Public comments for: Amendment of Rules Relating to Construction Superintendents


Previously, those individuals with Site Safety Manager Licenses (which has a much more stringent qualification than Construction Superintendents) were able to act as designated Construction Superintendents on jobs that did not require Site Safety Managers. Under the more recent rules, that was not the case, which created unnecessary hardships by requiring qualified Site Safety Managers to go through an administrative process to downgrade their status (shelving their Site Safety manager License in order to become a Licensed Construction Superintendent). There is no reason why someone who is qualified as a Site Safety Manager (again, with more stringent licensing requirements) should not be able to be designated as either a Site Safety Manager OR a Construction Superintendent, since their knowledge and experience satisfy the requirements for BOTH licenses. Forcing an individual with a Site Safety Manager License to give up that license and downgrade to a Construction Superintendent License because a job is too small to require their Site Safety Manager License just makes no sense, and has become a burden to firms that have highly qualified individuals supervising their projects. Thank you for your consideration.
Agency: DOB