terence Gelber Mon, 04/14/14 - 16:34 My name is Terence Gelber, NY City taxi driver, founder and president of the Master Cabbie Taxi Academy. The proposed rules are limiting the City to one trainer will have the following effects. • Having only one school will DAMAGE THE INDUSTRY by reducing the number of drivers as the City continues to expand the number of taxi & Livery vehicles. o Currently TLC licenses 108,000 taxi & livery drivers….AT this time only 45,000Yellow medallion drivers were subjected to testing AND THAT TESTING has a 55% historic failure rate. Under the LaGuardia plan ALL DRIVERS would be subject to testing… expanding the failure rate to the remaining driver/labor pool of 63,000 licensee’s… o That pool of 63,000 would then shrink exponentially consistent with the failure rate metric MOST LIKELY AT AN EVEN GREATER RATE due to the fact that many people who have limited English skill choose the livery and green cab industries because there has been no BARRIER TO ENTRY in the form of testing. • Having Only One school will limit competition in the free market and stifle innovation. • Two city Agencies (TLC & LaGuardia) taking over private enterprise is rarely a good thing. • One school providing the defensive Driving component of the training will take substantial business from hundreds of providers throughout the City and State …AND LAGUARDIAS proposed price will reduce driver income by One Million Eighty Thousand dollars per year. And private sector revenue by Two Million One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars per year. • It has been learned that the program under consideration will increase the costs of licensing from less than $400 per driver to more to more than $1200 per driver…AND THE DIRECTOR OF LAGUARDIA TAXI PROGRAM, ANDREW VOLLO is running around to other city university's boasting if they join they can get in on the new revenue stream. • Long Time existing taxi schools Master Cabbie and HANAC have done well by the TLC’s licensing division. We have trained and tested tens of thousands of licensee’s with few complaints. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It is patently unfair to punish the schools that have been serving the City of New York all these years. It is patently unfair to limit the choice of future taxi workers while radically increasing costs for the industries potential future workforce. I strongly recommend that the City maintain the current trainers Master Cabbie Taxi Academy and HANAC Taxi Academy and eliminate the LaGuardia Taxi training program all together.

Bryan Riley Mon, 04/21/14 - 17:20 I like this rule a lot. Good information before I take my driver's Ed exam.

Bryan Riley Wed, 04/23/14 - 10:29 Also, does this rule apply to highschoolers?