Barbara Gerber-Krasner Thu, 11/3/16 - 14:56 Thank you very much for the moratorium regarding the closing of Manhattan street fairs or of changing the fee structure. I hope that you will extend the moratorium beyond 2017. These street fairs, as attested to by so many vendors and by the sponsors produce revenue necessary to all.

Michael Tisi Wed, 11/16/16 - 11:28 My name is Arthur J. Tisi. My Grandfather was issued the first permit to conduct a street festival in New York City in 1926. This was for the San Gennaro Festival. In those days the Irish (God bless them) controlled the Catholic Church and would not allow the “WOPS” to display the statue of San Gennaro in a street procession and therefore refused to allow the statue of San Gennaro out of the church. My Grandfather told the clergy he understood and quickly put together a committee of Neapolitans who stole the statue of San Gennaro when the church closed. The rest is history. My Grandfather knew that a street festival was not about church rules but would be an excellent way for the hard working poor immigrants in the community to earn money to feed their families while perfecting their talents. So too today’s street fairs are about giving minorities, women, people of color and immigrants a venue to enter the retail world by utilizing their talents to support their families. There are no problems with street festivals which financially support thousands of fair vendors and provide a day of free entertainment for New Yorkers and tourists alike. The only problem here is a handful of nay Sayers who only think of themselves. We know our great Mayor will not be conned into destroying so many lives by these negative self-serving meddlers.Was my Grandfather correct? Because of street fairs in which my parents worked, I graduated Fordham University with a degree in Pharmacy and my late brother, Dr. G.M. Tisi was the Dean of the University of San Diego Medical School. Let’s talk about “self-serving meddlers.” We were there and assisted with the late, great Mayor Edward I. Koch in the early seventies when S.A.P.O. was first developed. The purpose of S.A.P.O. was and still is to help not-for-profit organizations and the like to raise much needed funds and was not to create a high end or chic event. We knew then that along with helping the not-for-profits, S.A.P.O. would also help the poor and jobless in New York to stay off public assistance or welfare and earn much needed money to support their families. In those days the street vendors were mostly Italian Americans and Jewish Americans. In fact, Mayor Koch often proudly referred to his father as a shlepper. (Yiddish = a sales person who walked from house to house) Today street festivals are about the not-for-profits, immigrants, women, people of color and African American Americans who deserve their chance at the American dream. That’s all. SELF SERVING MEDDLER # 1 Who are these meddlers? Let’s start with Dan Garodnick who says street fairs should be about local merchants and that people new to retail should apologize to him for not vending more chic & high-end products. Sorry Dan but all the vendors could not go to Dartmouth College like you and your rich friends did. Download to read more……….

ARTHUR PICCOLO Thu, 12/1/16 - 18:31 On behalf of the Committee For NYC Street Fair Fairness & Equality I am writing in support of the continued NYC street fair moratorium as currently proposed for 2017 allowing "events that received permits in calendar year 2016 will be eligible to receive permits again in calendar year 2017." These street fairs provide a valuable and inclusive opportunity for all New Yorkers and visitors from far and wide to experience our great city in an environment conducive to the best interests of our city the business capital of the world allows a wide variety of citizen merchants to gainfully employ themselves and be productive members of our society while bringing pleasure to so many. In this context I hope as do so many others that for 2018 that SAPO will stop its total moratorium on new street fairs and allow for the fair and objective review and encouragement and addition of new street fair that serve the public good in the same manner as the various current street fairs. A permanent moratorium on new street fairs in New York City is draconian measure that is in clear contradiction to the obligations of a participatory democracy in which government regularly provides for review of its regulations and new citizen input as is very much warranted here.