Amendments to 3 RCNY 4601-01, entitled "New and Amended Fees"

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Thursday, July 12, 2012
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Fire Department rule 3 RCNY §4601-01 sets forth amendments to the fee provisions of the Fire Code, and reflects these new fees by bracketing and underlining, as applicable, the existing text of Section A03 of Appendix A to the Fire Code.


The fees relating to plan review of design and installation documents, as set forth in FC A03(45), are proposed to be amended to more closely reflect the cost incurred in reviewing such documents. The current flat fee of $210 per submission compensates the Fire Department for one hour of plan review and related administrative tasks.


The Fire Department has analyzed the time expended by the Technology Management Unit of the Bureau of Fire Prevention in reviewing design and installation documents, and has determined that on average the time expended upon such review exceeds two hours.


Accordingly, the Department proposes to increase its plan review fee to $420, reflecting an average expenditure of two hours per submission.


Plan review of commercial cooking (rangehood) systems is conducted by a different unit within the Bureau of Fire Prevention. The existing fee of $210 for plan review and related administrative tasks in connection with such submissions has been retained unchanged.




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Opportunity to comment on proposed amendments to Fire Department rule 3 RCNY §4601-01, entitled “New and Amended Fees.”

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Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 10:30am

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