Fire Code Conforming Amendments

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Friday, March 14, 2014
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Statement of Basis and Purpose of Proposed Rule Amendments


The Fire Department is proposing to amend two Fire Department rules, 3 RCNY §109-01 entitled “Notice of Violation, Certification of Correction and Stipulation Procedures”, and 3 RCNY 109-02, entitled “Consolidation of Administrative Code Provisions For Enforcement Purposes.”


The amendments to 3 RCNY §109-01 are proposed to reflect the current unit within the Fire Department to which certificates of correction of violations should be directed.


The amendments to 3 RCNY §109-02 are proposed as a result of the enactment of Local Law No. 148 of 2013, which amended the New York Fire Code, effective March 30, 2014.  The proposed amendments to Section 109-02 would apply to ECB Notices of Violation issued by the Fire Department with a date of occurrence on or after March 30, 2014.


The proposed amendments to Section 109-02 would incorporate the new or amended Fire Code section numbers into the rule and delete the section numbers that have been repealed or renumbered.  In addition, the violation categories set forth in Section 109-02 are proposed to be amended as follows:


·         Violation Category 5 is amended to limit its application to recordkeeping violations, with posting of permits moved to Violation Category 6 (“Signs, Postings, Notices and Instructions”);


·         Violation Category 8 is amended to include storage of combustible material;


·         Violation Category 9 is amended to include rooftop access; and


·         Violation Category 30 is amended to include emergency preparedness for all buildings and occupancies subject to emergency preparedness requirements, not just office buildings, hotels and motels, and to include the preparation of an emergency preparedness plan (formerly referenced in Violation Category 19).



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