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Proposed Rules: Closed to Comments

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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This rule is proposed pursuant to the authority of the Commissioner of Buildings under Sections 643 and 1043(a) of the New York City Charter, Article 308 of the New York City Administrative Code and 1 RCNY 103-07.

Article 308 of the Administrative Code requires an energy efficiency audit to be performed by an energy auditor or a retro-commissioning agent and a report to be filed by building owners every ten years. 1 RCNY 103-07 sets out the requirements for those energy auditors and retro-commissioning agents, including a registration requirement for those who are not registered design professionals.

The proposed amendment would add fees for initial registration of those energy auditors and retro-commissioning agents, as well as for registration renewal. These fees will cover the administrative costs incurred by the Department in registering and renewing the registration of these individuals .

In accordance with section 1043(d)(4) of the New York City Charter, a review of this rule pursuant to Local Law 46 of 2010 was not performed.



Registration Fees for Certain Energy Auditors

Department of Buildings
280 Broadway 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Gina Bocra
Chief Sustainability Office
Department of Buildings
280 Broadway, 7th Floor NY, NY, 10007

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