SAMUEL CARRIGAN Mon, 04/9/18 - 12:00 I support the proposed rule. Misuse and fraudulent use of agency parking permits is a widespread problem in Manhattan. It contributes to the overcrowding when illegally-parked vehicles take up spaces that others might use with impunity. Members of city agencies are rightly held to high standards - parking illegally under color of law ought to be viewed as a low-level form of corruption. It is a shame that poor people who live in New York City face legal troubles when they don't have $2.75 for subway fare, but a car owner who refuses to put $3+ in the meter can get away with it by deceptively flashing a permit. Abuse of agency parking placards are surely costing the city more in lost revenue than turnstile jumpers: it's theft of services, it's corruption, and it's hurting the City.

christian Fama Mon, 04/16/18 - 14:50 The DOF should create a new violation code for "Fraudulent Placard" Anytime someone is parked illegally with a fraudulent placard they should be issued a violation for 1) the fraudulent placard, and 2) the underlying parking violation. The main issue though is that currently there is very little enforcement for these violations so without enforcement, the laws and rules don't have much effect.

Jehiah Czebotar Mon, 05/21/18 - 23:36 NYPD has shown widespread corruption by failing to enforce parking against vehicles with placards as they themselves frequently miss-use placards. I believe a $50 fine (roughly a single days parking at market rate at many manhattan parking lots) is an insufficient deterrent. Because enforcement of those miss-using placards is so infrequent the fine must carry extra weight. I believe there should be a $350 fine for first placard miss-use and a $750 fine for each additional miss-use within a six month period.