DOT rules relating to Microtrenching

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Saturday, January 18, 2014
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Pursuant to §1043 and §2903 (b) of the New York City Charter, the Commissioner of Transportation is authorized to promulgate rules regarding maintenance of public roads, streets, highways, parkways, bridges and tunnels.


Chapter 2 of Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York is being amended to allow for the utilization of a microtrenching for the installation of fiber-optic telecommunications conduit.  Through a pilot program conducted by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) and the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT), DOT has determined that microtrenching is less disruptive to traffic and requires less extensive restoration work than installation of conduit utilizing conventional trenching.These rules authorize telecommunications franchisees to obtain permits to install conduit via microtrenching in compliance with certifications issued by DOITT.  DOITT is separately proposing companion rules to authorize telecommunications franchisees to perform microtrenching in compliance with DOT permits.



Proposed Rule: