Rule (New Chapter 5 in Title 24 of the RCNY)

Amendment of Rules Governing Special Inspectors and Special Inspection Agencies

Reporting of Donations to Not-for-Profit Organizations

Performance Summary Cards and Penalties for Child Care Programs Rule (New Chapter 3 in Title 24 of the RCNY)

Amendment of Rule Regarding Ownership Interest

Waive Deposit Fees for Cash Bail


Marketing Credit Rule Amendment

Implementation of Paperless Filing

Amendment of Buildings Penalty Schedule

Amendment of Rules Regulating Commercial Laundries

Amendment of Rules Governing Electrical Work