DSNY Proposed Rule Relating to the Criteria Used in the Siting of Solid Waste Transfer Stations

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Department of Sanitation is proposing a rule that would amend its rules relating to the criteria used in the siting of solid waste transfer stations. Specifically, this rule would amend the definition of “public park” to exclude Bronx River Parkway lands abutting an active railroad line. This amendment is very narrowly tailored to clarify the Department’s siting rules and will facilitate the siting of a single non-putrescible solid waste transfer station in an industrially zoned area of the northern Bronx that currently does not have any solid waste transfer stations. The proposed transfer station site is within 400 feet of the Bronx River Parkway. A certain strip of the Parkway lands within such 400 feet (Block 5130 Lot 125) is New York City parkland that adjoins the Parkway roadbed that is located in Yonkers. This strip of Parkway land is within the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation. The strip is traversed by the Bronx River but has no street or way across it. The strip abuts the Metro North Harlem River Line railroad corridor that includes rail tracks. The proposed amendment would be consistent with the intent of the transfer station siting rules to avoid the siting of new transfer stations—with a certain potential for noise and truck traffic—within 400 feet of sensitive land uses such as residences and parks. A Bronx River Parkway lot that is adjacent to a busy arterial roadway and abuts an active railroad line is not a noise-sensitive location for this purpose, and therefore does not warrant a minimum 400-foot buffer distance to a non-putrescible transfer station. DSNY’s authority for these rules is found in sections 753 and 1043 of the New York City Charter, and sections 16-130, 16-131, 16-131.1 and 16-131.2 of the New York City Administrative Code.

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DSNY Proposed Rule Relating to the Criteria Used in the Siting of Solid Waste Transfer Stations

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