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Thursday, May 16, 2013
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Statement of Basis and Purpose


On June 21, 2010, the New York State Legislature amended Section 282 of the Multiple Dwelling Law to increase the maximum fine amount that the Loft Board may impose for violations of its rules from $1,000 to $17,500 per violation. The Loft Board is now proposing to amend its penalties for violations of its rules in accordance with § 282 by adding a new section 2-11.1 to Title 29 of the Rules of the City of New York. The proposed rule outlines a fine schedule to provide both IMD owners and occupants in IMD buildings guidance about the potential fine for a violation of the Loft Board rules. The proposed rule also shows the potential fine if a party is found to have violated the same Loft Board rule previously.


Specifically, section 2-11.1 creates a fine schedule for violations of Loft Board rules § 2-01 (Code Compliance), § 2-01.1 (Reasonable and Necessary Action), § 2-02 (Harassment), § 2-05 (Registration), § 2-07 (Sale of Improvements), and § 2-10 (Sale of Rights) of Title 29 of the Rules of the City of New York. Sections 2-01.1 and 2-05 are also being amended to conform to the fine amounts in the proposed rule § 2-11.1.



Public Hearing

Opportunity to comment on proposed rule Section 2-11.1, which relates to Loft Board fines.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 1:00pm

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