Repeal of SIP Occupied Sales Program Rules

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Thursday, June 15, 2017
Download Copy of Adopted Rule (.pdf): 

The Special Initiatives Program (“SIP”) of HPD’s Division of Homeless Housing Development utilized vacant City-owned buildings to develop permanent housing for the formerly homeless. The purpose of the SIP Occupied Sales Program (“SIP Program”) was to dispose of these buildings to qualified sponsors. The SIP Program rules in Chapter 29 were enacted to effectuate and regulate the SIP Program. All buildings in the SIP Program were sold to qualified sponsors more than twenty years ago. With the completion of the SIP Program, the SIP Program rules no longer serve any purpose, and therefore they may be repealed. For this reason, HPD repeals Chapter 29. This rule was identified as part of a comprehensive rules review initiative undertaken by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations, working with the City’s rulemaking agencies, the Law Department, and the Office of Management and Budget. The initiative identified rules that will be repealed or modified to reduce regulatory burdens, increase equity, support small businesses, and simplify and update content to help support public understanding and compliance.