DOT amendment to Traffic Rules to implement a carshare parking pilot program

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017
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The proposed rule amends the New York City Department of Transportation (“DOT”) Traffic Rules in relation to the implementation of a carshare parking pilot program. This notice was originally published in the City Record on June19, 2017 and has now been revised to clarify the requirements pertaining to permit fees being proposed in section 4-08(o)(6)(iii). There will be an application fee of $765 per carshare organization. For carshare parking spaces in municipal parking facilities, a carshare organization would be required to pay an additional quarterly or monthly permit fee charged by each municipal parking facility.

The purpose of these proposed rule amendments is to implement a carshare parking pilot program at designated on-street and off-street locations. Carsharing is a program involving vehicles that are owned or leased by organizations whose members rent these vehicles for short periods of time, and provides these members access to a car without the expense of car ownership. By designating parking locations specifically for carshare vehicles of these organizations, this new rule would expand access to carshare and provide an affordable mobility option to more New Yorkers.

Research in other cities shows that carshare programs reduce personal car ownership and vehicle miles travelled among carshare members. Fewer cars on the road and fewer vehicle miles travelled means less congestion, as well as lower carbon emissions and air pollution—key priorities of the City’s OneNYC Plan, which sets measurable goals for a strong, sustainable, resilient and equitable city. In accordance with Local Law No. 47, DOT will evaluate the impact of the pilot program on car ownership rates, mobility, and other relevant factors, including the potential of the pilot to reduce neighborhood parking demand.

Specifically, DOT proposes adding:
• requirement that carsharing organizations apply for permits allowing the use of dedicated parking spaces, either on-street or in a municipal parking facility, within carshare parking zones;
• requirement that carsharing organizations pay a permit fee
• conditions of the carshare permit
• process by which a carshare permit is assigned
• data reporting requirements

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DOT amendment to Traffic Rules to implement a carshare parking pilot program

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 2:00pm

Alex Keating
Director of Special Project
DOT Transportation Planning and Management

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