Penalty Schedule for Violation of BIC Rules

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Statement of Basis and Purpose of Proposed Rule

            Penalties for violations of BIC’s rules that relate to public wholesale markets, the seafood distribution areas, market businesses, labor unions, and labor organizations operating in seafood distribution areas in New York City are currently set forth in OATH’s rules at 48 RCNY § 3-108.  OATH, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Operations, has determined that penalty schedules used in the adjudication of agency rule violations, which were previously promulgated by the Environmental Control Board, should instead be issued by the respective agencies.  The enforcement agencies possess the expertise to adopt appropriate penalties based on the severity of each violation and its impact on public safety.  BIC proposes to incorporate the current Market Penalty Schedule into its own rules.  Simultaneously, under a separate rulemaking, OATH is proposing a companion rule to repeal the BIC penalties currently set forth within the OATH rules.

            Incorporating the penalty schedule into BIC’s rules would make it more accessible to the public, as it will then be included within the same title and chapter as the rules cited in BIC’s summonses.  BIC is also proposing to add penalties to the existing penalty schedule that do not currently appear in the current Market Penalty Schedule.  Finally, this proposed rule would clarify the Commission’s current rules by explaining the penalty schedule and the existence of mail-in penalties.

The proposed amendments would accomplish the following:

Distribute several provisions of the penalty schedule, now found within 48 RCNY § 3-  108, among various sections of Title 17;

● Add text to explain repeat penalties;

● Add text to explain the “mail-in penalties” process;

● Add text specifically enumerating the penalties for failure to register a wholesale seafood business that is operating outside the market area;

● Adjust penalty amounts for several violations; and

● Add penalties to the schedule for violations of 17 RCNY §§ 11-19(a)(3)-(9), (11)-(14), including penalties for:


§  Improper disposal of litter, rubbish, or refuse;

§  Public urination and/or defecation,

§  Improper damage, removal, or destruction of property,

§  Engagement/instigation of fight or other disturbance,

§  Commission of injurious act, 

§  Possession of dangerous instruments and/or explosives,

§  Gambling 

§  Sale of prohibited items, 

§  Discharge into tidal water, sewage, or drainage, 

§  Causing damage to or clogging of drains or sewers, and 

§  Disobeyance of lawful order of employee of Commission or City


Public Hearing


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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 10:00am

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Business Integrity Commission
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