Qualifications of Registered Filing Representatives

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Wednesday, May 7, 2014


                                                             Statement of Basis and Purpose

Existing rule 1 RCNY 104-24 contains a typographical error, which is misleading in terms of setting forth the requirements necessary to seek class 2 filing representative status, beginning May 1, 2014.

This error implies that such applicants need only provide proof of educational requirements “or” training requirements when, in fact, it has always been the intent of DOB that such applicants provide proof of both educational and training requirements.

Therefore, we are amending this rule in order to correct such typographical error.

As a reminder, “Class 2 registered filing representatives (also referred to as “code and zoning representatives”) may, following registration and issuance of an identification card, perform all of the activities of a class 1 registered filing representative and may also appear before and attend appointments with plan examiners and other department technical staff regarding construction document approvals, including, but not limited to, plan review, audit review, pre-determinations, and determinations.”

New material is underlined.

[Deleted material is in brackets.]

Clause (B) of subparagraph (i) of paragraph (2) of subdivision (g) of Section 104-24 of Chapter 100 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York is amended to read as follows:

(B)       A four (4) year degree in another field from an accredited college, and proof of two (2) years as a registered filing representative with the department with at least fifty (50) jobs filed within four (4) years of application for class 2 filing representative status[; or].