Amendment of Rules for Suspension or Revocation of Press Credentials

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020



Members of the press who cover news within the City of New York may apply to the NYPD Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (“DCPI”) for press credentials that entitle the bearer to certain access to cover breaking stories and events.  Pursuant to Chapter 11 of Title 38 of the Rules of the City of New York, members of the press, should they meet specific criteria as outlined in 38 RCNY Section 11-01, may be issued a press credential by the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information.  The press credential entitles the bearer to cross police lines to cover a news story, subject to legitimate concerns about safety and evidence preservation, as well as space limitations. However, a press credential is subject to a summary suspension  or revocation if the credential holder abuses their privileges or engages in conduct that endangers public safety.


Currently, Sections 11-11(b), (c), (d), and (e) outline procedures for when a press credential is summarily suspended by the DCPI or the DCPI seeks to revoke the press credential.  However, the NYPD seeks to clarify its policy governing when summary suspensions or revocations of NYPD-issued press credentials may be appropriate, and further set forth governing procedures for hearings associated with summary suspensions and/or revocations. 


NYPD is proposing  to:

1) Amend Section 11-11 in order to clarify its criteria and procedures to summarily suspend or revoke press credentials, and

 2) Repeal Section 11-12.


Specifically, the proposed rule would:


  • Set forth criteria for when a summary suspension or revocation of an NYPD-issued press credential may be appropriate;
  • Set forth the procedures to be applied whenever a press credential is summarily suspended or is sought to be revoked by the DCPI; and
  • Clarify procedures for hearings for when a press credential is summarily suspended or is sought to be revoked by the DCPI.
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