DOT Amendment to Traffic Rules

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is authorized to
promulgate rules regarding parking and traffic operations in the City by Section 2903(a) of the New
York City Charter. The rules that DOT is amending are contained within Chapter 4 of Title 34 of the
Rules of the City of New York, relating to the Traffic Rules and Regulations.

The purpose of these rule amendments is to update provisions that require modifications due to
changes in the law and to add provisions reflecting updated parking requirements.

The amendments to Chapter 4 of Title 34 are detailed more specifically below:

• Section 4-01(b) is amended to add the definition of “electronic communication device”, which
was originally located in Section 4-08(h)(11), and to add a new definition of “parking meter” and
“pedicab”. The definition for parking meter reflects the fact that the City no longer has single-
spaced meters, and therefore no longer needs to differentiate between single-spaced meters and
multi-spaced meters in the rules. The definition of “pedicab” mirrors the definition found in
section 19-171.2 of the New York City Administrative Code, as added by Local Law 31 of 2011.

• Section 4-08(a)(1) is amended to add a reference to pedicabs with respect to parking, standing
or stopping, mirroring section 19-171.2 of the Administrative Code.

• Section 4-08(a)(10) is deleted to remove obsolete language related to the use of notification
stickers on vehicles. Pursuant to section 19-163.2 of the Administrative Code, as added by Local
Law 20 of 2012, neither DOT nor the Department of Sanitation can affix notification stickers on any
motor vehicle solely in connection with the enforcement of alternate side parking rules.

• Section 4-08(a)(12) is deleted from the rules to reflect the fact that the in-vehicle-parking
system is no longer used within the City.

• Sections 4-08(h)(1), (2),(3), (4), and (5) are being replaced in their entirety with new
language to reflect updated parking requirements, such as the ability to pay for a parking session
via an authorized electronic communication device.

• Sections 4-08(h)(7), (10), (11) are deleted in their entirety to reflect the fact that single
spaced meters are no longer used in the City and that, pursuant to section 19-167.2 of the
Administrative Code, as added by Local Law 29 of 2012, parking meter receipts issued from one
parking meter zone may be used in in other parking meter zones of equal or lower rate structure
until the time
on such parking meter receipt has expired. The remaining paragraphs in the section are re- numbered

• Sections 4-08(i)(3), 4-08(l)(3) and 4-08(l)(6) are amended to delete the term “muni-meter” and
replace it throughout the rules with the term “parking meter.”

• Section 4-08(p) is amended to reflect changes to the engine idling provisions pursuant to
24-163(f) of the Administrative Code, as added by Local Law 5 of 2009.

In response to comments received by the Department, the following changes were made to the proposed
rules, which are reflected in the adopted rules:

• Clarified section 4-08(h)(4) relating to the transfer of parking time by specifically noting
that this provision applies to payment via a receipt not an electronic communication device.