DOT Proposed Amendment to Traffic Rules--Pedestrian Plaza Exclusive Seating Pilot

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Commissioner of the New YorCity Department of Transportation (DOT) is authorized to issue ruleregarding parking and traffic operations in the City pursuant to Section 2903(a) of the NewYork City Charter.  


DOT is proposing a pilot program permitting the establishment of exclusive seating for patrons in five specifically-identified pedestrian plazas, in order to bolster the viability of pedestrian plaza concessions where there are limited concession opportunities, limited partner capacity, and where activation is greatly needed for the overall management of the space. 


This proposed rulewould establish a pilot program at (1) Fordham Pedestrian Plaza, (2) Myrtle-Cooper Pedestrian Plaza, (3) Myrtle-Wyckoff Pedestrian Plaza, (4) Diversity Pedestrian Plaza, and (5) Corona Pedestrian Plaza. The program will allow for no more than 20% of all seating in the pedestrian plaza where there is a concession to be reserved for patrons, subject to DOT review and approval.  Additionally, the rule makes clear that this exclusive seating concept would not be considered a sidewalk café and would not require a sidewalk café license and revocable consent.  


Specifically, the amendments to theDOT Rules beingproposed are asfollows:



Section4-16(b)would be amended by adding anewparagraph establishing a pilot program allowing for exclusive seating at up to 20% of all seating at five specifically-identified pedestrian plazas. 

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Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 2:00pm

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