Anne Greenberg Mon, 06/20/16 - 12:08 I'm a rent-stabilized senior citizen. My comments are addressed to the public members and the chair. Harvey Epstein and Sheila Garcia fight the good fight. As for the owner members, the less said the better. It all comes down to the numbers: 8.5% for a two-year lease starting 10/1/08 7.25% in 2011–12 7.75% in 2013–14 When the PIOC said the landlords’ costs went up, they were granted increases. THIS YEAR THE PIOC SAYS COSTS ARE DOWN. LOGIC DICTATES THAT RENTS SHOULD BE ROLLED BACK TO REFLECT THAT. Anything else makes no sense. Costs up—rent increases. Costs down—rent decreases. It should be inarguable. But here’s another argument: TENANTS ARE THE PUBLIC, AND THE PUBLIC MEMBERS SHOULD BE TAKING OUR INTERESTS INTO ACCOUNT. We contribute to the city just as much as the fat-cat owners. We are the city, not the absentee oligarchs in their shiny high-rises. We work hard. We support cultural institutions and local activities. And we want to age in place. But we can’t do that if you allow rent hikes to destroy our neighborhoods. My landlords—three in the past ten years—have churned the apartments out of real affordability. They’ve put up fake walls and crammed in more people than the apartments were designed to accommodate. They spend on entertainment events while busting unions and cutting back maintenance staff. They’ve monetized the property with paid activities and outrageous fees to change lightbulbs. And all the time the rent has been going up, up, up. So don’t worry about the owners—tax breaks and waivers and variances and such allow them to do just fine. IF YOU'RE A PUBLIC MEMBER, IT'S TIME TO START DOING RIGHT BY THE PUBLIC—AND THE PUBLIC ARE US, THE TENANTS.