Xiao Chen Tue, 05/22/18 - 20:19 These proposed changes are badly needed in our community but they do not go far enough in addressing this very serious problem. In Chinatown, the 5th Precinct has turned the sidewalks of Elizabeth street into a parking lot for their private vehicles at the expense of the safety at the very community they are suppose to protect. They even go so far as to put a fraudulent "Police Department Parking only" laminated paper next to the real No Standing anytime sign to attempt to legitimatize their illegal activities and hide their corruption. Because the cause of the problem is the systematic "non-enforcement" of certain laws by the NYPD, there can be NO DISCRETION when it comes to giving out fines to placard abusers. It is solely because of the improper and illegal discretion by the NYPD that this problem exists in the first place.