Public comments for: Reporting of Deaths and Vital Statistics (Articles 205 and 207)


Ferrets are the 3rd most popuar pet in the country. It is time NYC approves of these innocent beings. Ferrets have been domesticated before the cat or dog by Egyptians since 1500 BC. They were used to hunt rats which is something NYC could use haha:) Ferrets are loving creatures and I had owned 5 before. They are harmless. They are in pet stores in Long Island. There is food for them (sold in pet stores)...They are smart, at times very lazy, and just love to cuddle and SLEEP. they do fine in a cage or a dog bed. They can be litter trained. They love to play hide and seek, and of course hide your stuff! All they do is play, eat, sleep, and more sleep. They are my bundle of joy:) Please consider uplifting this ban. Thank you for your time.
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Agency: DOHMH