Proposed Fees for Filing Energy Efficiency Reports & for Energy Code Compliance Review

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Sunday, March 31, 2013
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Statement of Basis and Purpose 

This rule is promulgated pursuant to the authority of the Commissioner of Buildings under Sections 643 and 1043(a) of the New York City Charter, section 28-308.4 of the New York City Administrative Code, 1 RCNY 103-07 and section 103.3 of the New York City Energy Code. 

Section 28-308.4 of the Administrative Code requires an energy efficiency report to be filed by building owners every ten years. That section also allows the owner to apply for an extension of time to file the report. 1 RCNY 103-07 provides for a fee to be charged for filing energy efficiency reports. 

Section 103.3 of the Energy Code provides for department examination of construction documents to determine whether they are in compliance with the requirements of the Energy Code. 

The amendments: 

  • ·         Add fees for initial filings, extensions and amendments of energy efficiency reports.
  • ·         Add fees for Energy Code compliance reviews.