Adopt-a-Greenway Program Rules

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Saturday, June 29, 2013
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Pursuant to §§ 1043 and 2903 (b) of the New York City Charter, the Commissioner of Transportation is authorized to promulgate rules regarding maintenance of public roads, streets, highways, parkways, bridges and tunnels.


In 1993, the Greenway Plan for New York City laid out a vision for a network of landscaped bicycle and pedestrian paths connecting the City’s residential and commercial neighborhoods to parklands and waterfront areas, providing new recreational and non-motorized transportation opportunities.  Since then, in furtherance of these efforts, DOT has worked with other City, State, and Federal agencies and community groups to reexamine use of the public right of way, identify greenway routes and develop projects to transform City streets into safe, accessible, and green corridors for pedestrians and cyclists. New York City’s greenways feature improvements such as protected pedestrian paths, bicycle lanes, curb extensions, landscaping, and wayfinding signs. They provide improved access to parks and other public spaces, offer expanded opportunities for recreation and enhance transportation options.


The Department of Transportation is creating an Adopt-a-Greenway Program, to offer civic- minded individuals, groups, and companies an opportunity to enhance the City's greenways by adoptingsegments of the greenways and adjacent areas. Through this program, volunteers and sponsors will provide certain maintenance and beautification services along the City's greenways.  Signs will be placed at the beginning of the “adopted” segments to acknowledge the volunteers and sponsors.  These maintenance services and beautification projects will help enhance and maintain the quality of life for local residents and businesses along the greenways.

(1)  This rule establishes the Adopt-a-Greenway Program. Specifically, the rule:

(2)  describes how the Department will administer and coordinate the provision of maintenance services by volunteers and sponsors in order to reduce litter and graffiti, and to provide necessary tree trimming, sweeping, mowing, planting of flowers or trees, snow removal, and other landscape maintenance along designated greenway routes within the City;

(3)  delineates the application and permitting process for individuals to adopt segments of the greenway;

(4)  details the signs installed to identify those volunteers or sponsors performing such activities on particular segments of the City’s greenways;

(5)  describes the general requirements for participants in the Adopt-a-Greenway Program, including qualifications, agreements, permits, levels of service of adopted segments, insurance and indemnification requirements, safety, and signage.