Amendment of rules regarding improving the safety of the general public.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Statement of Basis and Purpose of Proposed Rule

Under Section 2101 of the New York City Charter, the Business Integrity Commission (BIC) is authorized to regulate the trade waste industry. As provided in Administrative Code § 16-504(d), BIC has the authority to establish standards for service and the regulation of conduct of businesses licensed or registered pursuant to Title 16-A of the Administrative Code, including but not limited to requirements governing the level of service to be provided by licensees, contracts for trade waste removal, billing form and procedures, the maintenance and inspection of records, the maintenance of appropriate insurance, and compliance with safety and health measures. Under Section 16-504(i), BIC is authorized to promulgate rules the Commission deems necessary and appropriate to effectively regulate the trade waste removal industry.

These rule amendments are designed to improve the safety of the general public. Specifically, the new amendments will require licensees to increase the limits on commercial general liability, business automobile liability, and employers’ liability insurance, and require registrants to increase the limit on business automobile liability insurance.

The amendments will also require licensees and registrants to notify BIC of their drivers’ Vehicle and Traffic Law violations and driver’s license suspensions or revocations, crashes that involve a vehicle used in the licensee’s or registrant’s business, and to notify BIC of certain adverse actions by any federal, state, and local government authorities, including actions that result in the suspension or revocation of a permit, license or other permission required in connection with the operation of the licensee’s or applicant’s business or a penalty or fine of $1,000 or more.

The amendments will also require licensees and registrants to maintain written policies and procedures regarding compliance with all of the laws, rules and regulations of federal, state and local government authorities.

The amendments will also require licensees and registrants to maintain Report of Motor Vehicle Accident (MV-104) forms and other forms related to crashes, as well as adverse determinations by any federal, state, and local government authorities.

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10:00am to 11:30am

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