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Tuesday, January 6, 2015
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The Fleet Program of the New York City Department of Finance (DOF) is a voluntary program that was established to assist companies with one or more commercial vehicles, used exclusively for the delivery of goods or services, in managing their parking summonses by providing them with weekly listings of new summonses issued to any of the company’s vehicles with plates registered in the program.  An enrolled company is currently allowed a period of forty-five days to resolve a summons by either paying the summons at a base fine, or by obtaining a hearing, without incurring penalties. This rule amendment will increase the period of time to resolve a summons to sixty days.  It also clearly sets forth the penalties for failing to pay the fine amounts for summonses the company does not contest in a timely manner.


The Department’s Car Rental Program is a voluntary program that was established to assist vehicle rental companies in managing parking summonses issued to vehicles registered in the program.  This program gives car rental companies the ability to transfer the liability for parking summonses issued to their vehicles to the lessees of these vehicles.  This rule amendment will give DOF the ability to terminate a company’s enrollment in the program when the company fails to: (1) satisfy summonses that enter judgment status where such judgments total in the aggregate, including interest, more than $350 or (2) fails to comply with the procedural requirements of the Car Rental Program.


PVB Fleet and Car Rental Program First Penalty Amendment

NYC Dept. of Finance, Legal Affairs, 3rd Floor
345 Adams St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Timothy LaRose

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