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General Information

What is NYC Rules and what can I do on this website?

  • NYC Rules was established in 2010 and is the City’s online source for information on City rules.  On this site you can search the City’s rules and regulatory agendas, learn more about upcoming hearings, share rules-related information through social media, and post comments and feedback on newly proposed rules before they are adopted.  

How do I find the City’s rules?

  • The City’s 6,000 rules are officially compiled into the Rules of the City of New York which is currently updated on this website twice a year.  To review rules published more recently, visit this site’s Recently Adopted Rules section.  The Proposed Rules section features rules that have been proposed by agencies but have not yet been adopted.

Is the information on this site available in languages other than English?

  • Yes. Click the “TRANSLATE THIS PAGE” link to view the website in the language of your choosing.
     In order to protect your personal information, you cannot translate the site while you are logged into your account.  Please log out before clicking “TRANSLATE THIS PAGE.”

Posting Comments Online

Does my comment make a difference? Who reads the comments posted online?

  • Yes.  All comments submitted through the NYC Rules web site are read by the rulemaking agency and entered into the official record.   Your comments provide agencies with valuable insights into how proposed rules would impact New Yorkers and what unanticipated costs, benefits, or other consequences might occur if a rule is adopted.  By making your voice heard, you are playing an important part in the City’s rulemaking process.

How do I submit a comment?

  • If you haven’t already created a NYC Rules user account, register here.  After you’ve opened an account, locate a rule which is open for comment on the Proposed Rules page, click on the “Add New Comment” link, and enter your comment in the text box.  You can attach additional files to your comment by uploading a PDF.  City agencies also accept comments by mail, fax, or email. Instructions on alternate ways to submit comments are listed in the proposed rule.

Can I post a comment anonymously?

  • No.  NYC Rules does not offer anonymous accounts.  If you wish to comment anonymously on a rule you may submit your comments by mail to the rulemaking agency or attend its public hearing and submit your comments at that time.

Can I edit my comment?

  • No.  Once a comment is submitted, it cannot be modified.  If you would like to correct any errors or provide updated information, you must submit additional comments.

I do not see the comment I submitted on the web site.  Where is my comment?

  • Before being posted to the site, all comments are processed by the Mayor’s Office of Operations to ensure compliance with this site's Community Use Policy, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of  Please allow up to one business day for processing.

How long will my comment be posted on NYC Rules?

  • Comments will be posted until the rule’s effective date.  After that date, comments will no longer appear online but will be maintained by the agency and are available upon request.

Other Opportunities to Comment

What if I don’t want to publish my comment online?

  • You can share your comments by speaking at a public hearing or by submitting written comments directly to the rulemaking agency via fax, U.S. mail or in person.  Click on the proposed rule for the rulemaking agency’s instructions on alternate ways to submit comments.

News and Updates

What is the best way to stay informed about rule-related news?

  • Every week NYC Rules sends subscribers an email newsletter outlining which proposed rules are open for comment and which adopted rules have gone into effect or will go into effect soon.   To sign up to receive this newsletter, click here