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Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Adopted Rules Content: 

Statement of Basis and Purpose


This rule amends portions of 1 Rules of the City of New York (RCNY) §§ 101-02 and 101-07 to allow Approved Elevator Agency Directors, rather than Registered Design Professionals, to file elevator door monitoring work.  The rule also allows approved elevator inspection agencies, rather than DOB inspectors, to inspect the installation of elevator door monitoring systems. The Department makes these changes in order to reduce the burden on owners who must – pursuant to section 3.10.12 of chapter K3 of Appendix K of the New York City Building Code – retrofit existing elevators to include elevator door monitoring systems by January 1, 2020. 


This rule also corrects a citation error in 1 RCNY § 101-07.


The Department of Buildings’ authority for this rule is found in sections 643 and 1043 of the New York City Charter. 


New material is underlined.

[Deleted material is in brackets.]





Effective Date: 
Sun, 05/20/2018