DENISE MASON Wed, 05/9/18 - 18:14 Here we go again, no real change is being made to address the lack of landlords being held accountable for maintaining apartment conditions. Why are you not raising the fines on landlords every year like you're raising rents? The voice of the PEOPLE continues to be ignored. Do you want people to chose between a roof over their heads and food in the mouths of their children? Where is the compassion? There is none, because the people reading these comments don't relate to the under served and struggle families have to make every single day to survive. Once again the concerns are not being heard. You have failed us once again. Its a shame that you created 311 to address and hear the concerns of those that built this city and now are retired and continue to see their rents go up every year. When are you going to stop raising rents - when it gets to $50,000 a month for rent? You've failed once again.

jeanette doal Tue, 06/5/18 - 13:14 Our hero mayor must be commended for freezing rents the past two years. Well done Mr. Mayor. Now let's be progressive with this and continue forward with securing the idea tenants of modest means and the poor have a place in this great city. Please reconsider raising rents any higher than 1% for 1yr and 2% for 2yr. Let's be sensible here and logical. Tenants got screwed during the Bloomberg years and we all need relief and progressive works to undo the madness of allowing Bloomberg et al to cause further damage to affordable housing in the city. Mayor Bloomberg was never affected by the high rent increases he imposed upon his fellow residents. Let's be sensible here and logical. My proposal would be for you to consider raising rents no higher than 1% for 1yr and 2% for 2yr. Of course, if I were in charge, I would order a drop of 2% for all rent regulated apartments. This wouldn't undo the problems created by the Bloomberg administration, but it would, logically be a progressive NEXT STEP.

Daniel Holt Sat, 06/9/18 - 13:49 The RGB's proposal to increase rents for one-year leases by 0.75-2.75% and to increase rents for two-year leases by 1.75-3.75% should be rejected and all regulated rents should be frozen until necessary reforms in the rent-stabilization system are made. Any rent increases should be contingent on all of the following reforms: (1) elimination of vacancy deregulation/decontrol; (2) elimination of vacancy allowances; and (3) elimination of permanent rent increases based on MCI or IAI in favor of temporary increases, spread over 10 years. Without such necessary reforms to balance the detrimental impact of rent increases on tenants, the crisis in affordable housing will only worsen.

Joseph Lalli Wed, 06/20/18 - 13:56 There should be no increases until there is serious enforcement regarding building violations. We have too many people living in grossly substandard conditions. We have too frequent harassment of rent stabilized tenants. We have obfuscatory practices such as preferential rent that defeat the entire premise of rent regulation. Currently, many landlords accrue ample rent increases via vacancy increases, over-estimating the value of major capital improvements, and raising preferential rents. When proper oversight and analysis of these issues is instituted and vigorous enforcement commences with regard to remediation of building violations and tenant harassment, only then should any increases be granted.