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Statement of Basis and Purpose of Rule






Section 1403(c) of the New York City Charter and Section 24-105 of the City Administrative Code authorize the commissioner to regulate and control the emission of harmful air pollutants into the open air.




Sections 24-109, 24-122, and 24-125 of the Administrative Code respectively authorize the commissioner


1)      To regulate and control emission sources other than those located in one or two family dwellings and motor vehicles by requiring a registration to be filed with the department; and


2)      Set forth general requirements for applications for work permits, certificates of operation, and renewal of certificates of operation; and provide standards for granting work permits.




Chapter 2 of title 15 provides performance standards and other engineering criteria for oil-burning boilers. The rules were revised earlier this year, after not having been revised since their original promulgation in 1970.




After this year’s revision, DEP received a number of comments from the regulated community. In response, the rule is being amended to expand the universe of individuals who are permitted to be a qualified combustion tester as well as deleting the term qualified combustion tuner, as the term is not used in the rule. The remainder of the paragraphs within the definitions section have been renumbered.





Effective Date: 
Thu, 01/15/2015

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Adopted Rules Content: 



Statement of Basis and Purpose


Section 28-401.11 of the NYC Administrative Code states that, “All licenses issued by the commissioner for which an examination is required shall expire three years from the date of issuance thereof, and may be renewed every three years thereafter without examination…”  


Oil-burning equipment installers are one such license type. For such licensees, 1 RCNY 47-01 currently requires a biennial renewal fee of fifty dollars. However, licensees actually receive a triennial renewal for fifty dollars.


Since renewal applicants are being undercharged twenty-five dollars for each triennial renewal, the Department is hereby amending this rule to require a triennial renewal fee of seventy-five dollars.


In addition, the Department is hereby renumbering this rule section to bring it into conformance with the other rules that implement Chapter 4 of Title 28 of the NYC Administrative Code.

Effective Date: 
Thu, 07/31/2014