Veterans Waiver of Job Application Fee

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Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Statement of Basis and Purpose of Proposed Rule


Pursuant to Section 15(4) of the New York Civil Service Law and Section 811 of the City Charter, the commissioner of Citywide Administrative Services has all of the powers of a municipal civil service commission set forth in the New York Civil Service Law.  Section 50(1) of the Civil Service Law provides that the merit and fitness of applicants for positions which are classified in the competitive class shall be ascertained by such examinations as may be prescribed by the municipal civil service commission.  Section 50(3) provides that a municipal commission shall require prospective applicants for competitive class positions to file a formal application in which the applicant sets forth his or her background, experience and qualifications for the position sought, and merit and fitness for the public service. Section 50(5)(a) requires every such applicant to pay an application fee to the municipal commission in an amount prescribed by that section.  Section 50(5)(b) authorizes a municipal civil service commission to waive application fees for specific classes of candidates.   


The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has promulgated General Examination Regulations, codified at Title 55 of the Rules of the City of New York (“R.C.N.Y.”), Chapter 11, for the administration of examinations for applicants for positions classified in the competitive class. Section 11-01(c)(1) sets forth the application fees required to be paid at the time of application.  The rule further provides that the application fee of a veteran of the armed services of the United States shall be waived one time.  55 R.C.N.Y. § 11-01(c)(6).  


This proposed rule would amend section 11-01(c)(6) to eliminate the “once only” waiver for veterans and provide that the application fee will be waived for every examination for which a veteran may apply. The City of New York has found that military veterans are especially well-prepared by experience, training, physical fitness and discipline to provide public service. It is also the unfortunate fact that veterans often encounter difficulty integrating themselves into the economic life of the country when they leave military service.  Amending the rule to waive fees on every examination for which a veteran applies will expand the pool of highly prepared candidates available for service to the City while ensuring that candidates who have honorably served our country will be able to continue to provide public service.


DCAS’s authority for these rules is found in sections 15, 20 and 50 of the New York Civil Service Law and sections 1043, 811, and 814 of the New York City Charter. 


Pursuant to Section 1043(d)(4) of the New York City Charter, this proposed rule does not require certification by the Mayor’s Office of Operations and the Law Department before publication of this notice because it involves only the modification of a fee.

Public Hearing

Veterans Waiver of Job Application Fee

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Monday, July 13, 2020 - 10:00am

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