Sunder Luthra Thu, 05/28/15 - 16:49 Here are a few questions: 1. We are a wholesale distributor located in the Bronx, New York that sells to not only the 5 boros, but to New Jersey and Connecticut as well who are not affected by the ban. Also, some of our customers include "non-profit" organizations and/or those who qualify to use the product under the hardship waiver. Will we be able to continue to carry the products? If we do not stock the products, customers who are able to purchase will be forced to purchase elsewhere and can lead to them purchasing some or maybe all of their merchandise from another supplier, causing us to lose customers and business. 2. For carrying or distributing the product to the customers mentioned above, will be fined? 3. Our location also provides a Cash & Carry where customers from all over can come to purchase these products. We do not know whether they are from the areas that are not banned or if they have a waiver of the hardships. What happens if we sell to someone who is banned or doesn't have the waiver?

Elizabeth Niles Fri, 05/29/15 - 13:19 Please see attached the comments of Robert Jackson on behalf of the Restaurant Action Alliance NYC.

Elizabeth Niles Fri, 05/29/15 - 13:22 Please see attached the comments of my colleague, Paul Kremer, on behalf of Dart Container Corporation. Dart urges DSBS to simplify the application process for waivers to ensure that businesses entitled to waivers under the law can obtain and keep them without undue disruption in their business operations.