Julia Alberino Sat, 05/28/16 - 9:27 I believe that rents should be frozen this year, as there is documentation that landlords' costs have actually decreased. But if another freeze is not granted, then the increases should be as low as possible. Senior citizens and the disabled did not receive a Social Security COLA this year; many working people got no, or very low, raises, and our costs have not gone down. Please respect tenants as well as landlords in your deliberations.

Jill Ann Thu, 06/2/16 - 11:59 Due to inflation, my dollar is worth less and costs of living are only increasing. Spending $10 on a sandwich and $2.75 on a subway ride are being accepted, but are not acceptable. Since the City Council are the determining force behind high rates, if anything YOU ALL should be lowering your prices based on OUR NEEDS, the majority, "the middle class", every "class". You are not providing an extremely significantly better/improved service, there is no justification for a price increase. We are all on the same page: better-than-just-OK-survival.

William Klayer Tue, 06/21/16 - 20:35 I ask that the RGB please keep the rent increase to the absolute minimum, or best, freeze rent increases for another year. The East Village neighborhood has been my home for 35 years. The increasing onslaught by greedy landlords, and the blatant regulation violations by AirBnB (an estimated 28% of the EV) have had a severe impact on the quality of life in my, and surrounding neighborhoods. The cost of living in my neighborhood has risen drastically as a result of this. A minimal increase will help all of us low income renters who call this city home.