Accessible Taxicab Vehicles

Adopted Rules: Closed to Comments

Effective Date: 
Saturday, August 18, 2012
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Statement of Basis and Purpose of Promulgated Rule


Wheelchair passengers currently enter accessible taxicabs either through the side- and ride the cab either in the rear passenger compartment alongside open passenger seats or in the front passenger compartment beside the driver – or through the rear, and ride the cab behind the passenger seats in the rear passenger compartment. Depending on the accessible taxicab model, the wheelchair passenger may have a poor view of the taxi meter and the Passenger Information Monitor (PIM). There is now a new rear entry accessible taxicab that accommodates a wheelchair passenger by folding the passenger seats in the rear compartment forward to the front and behind the back of the front seats, which allows the wheelchair passenger to sit alone in the rear passenger compartment and to have an unobstructed view of the taxi meter and of the PIM. In addition, a wheelchair passenger’s companion can ride in the front right seat of the vehicle. This new wheelchair accessible vehicle provides more comfort and convenience for wheelchair passengers.


The legroom in this new model is greater (rear legroom is 41.5 inches and front legroom is 40.5 inches) than the side entry accessible vehicle approved last year. However, the TLC is interested in expanding the types and designs of accessible vehicles that are eligible to serve New York’s wheelchair passengers. Therefore, the promulgated rules decrease the minimum legroom required for Accessible Taxicabs to a specification that includes the new model and also make other vehicles with even smaller rear leg room eligible to be Accessible Taxicabs. The new and smaller rear legroom specification for Accessible Taxicabs is the same as the already existing rear legroom specification for Alternative Fuel Medallions. Specifically, the promulgated rules eliminate the rear compartment and front compartment legroom exceptions for the 2011 side entry Accessible Taxicab and decrease the required Accessible Taxicab legroom for the front and rear compartments (see table below).


How the Proposed Rule Changes the Legroom Requirements


Current Legroom Requirements

New Legroom Requirements

Exceptions for the 2011 side entry Accessible Taxicab

36.0 inches – rear legroom

40.0 inches – front legroom

76.0 inches – total legroom


Rear compartment effective legroom

43.0 inches

34.6 inches

Front compartment effective legroom

42.0 inches

40.0 inches

 Total Legroom

85.0 inches

74.6 inches


These promulgated rules are authorized by Section 2303 of the New York City Charter and Section 19-503 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York.