clare wiseman Sat, 07/25/20 - 11:11 This is an important rule. Not all people have access to banks or lines of credits, and no one should be punished for that lack of access. Cashless business or business that charge a higher price to pay with cash have a disparately negative impact on poor people and people of color. That is not acceptable.

Alex DeWitt Wed, 07/29/20 - 17:02 Lastly, I will end with an anecdote to remind all of us to stay humble. My first year living in New York, I lost my wallet in an uber. This had all my identification, debit and credit cards inside and suddenly I was unbanked. It can and probably will happen to any one of us. As I wondered around the Lower East Side, I came to a small business selling drinks and small foodstuffs, I waited in line and ordered and was told that they did not take cash. It was embarrassing but also frightful as I realized that although I was thirsty, hungry and had adequate legal tender I was denied access to a fair transaction. As a side note, many businesses require purchase of something to even use the restroom and so I was denied access to necessities in the blink of an eye. It could have been anyone of us and that’s not right.

Josh Kellermann Mon, 08/3/20 - 9:31 Please see the attached testimony in support of the proposed rule change. Thanks! Josh Kellermann Director of Public Policy The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, RWDSU