Amendment of Maximum Rates for Trade Waste Removal

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Saturday, August 6, 2016

Statement of Basis and Purpose of Final Rule

Under section 2101 of the New York City Charter, the Commission is authorized to regulate the trade waste industry and ensure businesses are able to operate in an honest and competitive environment free from the influences of organized crime and criminality.  BIC is also authorized under sections 16-504(b) and (i) and 16-519 of the Administrative Code to set by rule the maximum rates by weight and by volume that trade waste haulers can charge for the removal of putrescible and recyclable commercial waste. Rates were last adjusted in 2013.  

In accordance with section 16-519 of the Administrative Code, any change that BIC proposes to the maximum rates must be based upon a fair and reasonable return to the licensees who provide waste removal services to commercial establishments in New York City while also protecting those using these services from excessive or unreasonable charges.  To achieve this balance, BIC established an administrative procedure that provides more transparency, standardization and regularity in the rate-setting process.  Pursuant to 17 RCNY § 5-02(f), BIC held a hearing on October 30, 2015, relating to the maximum rates charged by a licensee for the collection, removal, disposal, or recycling of trade waste.  The hearing was attended by representatives of the trade waste industry and other interested parties, some of whom testified at the hearing and submitted written testimony.   

The Commission has carefully evaluated the evidence provided throughout the process including the oral statements made at the October 30, 2015 and March 21, 2016 hearings and the written statements provided both prior to and at those hearings.  Having reviewed the Producer Price Index, as well as the other factors enumerated in 17 RCNY § 5-02(g), BIC will increase the current maximum rate allowed to be charged by the trade waste haulers by 3.3%.  The new maximum rates are:

•$18.87 per cubic yard

•$12.38 per 100 pounds