Standards for Poll Site Interpreter Conduct and Training

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Thursday, September 17, 2020
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NOTE: This final rule is promulgated by the Civic Engagement Commission. It is posted under "MAYOR" due to limitations of this website.

Statement of Basis and Purpose


In November 2018, New York City voters approved a ballot initiative proposed by the 2018 Charter Revision Commission that established the New York City Civic Engagement Commission. The proposal was codified as Chapter 76 of the NYC Charter. Chapter 76, in part, requires the Commission to develop a “poll site language assistance program” (“Program”) that will provide language assistance for limited English proficient voters at City poll sites. Section 3202(a)(4) sets forth the Program’s requirements and directs the Commission to promulgate rules establishing the minimum standards and training requirements for individuals who provide language assistance for voters under the Program. 


This rule would establish minimum standards for individuals who provide language assistance services under the Program. The rule would require such individuals to be fluent in English and the language to be served. Such individuals would also be required to comply with all lawful orders from the staff of the New York City Board of Elections, observe the prohibition on electioneering, and ensure voter privacy. The rule requires that the Commission provide at least one training for such individuals prior to each election event and establishes minimum requirements for the content of all Commission training. 


Furthermore, under section 3202(a)(5) of the Charter, the Commission is authorized to conduct programming in partnership with other city agencies to increase access to public engagement processes. In the event that the Commission engages in such programming to provide services to voters outside polling places, including but not limited to services for absentee voters, the rule requires such services to substantially comply with provisions related to services at polling places.