NYC Rent Guidelines Board Hotel Order #49

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Download Copy of Adopted Rule (.pdf): 

Summary of Hotel Order No. 49

Hotel Order Number 49 provides for an allowable increase of 0% over the lawful rent actually charged and paid on September 30, 2019 for rent stabilized rooming houses, lodging houses, Class B hotels, single room occupancy buildings, and Class A residential hotels. The Order does not limit rental levels for commercial space, non-rent stabilized residential units, or transient units in hotel stabilized buildings during the guideline period. The Order also provides that for any dwelling unit in a hotel stabilized building which is voluntarily vacated by the tenant thereof, the level of rent increase governing a new tenancy shall be the same as the guideline for rent increases set forth above.