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Proposed Rules: Closed to Comments

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Monday, May 5, 2014
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Statement of Basis and Purpose


On December 20, 2013, Mayor Bloomberg signed Intro. 1213-A of 2013,which became Local Law 153 of 2013 (LL 153/13). This law amends the Administrative Code (Ad. Code) to give respondents receiving a first violation for certain provisions the opportunity to avoid paying a civil penalty if they cure the violations within a specific time period. This proposed rule adds a $0 mitigated penalty to three ECB penalty schedules upon a showing that the underlying violations have been cured.


Ad. Code § 16-116(d)(i)

Paragraph (i) of subdivision d of section 16-116 of the Administrative Code provides the penalty for violations of subdivisions a and b of this section. LL 153/13 amends paragraph (i) of subdivision d of section 16-116 to provide for a cure period for a respondent who received a notice of violation (“NOV”) of subdivision b of section 16-116 for the first time. A respondent may receive a mitigated penalty of $0 if he or she provides proof to ECB that the violation was corrected before the date of the initial hearing. Such proof may include a copy of the actual decal, written receipts or an agreement from the private carter. 


Ad. Code §§ 24-165 and 24-166 (Air Code)

Section 24-165 sets forth requirements for air contaminant detectors. Section 24-166 sets forth requirements for combustion shutoffs, which are installed to automatically shut down oil-burning equipment when an emission which exceeds the prescribed opacity or density is detected. LL 153/13 adds a new subdivision (g) to section 24-165 and a new subdivision (c) to section 24-166. The new subdivisions are identical and provide that the DEP Commissioner can recommend the imposition of a zero penalty to the Board for a first offense of section 24-165 or 24-166 if, within 45 days of the return date indicated on the notice of violation (NOV), respondent admits the violation and submits evidence satisfactory to DEP that work has been performed to permanently correct the violation.



Ad. Code § 24-227 (Noise Code)

This section prohibits excessive noise from circulation devices. LL 153/13 adds a new subdivision (d) to section 24-227. It provides that the DEP Commissioner can recommend to ECB that no civil penalty be imposed for a first violation of this section if, within 45 days of the return date on the NOV, the respondent admits liability for the violation and files a certification with DEP that improvements have been made to the establishment and that measurements substantiate that the establishment is in full compliance with the sound levels described in section 24-227. The violation may nevertheless serve as a basis for imposing penalties for subsequent violations of section 24-227.


ECB is including these changes and accompanying head notes in its penalty schedule to comply with the requirements of the new law.


ECB’s authority for these rules is also found in section 1049-a of the New York City Charter.





Proposed Rule regarding Cure Period for Certain Violations concerning ECB's Sanitation, Air Code and Noise Code Penalty Schedules.

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